Members of the Senate who voted to acquit William Jefferson Clinton
rushed for platforms to justify their actions. Politicians never are at
a loss for words. However, few were as honest as Sen. Olympia Snowe.

“My struggle throughout this process was to reconcile the president’s
lowly conduct with the Constitution’s high standards.” In the end she
asked herself, “If I were the deciding vote, could I remove this
president under these circumstances? Her answer was “No.” If the truth
were known, Olympia Snowe and the others would not have removed him
under any circumstance.

No United States president has been removed from office through the
impeachment process, because it was never necessary. Never before have
we had a man in the Oval Office who has no shame. Never before have we
had congressional leaders this weak, coupled with a minority party so

The impeachment of Bill Clinton is now a part of our history, and his
survival will be as difficult for parents of further generations to
explain as it is for parents today. Imagine this conversation:

“Mommy, why was Bill Clinton impeached?”

“Because he did a bad thing honey.”

“Then why wasn’t he removed from office?”

“Because the elected representatives of the people didn’t do the
right thing.”

“Did they get re-elected, Mommy?”

“Yes, honey.”

“Why Mommy?”

“Because the people didn’t care.”

If you care, why not do something about it this very day. Look at the
list of House managers and adopt one. Write your manager a note of
encouragement. Tell him how much you appreciate what he did. Tell him
that you are praying for him and enclose a check for his re-election
campaign. Then, when your children and your grandchildren ask those
questions you can say, “No, honey, they didn’t get re-elected. The House
managers who stood up and defended the rule of law became heroes, and
the people rose up and defeated all those senators who said it was all
right for powerful people to do bad things.”

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