The ultimate outcome of the recent impeachment trial of William
Clinton was never really in doubt. It was a forgone conclusion the
scurrilous Senate could not and would not find 67 members to obey the
instructions of Chief Justice Rehnquist.

The surprises were both interesting and illustrative. The Democrats
ranks and refused to acknowledge facts which contradicted their
preconceived opinions and prejudices. The Republicans (who seem intent
following the Whigs into extinction) demonstrated both yin and yang. We
witnessed the extreme courage and conviction of House manager James
Rogan, and the reasoned eloquence of Henry Hyde. Asa Hutchinson’s
tenacity and Lindsay Graham’s focus were high points in an otherwise
sham exercise.

I have been saying for years we must hold our elected representatives

accountable for both what they do, and what they don’t do. Republicans,
Libertarians, and those who revere the Constitution and the Bill of
need to watch, listen, and react to what follows this national disgrace
from the following: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John Chafee, James
Jeffords, Arlen Specter, John Warner, Fred Thompson, Richard Shelby,
Gorton, and Ted Stevens. The conduct of these GOP cowards mirrors that
the president they refused to hold accountable.

A review of the hypocrisy of the Democrats would require volumes to
delineate. However, I found a perverse amusement in the language now
embraced by Democrats seeking to censure the man they violated a sacred
oath to protect. The new standard for presidential conduct permits the
president to be “shameless, a liar, immoral, disgusting, deplorable,
reckless, egregious, reprehensible and indefensible.” Gee, in the wake
this newly established standard, those previously noted GOP senators may

well be “Presidential” in their conduct.

After the Senate gave Billy Jeff a pass on both articles of
impeachment, he
went before the cameras soberly biting his lip and said, “I want to say
again to the American people how profoundly sorry I am for what I said
did to trigger these events, and the great burden they have imposed on
Congress and on the American people.” Shortly thereafter, I received a
from a listener to my radio talk show who responded “Apology not
accepted … you bastard.”

WorldNetDaily posted a recent Capitol Hill Blue online story which
“Despite official denials, the Clinton White House has collected new
dossiers, complete with financial records, FBI investigative information

and IRS reports on House impeachment managers and other perceived
enemies of the administration, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

“It’s payback time and payback will be a bitch,” one White House aide
Thursday. “This won’t be a gloat-free zone. It will be a ‘get even’

Reportedly, some White House aides are concerned the president’s
lust for revenge will be so great it will create a new scandal (or
scandals) and further charges of abuse of power. However, White House
flack Joe Lockhart says that’s “crazy.” It would be “dumb” for the White

House to start a vendetta. Sure Joe, and:

  • It would be crazy for the White House to fire civil servants and
    try to
    replace them with patronage.

  • It would be crazy to turn over the entire national health care
    management to Hillary and her cronies.

  • It would be crazy for the White House to use the IRS and FBI to
    conservative opponents of the administration.

  • It would be crazy to use FBI files to blackmail members of

  • It would be crazy to ally oneself with the likes of James Carville
    Larry Flynt.

  • It would be crazy to sell high tech sensitive satellite information
    hardware to the communist red Chinese.

Yeah Joe … it would be crazy … like it would be crazy to use the
White House as a sexual playpen while the nation is focused on a litany
previous sexual indiscretions. It would be crazy. Hey, maybe they’re
building a defense for Clinton’s next court date??

By the way … regarding those FBI and IRS files … according to
Hill Blue, “I’ve seen FBI and IRS files on members of Congress, complete

dossiers on reporters and more,” one worried aide admitted. “This is

Multiple sources are reporting that notwithstanding the official
protestations to the contrary, the president is major league p.o.-ed.
president doesn’t feel any remorse over what has happened,” one aide
“but he is angry … very, very angry.”

In the past, when the man was annoyed at critics, he’d sick Sid
Vicious on
them. Sidney Blumenthal, ad hoc propaganda czar of the evil empire. I
have a parting question about Sid and his newfound co-conspirators in
United States Senate.

Despite all the posturing bovine scatological obfuscation, despite
hollow claims of the grandeur and stateliness, of the once hallowed
of Congress, what is the deal with the Blumenthal blunder?

Blumenthal testifies before the United States Senate (under oath) to
material fact. Subsequent to his testimony, no less than three
are signed contradicting his testimony. The House managers request an
inquiry of the Blumenthal perjury/contempt of Congress. However, the
gutless, spineless, testosterone-challenged Senate isn’t interested. Let

someone else deal with that … anyone, anywhere, other than the U.S.
Senate. The senators have already demonstrated their malfeasance. They
just want this chapter over, so they can focus on drafting their
revisionist versions of history and hopefully create the illusion of
plausible deniability
sufficient to get them re-elected.

The impeachment process is over, but not done. It will be a central
in the upcoming 2000 elections.

John Milton, in his epic poem Paradise Lost wrote,

“And am I now upbraided as the cause

Of thy transgressing? Not enough sever,

It seems, in thy restraint! What could I more?

I warned thee, I admonished thee, foretold

The danger, and the lurking enemy

That lay in wait …”

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