It is vital that we remember that President Clinton is extremely
predictable. Those who know him best have told us to examine his past to
determine his future. Clinton’s past is frightening, because he served
as Governor of Arkansas longer than the Arkansas Constitution allowed.
He did so through an amendment to the state constitution which enabled
him to run for another term.

Watch Clinton carefully. Does he look like a president on his way to
retirement? He has been spending a significant amount of time building
relationships with foreign powers, and much more foreign travel is
planned. Is it possible that Clinton is planning to run for president
again? Is it possible he could have the U.S. Constitution changed in
time to permit that? The answer is an absolute yes to both questions,
but even more unnerving is the fact that he has been reported to have
more than one plan under way to keep him in office.

There has been a secret committee meeting in the White House on a
weekly or more frequent basis with the assignment to come up with a
plan of action for when the U.S. economy collapses, according to a
source who does not wish to be named but who is in a position to
know. That committee is not functioning on a basis of if the economy
will go belly up, but when. They are not considering ways to stop
that from happening, since they consider it to be inevitable.
Underlying all this is their plan to keep Clinton in office because
of the economic emergency.

The committee is considering all possibilities for keeping their
buddy as president. Re-election for a third term is considered a
very real possibility. They believe the states would ratify a change
to the U.S. Constitution within one to two months and have a bill
already drafted and ready for passage under the right circumstances.
They are so confident this could be done that they have a Republican
and a Democrat who have each prepared a bill to accomplish the

Another possibility would be to have the president himself declare
a state of national emergency and enact the terms of previously
instituted presidential executive orders and directives which would
suspend the Constitution during the emergency. Once enacted, even
Congress could not stop such an act by the president. Congress has
foolishly permitted presidents to abuse the powers of executive
orders time and time again. Presidents have taken advantage of this
and Clinton has granted himself more and more power through
executive orders that have gone unchallenged by Congress. In fact,
as I have called various members of Congress about specific
executive orders their response has always been that they have not
known anything about them.

One of the latest such orders delayed the printing of this book.
Just as this book was about to go to press, Clinton staged his
latest grab for power. He did it quietly and without notice from the
press while he was in Birmingham, England, on May 14, 1998. When he
signed Executive Order 13083
it was
posted on the White House Internet site unnumbered and titled as
“Federalism” for all the world to see. If you go to that site now you
will not find it listed. The effects of this act of dictatorship are so
far-reaching that I stopped the publication of this book in order to
include the text for all to see.

It is so very craftily written that you must read carefully. It
appears to be
quite innocent at first glance, apparently reaffirming concepts on
the limitations of power by the federal government over the states,
and it seems to support the 10th Amendment. One word stands out very
clearly throwing up a red flag about two thirds of the way through.
The first part of the order tells all the reasons the federal government
can’t take power from the states nor enact mandates upon the states, and
then comes the magic word “UNLESS.” What follows are nine different
reasons the federal government can do anything it wants to do at any
time it wishes, and the states have no say. Those nine reasons for
federal action give Clinton the ability to do anything he wants any time
he wants. In an apparent
effort to head off criticisms, the order states the federal government
will “permit elected officials and other representatives of State and
local government to provide meaningful and timely input in the
development of regulatory policies.” Input means nothing. All that means
is that government will still do just exactly what it pleases.

Presidential Decision Directive 63 is an example of an additional
grab for power. It is so vague that it is difficult to determine the
full implication, but it seems to establish a new federal bureaucracy
designed to deal with the inevitable consequences of a computer disaster
by the year 2000. PDD 63 does not mention the year 2000 computer bug
causing chaos for the nation, but it seems to point to that. The 15-page
document seems to call for a plan to insure the public safety in the
event of a massive computer and
communications breakdown by the year 2000. Plans begin with the Defense
Department, but then at the end of this fiscal year the Commerce
Department takes over. A new bureaucracy is created called the National
Infrastructure Protection Center, and in the event of an emergency the
NIPC “may be placed in a direct support role to either DOD (Dept. of
Defense) or the Intelligence Community.”

Recently Sen. Robert Bennett, R-UT, held a meeting of the Senate
Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem, of which he
is the chairman. Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre met with the
committee and Bennett asked a surprising question. “In the event of
a Y2K-induced breakdown of community services that might call for
martial law,” will the military be ready?

“We’ve got fundamental issues to deal with that go beyond just the
year 2000 contingency planning, and I think you’re right to bring
that up,” answered Hamre. Both men seemed to expect a crisis so
large there would be civil unrest.

