“Let it simply be asked where is the security for prosperity, for
    reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the
    oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in the Courts of
    Justice?” –George Washington, in his Farewell Speech 19 September 1796.

Without drafting a single piece of legislation, the United
States Senate is finalizing the most fundamental overhaul of justice in
American history. Forty-five Democratic senators — and some as yet
undetermined number of Republicans — are going to strip the nation’s
courts of their ability to place people under oath and demand a true
account of those called as witnesses in civil and criminal cases.
Regardless of what the statute books say, the crime of perjury will die,
that Bill Clinton’s presidency might live.

Every senatorial juror knows full well the depths of the president’s
guilt. This explains their sudden appetite for delicacies like “finding
of fact” and “adjournment,” rather than the steaming hot dish of
impeachment served up by the House. Like three blind monkeys, Chief
Justice William Rehnquist, majority leader Trent Lott, and minority
leader Tom Daschle have closed the Senate’s eyes to witnesses against
the president. See no witnesses. Hear no testimony. Vote no evidence.

When the United States Senate finishes rewriting the laws of perjury
and obstruction of justice for America’s courts, no person who comes to
trial in this nation will have an expectation that those testifying for
or against him will be bound to tell the truth, or that the machinery of
government can not and will not be used to tamper with the jury to
render “justice” as required by those in power to decide the case at
hand. Every sitting judge will have lost the ability to punish those who
lie or obstruct justice in his or her courtroom. The heart will have
been ripped from two thousand years of Western law. The blood shed by
ordinary people — the martyrs who were imprisoned, beaten, tortured,
and murdered at the hands of corrupt judges, lying witnesses, and the
king’s thugs — is about to be drunk in a perverse, unrighteous
communion administered by the United States chief justice to the
nation’s greatest deliberative body.

Perhaps Sen. Robert Byrd, that great custodian of Senate history and
tradition, can tell us: What is the grand occasion that you and our
other great Senators find to discard so casually your own oath of
office, and more immediately your oath as jurors? Is the Republic’s
survival at stake? Do you do this to preserve our national honor in the
world? Is there some overreaching necessity of the citizenry that
requires such a sacrifice?

It is none of these, as you well know. Rather, you will preserve the
power of a corrupt, immoral, godless national whore whose influence you
worship, and upon his altar will you sacrifice your lives, the dignity
of your office and institution, and the fabric of trust that binds our
nation in business, government, and all other institutions. Compared to
you, senators, Bill Clinton, upon whom you sit in judgment, is a beacon
of morality for the ship of state in the eye of the storm.

Do not imagine that future generations will be persuaded from their
judgment by the lies and dissemblings you utter today. Will you, like
Judas, betray us with a kiss as you bestow your traitorous blessing? Sir
William Blackstone (1723-1780), the father of American jurisprudence,
said of the importance of defending the oath:

    “The belief of a future state of rewards and punishments, the
    entertaining just ideas of the main attributes of the Supreme Being, and
    a firm persuasion that He superintends and will finally compensate every
    action in human life (all revealed in the doctrines of our Savior,
    Christ), these are the grand foundations of all judicial oaths, which
    call God to witness the truth of those facts which perhaps may only be
    known to Him and the party attesting; all moral evidences, therefore,
    all confidence in human veracity, must be weakened by apostasy, and
    overthrown by total infidelity.”

Tomorrow’s senators will never be able to undo the nefarious
legislation you are about to cast with your impeachment vote today.
History will bestow upon you the crown of infamy for what you have done.
Generations as yet unborn will hunt down your name in an effort to purge
it from the nation’s memory. They will hang your legacy outside the city
gates among the tyrants, despots and thieves who have robbed generations
as yet unborn of their lawful heritage of life, liberty, and happiness.

You will live to see treachery, with whom you have whored, overtake
this nation that you swore an oath to God Almighty to protect, yet in
your lust for personal power deserted in her hour of need. And when your
wretched, stinking carcass is consigned finally to the grave, you will
stand before the God whom you sought to deceive with your lying oath. He
will be your judge, juror, and executioner. Perhaps then you will
finally have the wisdom to understand what the Father of our Country
meant when he asked, “where is the security … when the sense of
religious obligation desert the oaths?”

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