Take the Bull by the Horns. Be a high roller in the stock
market without risking a penny. At Virtual Exchange, an online stock
market simulation, you use “virtual funds” to “invest” in whatever
stocks you’d like to include in your dream portfolio. It’s a free way to
test theories and techniques without losing money, and you have the
opportunity to win real prizes.

Mmm, Mmm, Good. If you’d like to re-create in your own kitchen
, Snapple iced
, Baskin-Robbins’
turtle pie
or Chili’s
chicken enchilada soup,
Secret Recipes on the Web
and CopyKat
are the spots to find those recipes and many more for
restaurant, fast-food and brand-name food favorites. But I wonder why
anyone would want recipes for Campbell’s vegetable-beef soup or Kraft’s
boxed macaroni and cheese mix?

Counting Calories. If you succumbed to the copy-cat recipe for
O’Charley’s Baked Potato
(which contains 3 pounds of potatoes, 8 cups of half-and-half,
more than a pound of cheese and a half pound of bacon!), dieting is
definitely the next step. Mike’s
Calorie and Fat Gram Chart
sorts nutritional information on 1,000
foods alphabetically or by cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate or fat
gram content.

New to the Web? There’s nothing wrong with being a Net
“newbie.” Everyone was at some time. But you’ll enjoy your surfing
experiences more once you learn what you’re doing. Faster and better
than trial and error is Newbie.net,
created expressly for Internet newcomers (and not-so-newcomers, who may
still not understand such stuff as IRC, FTP and Usenet). Newbie.net’s cybercourses cover topics as
basic as e-mail and as confusing as file compression. The online
“school” also offers two crash courses in HTML. Best of all, there’s no

The British Are Coming Again. It was 30 years ago that the
music of the Fab Four hit U.S. shores and changed the face of American
popular music. Encyclopedia Britannica has produced an interesting look
back at the phenomenon called The British
. It offers audio and video clips, electronic Beatles
trading cards and a fun look at ’60s fashions (mini skits, Mary Quant
and Carnaby Street). Besides the Beatles, the site covers the Stones,
Kinks, Yardbirds, Animals and the Who.

Best of the Beatles. Among the most comprehensive Beatles
sites on the Web are Internet Beatles
, The Beatles
on Abbey Road
and The Ultimate
Beatles Link Page

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Play 20 Questions against the

Shhhh. No need to keep your voice down when you’re visiting
the Internet Public Library. And this
online resource may contain more reference materials than your hometown
library. You can search through 2,300 magazines and thousands of
arranged by continent, then country. The IPL also has
separate youth and teen sections. Among current features are Science Fair Project Resource
and Music History
102: A Guide to Western Composers and Their Music

How Much Would That Cost Today? You’re reading a novel set in
the past, or maybe a historical document that mentions what a car, a
loaf of bread or a house cost in a certain year. The Inflation Calculator can
tell you what that would mean in today’s money for any year from
1800-1998. Current
Value of Old Money
is a similar British site that will connect you
to a number of pages that do the same thing in most of the world’s

Who Needs the Phone Book? It’s hard to keep up with all the
changes in telephone area codes around the country. So when someone in
area code 956 leaves a message asking you to call back, you wonder what
time of day to return the call; does she live in Nebraska or North
Carolina? It’s easy to find out at 555-1212.com. This is also a good place
to look up country
for calling abroad. Want to find a toll-free number? Try
USATrace’s toll-free

Vroom-Vroom. If it’s automotive, Car Stuff will link you to it. From
buyer’s guides to car museums, and manufacturers to magazines. There’s
no reason to doubt their boast as “The Web’s most complete source of
automotive links.” For sheer fun, Car
is the Net’s most enjoyable automotive site. But if you just
want to dream (or drool), head to Lamborghini, which offers not just
pictures, but movies and sounds of the elegant sports car.

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