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Clinton's socialist manifesto

Bill Clinton’s State of the Union speech reveals a socialist who
wants to take away your freedom. Bill’s speech drips with his contempt
of our free market economic system. Bill’s speech is a declaration of
war against America’s heritage.

Bill says that the government can do a better job of spending your
money than you can. Bill says that you are not smart enough to take care
of your children, your parents or your communities without government
direction. And if that is not enough to boil your blood, Bill also wants
to destroy the stock market, steal your money and federalize your

You may have missed all of this in the glowing press reports about
how confident this confessed adulterer and liar was before Congress
Tuesday night. But if you read his speech, you’ll see a frightening
vision for our future.

Let me quote our socialist-in-chief:

Do you believe that federal employees can give you the tools
that you need to make the most of your lives? Do you believe that
federal employees know more about competition, technology, science,
business, education or anything else than you? Bill Clinton thinks so
and he wants you to pay more taxes to finance his and Al Gore’s vision
of a progressive, socialist government.

How much will all this cost? $4,200,000,000,000. That’s right, 4.2
trillion dollars over the next 15 years.

A few years ago Bill and Hillary tried to destroy our medical system
… in the name of fixing it. Since they couldn’t ruin 7 percent of our
economy, they now want to destroy the stock market, our economic engine
of growth.

When you translate the last part of this sentence into real
numbers, Bill Clinton wants to take 700 billion of your tax dollars and
give it to a new federal agency so that agency, not you, can invest your
money in the stock market. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and
Senator Phil Gramm have already denounced Clinton’s plan as unworkable
and vulnerable to political manipulation.

Today, investors know that the stock market is a fair arbiter of risk
and reward. Investors know that if they make good decisions, they will
have more money to spend, their kids can go to the college of their
choice and retirement will be comfortable. Investors also know that if
they make bad decisions, they will lose their money. As a result, every
investor has a very personal stake in the continued freedom of our stock
market from government control.

Do you believe that a federal agency with seven hundred billion of
your dollars to spend can invest that much money without distorting the
market? Do you believe that a federal agency run by employees who will
not benefit from good decisions or suffer from bad ones will be as
profit oriented as individual investors or private sector brokers?

Do you believe that politicians will keep their hands off a pot of
money that will quickly exceed a trillion dollars? Do you believe that
this fund will make hard-nosed investment decisions and resist political
pressure to make “politically correct” investment decisions? What will
happen to the stock market when this new federal government fund becomes
the single largest investor? What will happen to companies denied access
to this “public fund” because they are not politically correct?

Bill wants the government to create a Robin Hood income
redistribution scheme that would make a card-carrying socialist proud.

Clinton’s plan would redistribute $4.6 billion of your tax
dollars to others. According to Wednesday’s Washington Post, “Under the
[Clinton] plan … each American would receive an identical chunk of
money from the government to be invested as seen fit. In addition, the
government would match a percentage of any additional money a person
chose to invest (the match would be larger for lower-and middle-class
earners and gradually fade out the more someone earned).”

Do you want the federal government to use your tax dollars to expand
the welfare state, reward failure and punish success? Do you want the
federal government to decide who is worthy of additional financial
assistance and is not? Do you want the government to create yet another
entitlement program that you will have to pay for?

Not content to steal our money, destroy the stock market and make
government larger, Bill Clinton also called for the federal government
to take over neighborhood schools.

This is a breathtakingly massive assault on our right to control
the education of our children. Our Constitution supports nothing in
Clinton’s plan to federalize our schools. I don’t want a Washington,
D.C., government employee second guessing a local community and their
school board. I don’t want the federal government to decide which
schools to keep and which schools to close. How long would it be before
the feds decided who could attend a school and what the teachers should

I believe that we should test all teachers annually, but I am
unalterably opposed to the federal government controlling teachers’
qualification. If a community or state wants to have lower standards,
citizens will vote with their feet and move or they will vote at the
ballot box and replace those with no vision with those who want to do
more. That’s the American way, not central government control of
schools. The founders of this country left Europe in the pursuit of
individual liberty and freedom. We cannot let Bill Clinton destroy our
precious heritage.

Bill’s horrific State of the Union speech is a battle plan to give
the federal government rights that our Constitution has specifically
given to the states. Bill’s State of the Union speech, like Karl Marx’s
Communist Manifesto, is an assault on our liberty, our freedom, our
rights, our way of life and our Constitutional guarantees. What’s more
frightening is that I have only briefly touched on four of the
seventy-five new programs that Clinton proposed during his speech

Remember when Bill told the world, at another State of the Union
performance, that “the era of big government was over?” He obviously
wants to replace “big” government with “humongous” government.

Bill is the pied piper for socialism. He wants to give your hard
earned tax dollars to every special interest group under the sun in a
premeditated example of divide and conquer. All they have to do is give
up their right to be a free person.

Many immigrants risk their lives to come to America because they know
that in this country, we will reward them for their hard work. This risk
and reward equation is at the heart of our success and our freedom.

It is time for us to reject the idea that government programs can
solve our problems. The road to serfdom is paved with the words of Bill
Clinton’s State of the Union speech. If you love your family and love
this country, rise up and protect our Constitution, our schools, our
families and our freedom from this false prophet.