It will take a miracle — an act of God equivalent to the biblical parting of the Red Sea or the multiplication of the loaves and fishes — for Bill Clinton to be removed by the U.S. Senate.

That’s not to say it won’t happen. I believe in miracles. I just don’t have any faith that members of the U.S. Senate will choose to do the right thing without some Divine Intervention.

You see, the fix is in. It has been from the beginning. Even though you saw U.S. senators swear to carry out their constitutional duty and weigh the evidence against Clinton objectively and honestly — forswearing their preconceived notions and political considerations — it ain’t gonna happen that way. It hasn’t happened that way. And you can’t expect a group of people to require the president to uphold his oath of office when they have no respect for their own oaths. In other words, the senators who voted last week to dismiss the charges against Clinton without hearing any testimony and without disputing the facts of the case lied to themselves, the American public and to God just as surely as Clinton did.

They never intended to uphold their oaths and to perform their constitutional duty, which requires them to find the president either guilty or innocent of the charges — rather than to dispute whether the charges should have been brought in the first place. The Constitution clearly assigns that responsibility only to the House of Representatives, which performed its responsibility and impeached the president. The Senate has only one constitutional decision to make — guilty or innocent.

But long before the trial began, too many senators — probably more than one-third of them — had already decided because of selfish political motives and petty partisanship that Clinton would skate no matter what they heard, read or saw regarding the facts of the case.

Take, for instance Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. Last month he wrote constituents of his state, “… while the president should be held accountable for these wrongful acts, I do not believe they constitute conduct for which he should be removed from office.” In other words, he prejudged the case — something he had sworn under oath not to do. He lied under oath. Do not expect one lawbreaker to hold another accountable.

The U.S. Senate majority should conduct an investigation of other members who have done the same, censure them and demand that they recuse themselves from voting on the final verdict.

There are other members with conflicts of interest who should be prevented from participation in this constitutional process. Sen. Barbara Boxer is related by marriage to the Clintons. Surely a juror would not be permitted to sit in judgment of an in-law. Sen. Charles Schumer voted as a House member against impeachment. He made impassioned pleas against sending the articles to the Senate. He did this after his Senate campaign benefitted immeasurably by personal appearances from the Clintons in New York state last November. Surely, he cannot be expected to render an impartial, non-partisan verdict.

And this process was corrupted long before it got to the Senate by political arm-twisting, blackmail, even bribery by the president. It’s not just a problem of partisanship. The real issues are honesty, integrity and sacred duty.

Remember Rep. Chris Shays, R-CT, who asked for a personal meeting with Clinton before casting his vote? Coincidentally, Shays’ wife received a presidential appointment as head of the Peace Corps’ Work Wize Schools Program before the congressman cast his vote against impeachment.

America’s founders created a righteous system of checks and balances on governance by federal officials, but it has been corrupted by unrighteous people unworthy of participation in a system so divinely inspired.

The problem in Washington today goes much deeper than Bill Clinton. There are many other officials deserving impeachment and removal from office. It’s too much to ask such men and women to hold others accountable for offenses they themselves commit.

But don’t despair, America. One far greater and more powerful than Bill Clinton and the U.S. Senate will ultimately judge all the wrongdoing and injustice we have witnessed recently in Washington. I don’t think Bill Clinton will be beating on any bongo drums when that day comes.

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