Bennett then went on to predict that even if the U.S. government
and private industries solve the problem here, the unsolved problem
in the rest of the world could bring the U.S. to a grinding halt
anyway. He then added that a “major worldwide recession with
absolutely devastating consequences” would be the result.

It would seem that PDD 63 has created an organization which has
been given license to develop a plan to enact martial law, or any
other remedy it deems appropriate for a computer or other emergency,
real or imagined. Bennett and Hamre seem to expect a disaster that
would require martial law. If the computer problem, or some other
problem, creates a national disaster, do we want some bureaucrat
appointed by Clinton to establish the way the problem will be dealt
with? Do we want such a government agency as the NIPC to have the
powers and authority it has been granted? Do we want the federal
government to have total power over the states as granted in EO

The executive orders are not over. Clinton promised that he would
be issuing many more. The attitude seems to have changed from “let’s
see what we can get away with,” to “the time has come to do exactly
what we like since we have never been challenged.”

The secret committee planning ways to deal with a financial crisis
has expanded to include any national emergency, perceived or real.
Under such an emergency the president could enact the Federal
Emergency Management Agency on a national basis rather than on a
local basis. Normally FEMA goes to work in a local area after a
natural disaster. Clinton changed the functions of FEMA, by
executive order, and it can now function on a national basis
completely taking over all functions of government on a local and
national level.

Naturally, if FEMA were to be enacted in such a crisis, the U.S.
Constitution could be suspended and the president would continue in
office in the “interest of national security.” It is interesting to
note that Clinton loyalist Buddy Young (former head of Governor’s
Security) is purposely in the number two position in FEMA. Some time
ago there were rumblings that there were differences of opinion
between Clinton and FEMA head James Lee Witt. Young was quickly
moved from his regional office to a new office just down the hall
from Witt, reportedly so he would be prepared to take Witt’s place
at a moment’s notice. You can do your own research and discover for
yourself that FEMA has been granted immense power and authority by
going to as well as
where you should click on “The Virtual Library” for access to most
(but not all) executive orders.

All of this seems absurd to the casual observer until you look into
the executive orders and presidential directives. There are so many
it is impossible to list them all or print them all here, but a
partial index of the majority of them can be found in the appendix.
You can get a copy (free) using the government’s fax on demand
system. See for yourself, and be sure to read with the eyes of a
lawyer. Often the legal meaning of words used in these cleverly
written documents will be something far different than the words
mean to the common man.

Could Clinton be preparing for absolute power? Is he planning to
stay in office beyond the end of his second term as president?
Maybe. One thing is for certain. It appears that he is putting his
ducks in a row to maintain power through several different means. In
fact, if he continues to get away with one scandal and criminal
accusation after another he will ultimately become untouchable. The
public perception will be that Clinton’s enemies have manufactured
all these crimes and that Clinton is a victim, not a perpetrator.
Sooner or later we will reach a point where no one will dare
challenge him and he can and will do anything he wants.

Evil takes its form in many ways. Clinton is a very crafty, subtle
liar. We will never know the full extent of his deceptions, but we
can at least learn his tactics and not allow ourselves to be
deceived any longer. Once we have been warned, we must warn our

The vast number of members of the House and Senate are silent on
the various Clinton scandals. They are silent out of fear. They fear
the polls that tell them Clinton has a strong approval rating. We
must flood every member of congress with letters, e-mail, faxes, and
phone calls to give them the courage to support what is right, not
what is politically easy. Encourage, do not be critical. Use
positive reinforcement whenever your elected representatives respond

Make it a daily task to write, call, e-mail, or fax at least one of
your elected leaders. Educate and inform, but keep it brief and to
the point. Lengthy letters have less impact than short ones. Keep
each communication limited to one topic. Point out the deceptions
you see and help them to understand that you expect them to take
action. Always request a response in writing detailing their
personal stand on the issue.

Whenever possible, get your friends, neighbors, and family to do
the same. Elected leaders are hearing from lobbyists, bureaucrats,
and corrupt elected officials. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so
if you want some action become the squeaky wheel.

Do not wait until the next election. If you want to change the path
America is on you must act now. There is still time to save this
great nation, but time is slipping away. There is no other priority
with greater importance than to reverse the level of dishonesty
currently in our government. We are as accountable for our actions
as for our inactions, and one day we will all be held accountable.
By working together in a united way we can make a difference. Let’s
get to work.

David M. Bresnahan, a contributing editor for, is the author of “Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception,” and offers a monthly newsletter “Talk USA Investigative Reports.”
He may be reached through email and also maintains a website.

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