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The China threat becomes real

For nearly two years, WorldNetDaily has alone as a news agency been
hammering away at the strategic threat to the United States posed by
China and the way the Clinton administration has ignored, if not
encouraged, Beijing’s active measures to subvert U.S. security.

We began by revealing official chicanery involved in the effort to
establish a U.S. mainland base for the China Overseas Shipping Co., a
commercial front for Beijing’s People’s Liberation Army, in Long Beach,
Calif. I wouldn’t have bet a plug nickel on our Quixotic efforts to
alert the American people to the dangers of such a move, let alone
change established public policy. Yet, we succeeded — at least in
preventing the Long Beach port facility from falling into the hands of
the Chinese military.

There is still a real possibility, however, that the Port of Los
Angeles or other U.S. strategically sensitive facilities could be
offered to the Chinese as substitutes for Long Beach. COSCO is still
very active in the U.S. and remains determined to find suitable bases
for its shipping and spying activities on behalf of its military masters
in Beijing.

For anyone who doubts the military connection between this
“commercial” entity, for which retired Gen. Alexander Haig sits on the
board of advisers, you might want to study the accompanying photo. It
shows a K3 nuclear attack submarine recently acquired by COSCO from
Finland, no doubt via Russia, in transit to China.

For more documentation on the Chinese military and intelligence link
with COSCO, you should see our special report
“Blastoff to a New
World Order,” which follows the money trail from Beijing to 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now, even The New York Times is on the case. On Saturday, reporters
James Risen and Jeff Gerth revealed the systematic and official cover-up
by the Clinton administration of active efforts by Beijing to steal
America’s most vital nuclear secrets.

The theft of these secrets from Los Alamos National Laboratory was
ignored and glossed over by direct orders of high-ranking U.S. officials
including acting Energy Department Secretary Elizabeth Moler, who
prevented one whistleblower from briefing the House National Security
Committee last fall.

It was not until December of last year, believe it or not, that a
suspect at the lab described as “sticking out like a sore thumb” was
given a polygraph by the Energy Department. The results are unknown, but
the FBI was not satisfied with the test and administered another just
last month. He flunked.

Always of interest in such matters is the way the Clinton
administration treats the hero, Notra Trulock — the whistleblower who
relentlessly tried to expose this scandal for years before it unfolded.
Trulock was unceremoniously demoted as head of the Department of
Energy’s intelligence office to acting deputy.

The CIA’s former chief of counterintelligence, Paul Redmond, first
briefed by Trulock in 1996 on the theft of U.S. nuclear secrets by the
Chinese, makes no bones about how big this scandal is.

“This was far more damaging to the national security than Aldrich
Ames,” he said. Redmond should know. He made his name by unmasking
Soviet mole Ames at the CIA.

America once executed people responsible for such betrayals. Today,
in the Clinton administration, government covers them up in the interest
of economics and “better relations with China.”

Better relations? On Saturday, as this latest high-profile espionage
activity was being revealed in The New York Times, a senior Chinese
official was warning the United States against providing Taiwan with any
military equipment that could enhance its ability to defend itself from
missile attacks, cautioning that such transfers would represent “the
last straw” in U.S.-China relations.

The senior official quoted anonymously in the Washington Post stopped
just short of threatening direct military action. However, he said such
support of Taiwan would be considered a hostile act and would “certainly
lead to serious consequences.”

Sounds like all those years of coddling of and hand-holding with
Beijing haven’t gotten us very far.

The official added: “There is one thing that’s more important than
money. That’s dignity, sovereignty and integrity. I’m sure the Chinese
people are ready to die for it.”

Unfortunately, the Clinton administration isn’t even willing to stop
selling U.S. dignity, sovereignty and integrity. Some day, our troops —
indeed our own civilians — may not have any choice but to die because
of such official betrayals.