Expecting news any moment of the perjurious Senate vote to acquit
President Clinton, I have a proposal to make.

After the Democrats stick together in a solid and corrupt criminal
phalanx to defend our felonious president and permit him to remain in
office, American patriots should wear and exhibit our nation’s flag
turned upside-down as a symbol of the nation’s distress — as long as
this criminal element remains in power in the White House. I am now
wearing an American flag pin upside down on my lapel — and I will keep
that flag there until the criminals leave the White House.

It is crucial that we not forget this perjurious vote, and the
upside-down flag will be a great symbol to help us remember. All
Americans who are distressed at the fact that Bill Clinton remains in
office should get and display an upside-down flag, so that when our
children ask us why it is turned upside-down, we can explain that it is
a symbol of distress for the nation, to be displayed as long as Bill
Clinton remains president of the United States. It will be a visible
sign of unity among those of us who understand what a body blow to the
nation’s conscience and moral integrity we suffer from the perjury of
senators forswearing their oaths so they can stand with this criminal
and leave Bill Clinton where he is.

Let us review yet once more some of the actions that demand the
of our criminal president, so that we can rightly judge the character of

the people and the party who are so determined to leave him in office.

Bill Clinton went before a court of law, swore to tell the whole
and nothing but the truth, and then lied. He repeated this lie before
the grand jury. This must be seen in the context of the fact that he is
President of the United States, the chief executive officer, and that he

stood before the country, and God, and swore an oath faithfully to
execute the law. Instead of abiding by that oath, he assaulted one of
the most important principles of justice — that witnesses in court must

tell the truth, and that the oath they swear to tell the truth is
foundationally important — indeed, sacred. By this perjury he forswore
as well his oath of office as president of the United States.

By forswearing himself and violating his oath, he has undermined
for the integrity of oaths. But oaths bind our Representatives and
Senators, our federal officials, our diplomats, and most importantly of
all they bind our soldiers. What might the actions of Bill Clinton
unbind? What will be the consequences if our military people —
controlling and wielding the military power which is supposed to defend
us but could, if abused, enslave us instead — show the same contempt
their oaths that the president has shown for his?

He also acted in ways that caused others to lie and obstruct justice,

and therefore again violated his oath faithfully to execute the laws.
He has set an example that thoroughly undermines the integrity of
government and the Constitution, including, but not limited to, the
destruction of the moral credibility of the executive branch.

This is the man that the Democrats in the Senate will unanimously
to keep in office. What does this tell us about them?

The Democrats have decided they will close ranks around the criminal
element now in control of their party. In doing so, they have
surrendered the moral heart of that once decent party. They have shown
themselves willing to ignore the Constitution, ignore the law, and
ignore the degradation of the presidency. These actions reduce them in
fact to the same kind of instrument of lawlessness that the Communist
parties proved themselves to be in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
In this condition, the Democrat Party has become an ominous danger to
the future of ordered liberty in America.

The party of Bill Clinton has become the criminal party. Sweep aside
all the mealy-mouthed verbiage by which they pretend to justify
themselves and we are left with the plain fact that the Democrats are
acting criminally because they are closing ranks around a criminal
president. Senate Democrats literally perjure themselves, because they
swore they would judge this case according to the law and the
Constitution, and instead they are deciding according to the polls and
political expediency. Sen. Robert Byrd looked us in the face over
the weekend and said that although President Clinton is guilty of high
crimes and misdemeanors he will turn his back on that truth in order to
serve the political and partisan bigotry of his party at the expense of
law and the Constitution. That is criminal behavior; it is the act of
an accomplice.

Everybody in the country understands that the president is guilty of
forswearing his oath, obstructing justice, and perjuring himself. But
the Democrats have closed ranks in a criminal conspiracy to defend this
wrongdoing, and to make sure that Clinton is not held accountable for
his actions. In so doing, they are making themselves an instrument of
his criminality. They are planting deep into our politics the potent
seeds of totalitarianism by embracing the doctrine which says that any
president is above the law, and so equal justice will not be applied to

We are seeing the creation of an immoral instrument of political
called the Democrat Party, that subscribes to the same view held by
tyrants, by Communists: the end justifies the means, and if “party
people” are doing something for approved policy reasons, then they are
above the law.

