Bill Clinton will not be removed from the most powerful position in
the world, yet even his closest friends and political allies say he is a
delusional liar who has disgraced the high office for which he is unfit.

Dick Morris, his former aide and longtime friend, described Clinton
as “delusional” in a conversation he had a year ago regarding the Monica
Lewinsky scandal. And that’s one of the nicest things Morris has said
about Clinton lately.

A few weeks earlier, former White House press spokesman Mike McCurry
admitted he has “enormous doubts” about Clinton’s fitness for office. He
described his behavior as “surely reckless” and “contrary to the way you
would expect a rational human being to behave.”

Virtually every Democrat in the Senate, prior to voting to permit
Clinton to remain in office for the remainder of his term condemned the
president’s behavior and judgment in the harshest terms. One of them,
Sen. Bob Kerry, called him “an unusually good liar.”

And that from his friends. I won’t bother here to recount the many
charges and accusations and characterizations of the president by those
who would like to see him removed from office for high crimes and
misdemeanors beyond those for which he was tried.

Still, Clinton remains. When the Senate votes this week to acquit,
Clinton will be free to rape, pillage and plunder. There will be
no constraints — if there ever were. I believe it will be a historic
two years in terms of repression, vendettas and institutional power

The only force that might still restrain him is the courts. Larry
Klayman and Judicial Watch have a
couple dozen major lawsuits pending against the administration —
including one by me.

Every day, people ask me what they can do to fight back, to demand
justice, to save our country. One thing people can do is to support
Judicial Watch, a small organization that is waging a big struggle.

Judicial Watch is exposing the big flaws in the Clinton
administration — not just the character defects and personal foibles.
This is an organization getting to the truth of Filegate, Chinagate,
Travelgate, campaign funding violations and abuse of the Internal
Revenue Service for political purposes.

I wonder what the vast left-wing conspiracy is going to say when
Judicial Watch and my organization, the Western Journalism Center, prove
in a federal court that the administration pursued and punished critics
with IRS audits. Will the president’s defenders admit they were wrong
about Clinton? Will they apologize and make restitution to all the
victims of this man’s crimes? Will they re-evaluate their blind
commitment to party over principle?

How will the establishment press explain to viewers and readers its
negligence in failing to report on such sweeping abuses of power? How
will the Republican appeasers excuse themselves and their own tolerance
of such evil?

It’s going to be interesting.

Maybe America needs to see some of its major institutions fail. Maybe
Americans need to stop taking their freedom for granted. Maybe this is
the wakeup call a fat and lazy America needs to reclaim its heritage and
commitment to eternal vigilance.

There’s a remnant of Americans who still get it, who still understand
what I’m talking about, who recognize the dangerous precipice upon which
our nation teeters.

It’s to those people I make a special appeal today. The people
fighting in the trenches for your cause, for your freedom, for your
rights are few and far between.

My tiny organization is one — and, like Judicial Watch, it is making
a difference. It is waking up sleepy people all over this country,
restoring hope, informing them of threats to their liberty.

You wanna help? Help us. Look at what we have accomplished with a
handful of fearless reporters and editors. We were first to blow the
whistle on Executive Order 13083, eventually forcing an unprecedented
suspension of one of Clinton’s most notorious and unconstitutional
actions. We were the first to expose the Federal Deposit Insurance
Corp.’s notorious “Know Your Customer” plan that would have turned banks
into government snoops. We were the first to show you that CNN/Time’s
“Tailwind” report was a hoax, forcing a retraction and apology by two
major international news agencies.
I could go on and on.

You don’t believe it’s still possible to slay dragons? We’re doing
it. And before too long, we’ll have the last laugh about the corruption
so prevalent in our government at the very highest levels. But before we
can beat on our bongo drums and light up that victory cigar, we need the
sacrificial support of that courageous remnant out there.

I don’t make many pleas like this. But it’s time to ask all of you
out there who believe in what we do to support it in any way you can —
at whatever level you can.

You can do that right now by going to our secure online server
and making a credit card contribution. You can do it by picking up the
phone and calling toll-free 1-800-952-5595 and making your pledge. Or
you can do it by sending a check to Western Journalism Center, P.O. Box
2450, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible.

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