Representatives from 79 governments, every imaginable global agency
and plenty of non-governmental organizations will convene in Washington
tomorrow for the first international conference devoted to fighting

And who better to lead the meetings but Vice Perpetrator Al Gore —
Mr. No Controlling Legal Authority himself.

“As we move into the global information age, foreign corrupt
practices threaten to undermine both the growth and stability of our
global trade and financial system,” said Gore. “Nowhere are the
consequences more evident than in emerging and developing economies.”

In other words, Gore and his organized crime bosses don’t like these
little tinhorn foreign thieves cutting in on their action. So they’re
going to have a family meeting, see. And what’s going to be discussed?
Well consigliere Gore is going to give these goodfellas an offer they
can’t refuse.

I quote from the U.S. Information Agency statement on the crime
council: “Billed as a ‘new approach’ to fighting corruption, the U.S.
government intends for the conference to develop methods to enforce (are
you ready for this?) integrity among justice and security officials,
including police, border officials, military personnel, prosecutors and

Do you love that? The Clinton administration, the most corrupt regime
in American history, is going to develop methods to “enforce integrity.”

But that’s not even the best part. Washington wants to submit the
conference resolutions and incorporate the principles and practices
against corruption into the United Nations Global Program Against
Corruption when the U.N. convenes in October. In other words, that
squeaky clean body of integrity known as the U.N. will be the ultimate
enforcer when it comes time to keeping international corruption under

One tip-off as to why global corruption is skyrocketing is that
Attorney General Janet Reno’s Justice Department is running
international programs for prosecutors and police agencies throughout
the world, “notably in South America and Eastern Europe where corruption
is entrenched,” explains the U.S. Information Agency.

You can bet cyberspace will be a major focus of the conference.

Assistant Attorney General James Robinson, head of the criminal
division of the Justice Department, explains that “our borders have
become largely irrelevant in the fight against crime as people can flee
easily and get on the Internet in a foreign country and engage in
criminal activities and frauds.”

The conference comes on the heels of the implementation of a treaty
known as the Anti-Bribery Convention of the Organization of Economic
Cooperation and Development.

According to Commerce Secretary William Daley, the treaty “took more
than eight years to negotiate. The entrenched interests trying to keep
bribery ‘business as usual’ were hard to beat. These interests are still
trying to maintain the status quo.”

While the U.S. has ratified the treaty, interestingly, one of the
world’s largest economies, China, has not. Of course, that makes it very
easy for Gore and the Clinton administration to keep the money flowing
to their own political machines, while technology and arms secrets
continue to flow out of the U.S.
Some of the biggest bribes in the history of international relations
have taken place between Beijing and Washington.

So, I guess it is only fitting that Al Gore should preside over this
charade. If there’s one area in which he has real expertise it is
international corruption. In fact, Gore has been steeped in it
throughout his life.

You see, Gore’s daddy was a business partner with Armand Hammer —
the part-time Soviet spy, part-time money-launderer and full-time
traitor to the United States. Throughout his career as a politician,
Gore Sr. helped Hammer make connections with a series of U.S. presidents
and used his influence to help Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum company
gain access to foreign political leaders.

Most importantly, reveals Edward J. Epstein, in his book, “Dossier,”
it was Gore who helped stop the FBI from pursuing an investigation of
the so-called industrialist as a Soviet agent of influence.

After that, shaking down some nuns at a Buddhist temple was child’s
play for the younger Al. Using government offices, facilities, power and
prestige to coerce campaign money from high-rollers was a piece of cake.
Accepting money with a few strings attached from the likes of Mochtar
and James Riady was a no-brainer.

Yeah, if you were going to convene a meeting on international
corruption, Al Gore’s the man for that assignment.

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