It is untrue to say that what they do now to defend Bill Clinton’s
depraved personal behavior they would not do in the future for the sake
of approved liberal policies and goals. The Democrats have banded
together around Clinton for reasons of power and political expediency —

their success here in depriving America of justice will be a precedent
eagerly followed in years to come.

We all know that Bill Clinton is guilty. We’ve seen the evidence, and

even key figures on the Democratic side have admitted it. Even his own
defenders didn’t really try to exonerate him. The Democrats are not
denying, but rather ignoring, the truth of his guilt in order to keep
him in place. This result has been achieved by a combination of
political expediency and the mobilization of political thuggery —
tactics of blackmail and character assassination — that in this
has proven overwhelmingly successful with the Democrats, and has had its

effect also on some Republicans.

So if this approach of political thuggery and blackmail — the
of political intimidation that the Clinton administration has mobilized
— has been successful in this case, what makes us think they will not
use it again in the future for whatever goals they seek to pursue in
policy and governance?

This is the real and ominous situation that we face: that business as

usual is over in our politics now that we have a party which disregards
the law, disregards the Constitution, and openly refuses to permit its
leader to be subject to the same law and justice as other Americans.
This is why the acquittal of Bill Clinton inaugurates a profound
degradation of our politics. It means that we are moving from the
politics of open political discussion, competition and real liberty,
into the politics that was characteristic of Eastern European and other
Communist societies where the mobilization of such thuggery eventually
included actual physical destruction or abuse, imprisonment and
intimidation for the sake of holding on to power and preventing
challenges to dominant ideologies and policies.

Unless we make strenuous efforts to turn back and defeat the new
criminal politics of the Democrat Party, the actions of that party will
fundamentally alter the nature of our political lives in such a way as
to make our freedom meaningless. Liberty and rule of law are directly
threatened by a party that has made clear it is willing to be the
instrument of naked, raw political ambition, without regard for law,
Constitution, truth, integrity or honor. A party that is willing to put
aside every other consideration in order to be an instrument of the
ambition for power of those who control it, is a danger to liberty in
and of itself. This was proved repeatedly by the tyranny that came out
of such parties in the Communist world.

The true significance of the Clinton episode is that the Democrats
now become such a party. Those in the Democrat Party whom one would
have expected to stand for American principles have not done so. No
champions have arisen among the Democrats for the American belief that
at the end of the day there are principles of law and process that must
be respected, and that actually take precedence everywhere and always
over desire for particular results at any given time. Apparently, the
folks we might have expected to come forward and defend the integrity of

that American — and constitutionalist — viewpoint, were silenced in
face of the machinery of political thuggery and intimidation.

The fact that today this criminal element has been successfully
mobilized in order to defend the criminal actions of the President will
lead naturally to similar mobilizations for achieving policy and other
political goals. How will the people who have, in effect, said that
they don’t care if Bill Clinton is a criminal because “he is doing a
good job” respond when he tells them that now they must help him commit
a few more crimes in order to successfully “do what we want to do” in
politics? Having permitted him to remain in office despite committing
crimes to satisfy his personal lust, will they deny him their support if

he commits crimes to advance the liberal political agenda? Who are we
kidding? If Bill Clinton’s liberal colleagues are willing to tolerate
his crimes that don’t directly benefit the liberal cause, they will
certainly tolerate such crimes that do benefit liberalism. Already we
have altogether too many people in the Democrat ranks who have in effect

announced that they will be like the loyal party cadre of the Communists

in the Soviet Union: they will applaud whatever crimes their leaders
commit in the name of their party’s power and agenda.

The unified and successful Democrat effort to acquit Bill Clinton in
Senate despite his manifest guilt is a dangerous turning point in
American political life. The new criminal party that the Democrats have
now become will be the most lasting legacy of the Clinton impeachment.
We must defeat this criminal element, and the party it has now crafted
in its image. But to do so, we must first resolve to recognize and
remember the true significance of the perjurious Senate acquittal.
Liberty topples, and they have turned our flag upside down. Let’s wear
our sorrow over our hearts and hoist it high on our flag poles — so we
can remember what has been done and never rest until we have put things

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