New York U.S. senator “wannabe” Hillary Clinton recently
urged an end to what she called “forced family planning.” Mrs.
Clinton’s speech was seen as a thinly veiled critique of the
Chinese policy on forced abortion and sterilization.

Last week, Mrs. Clinton took the podium at a U.N. population
conference in the Netherlands. She reportedly addressed 1,500 delegates
in what was billed to be a world conference to empower women. Her
comments overlook the fact that female empowerment is of little use in a
Communist state. The first lady’s sudden awareness of the Communist
Chinese policy is a propaganda ploy aimed at the remains of the tattered
feminist movement in the post-Monica world.

Pregnant Chinese women who do not have the proper license are
arrested, forcibly aborted and often sterilized, depending on the
charges made by the Communist People’s Armed Police There are no court
proceedings and the police warrants can be issued on suspicion of
illegal pregnancy. Women who have suffered this mutilation, torture and
murder of their children have testified before the U.S. Congress.

China has used the abort-and-sterilize policy in a genocidal war
against Tibet and Muslim populations in western China. Reports of rape
and forced sterilization by the Chinese army and police are so
commonplace in Tibet that the policy is seen as an official act of the
Communist leadership in Beijing.

During the Nuremburg trials of Nazi leaders, forced abortions and
acts of forced sterilization were ruled to be “war crimes.” The U.N.,
various human rights activists, and even the pope have openly complained
of Beijing’s cruel policy.

Many Americans, liberal and conservative, view the Chinese policy as
brutal and inhuman. It is certain that both Republican and Democrat,
pro-life and pro-abortion, would agree that forced abortions and
sterilization are crimes.

To the “feminist” Mrs. Clinton and her husband these acts are
a “family planning” issue.

It is certain that President Clinton can rightfully be accused of his
own “forced family planning” in the White House with almost anyone but
his wife. Clinton, however, also has helped the red police carry out the
policy of murder.

In July 1995, President Clinton authorized the sale of secure
Motorola radios and cellular phones to the Chinese police. Police orders
to arrest, abort and sterilize are given over a secure Motorola radio
system exported to the Chinese Gestapo with the approval of Bill
Clinton. Motorola CEO Gary Tooker personally thanked Ron Brown for his
efforts in obtaining the Clinton “Presidential waiver.”

In 1995, “Co-President” Mrs. Clinton did not oppose the Motorola sale
to the murdering red Gestapo agents. The first lady did not raise human
rights issues on her recent trip to China in 1998. Human rights and
“forced family planning” are only now issues because a Senate seat from
New York is within her grasp in 2000.

Mrs. Clinton’s desire to be Evita Peron is certainly more believable
than Madonna’s portrayal of the Argentine fascist dictatress. The
unbelievable part is that the state of New York apparently desires to
continue Clinton scandals into the next century.

What did the rest of the nation do to New York to deserve this
impending torture? Other states are nice to New York. Virginia has taken
New York trash. New Jersey is forced to share a border and a football
team with the empire state. One would think that New Yorkers would be
grateful and spare the country.

The first lady of scandals has a list of skeletons that would fatally
burden even a Kennedy running for lifeguard. Mrs. Clinton’s role in the
scandal-a-day-in-the-U.S.A. theme has included a secret attempt to
nationalize the medical industry, an alleged affair with Vince Foster
(the ex-White House lawyer) and her personal effort to pack the White
House Travel Office
with a Riady-family owned operation.

Mrs. Clinton saw the Foster suicide note long before President
Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno. Mrs. Clinton is reported to
have hired Democratic National Committee operative Craig Livingstone.
Mrs. Clinton has abused U.S. military officers assigned to the White
House as if they were trash. Rose Law Firm billing records re-appeared
through the mystery of time and space in Mrs. Clinton’s study.

Mrs. Clinton has left us with a wide selection of photo evidence.
Mrs. Clinton has had her photo taken with drug dealer Jorge Cabrera. He
donated a load of drug money to the DNC to get close to the first lady.
Cabrera is currently serving federal time for smuggling three tons of
cocaine into the United States.

Ironically, Jorge and Hillary were photographed in front of the White
House Christmas tree.

We can excuse Jorge, however, because he is reported to be somewhat
of a collector of celebrity photographs. Jorge was arrested with three
tons of coke, Cuban cigars and a photo of dictator Fidel Castro.

Mrs. Clinton also has a virtual personal photo gallery of modern
crime. It is almost as if she wanted to collect snapshots of herself and
major crime figures.

For example, the co-presidents were photographed together with Macau
criminal boss Ng Lapseng. Ng makes most of his money through the
female-empowering career of prostitution. Ng also, on occasion, dabbles
in heroin, murder for hire and gun smuggling. Ng also donated thousands
of dollars to the DNC through the Clintons.

No one can accuse the first lady of being techno-phobic in her
selection of scandals. The role of Webster Hubbell, the Chinese army and
the first lady at the Rose office law firm goes much deeper than
Whitewater land fraud and into the high-tech world of spies and computer
information warfare.

During the 1980s, Mrs. Clinton and Hubbell worked on a secret NSA
project for a Rose client. This is clearly documented by documents
obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Mrs. Clinton, Hubbell
and Foster worked on a classified NSA contract for Systematics of
Arkansas, a firm then owned by Jackson Stephens, the billionaire partner
of Mochtar Riady.

A newly de-classified document from the FBI confirms that Reno
appointed Hubbell to a secret NSA computer chip project intended to bug
America. That project was called “Clipper.” The document, a 1993 letter
from FBI Director William Sessions to Reno, was obtained from the
of Justice using the FOIA.

The FBI letter to Reno states: “During the June 30, 1993, meeting
with the National Security Council staff to discuss the status of the
Presidential Decision and Review Directives concerning key-escrow
encryption technology and telecommunications trends, which was attended
by Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, the issue of a
recommended solution to the law enforcement access problem, or the
digital telephony issue, was discussed.”

A major part of the Clipper chip project was to install the chips
into your Hillary Clinton national ID card and national health-care
card. The intent would be for the Department of Justice to monitor your
health care providers for fraud and abuse. The result would be to
monitor you wherever you presented your card.

According to a 1993 letter to the Commerce Department by Microcard, a

U.S. smart card manufacturer, the Clipper chip simply cost too much.
Clipper, according to Microcard, was far “too expensive” at $25 per chip
to be included into Mrs. Clinton’s planned nationalization of U.S.
health care.

The first lady and Hubbell were inside the top secret world of
Clipper. The selection of former Rose office associates Hubbell and
Foster clearly points at Mrs. Clinton like a sign to digital
dictatorship on the information highway.

Hillary Clinton’s close relationship with the Chinese army is all too
well documented. The first lady was clearly involved with Chinese agent
Johnny Chung and the penetration of Col. Lui of COSTIND or the Chinese
Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

According to the General Accounting Office, COSTIND “oversees
development of China’s weapon systems and is responsible for identifying
and acquiring telecommunications technology applicable for military

Johnny Chung also had several photo sessions with both Clintons. Many
of the photos appear in Mr. Chung’s beer advertisements. Johnny Chung
passed Chinese army money to the DNC through Mrs. Clinton.

In return, a very young and attractive female Chinese army colonel
COSTIND computer information warfare specialist) was allowed to meet
Bill Clinton. How long Col. Lui and Bill Clinton were alone together is
not known but I doubt she was there to inspect the president’s hard

There are many reasons why Hillary Clinton should not be the next
senator from New York. The items above are just a suggestion for the
2000 New York Senate campaign and a start for any reporters interested
in asking the first lady of scandal real questions about her politics.

However, be warned, Mrs. Clinton is reported to be able to hurl an
ashtray with the accuracy of a laser-guided smart bomb.

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