Recently, our friend, Paul Weyrich, expressed his disappointment with
the course of public policy and popular opinion and conveyed a
pessimistic perspective on the prospects for our cause in the political

In my view, Paul is correct in concluding that there is little
likelihood that we can soon bring our policies to power by relying on
the recruitment of majority electoral support for principles which are
difficult to communicate through the filter of a corrupt Left-wing media
at war with the Christian premises of Western Civilization.

It is also a simple statement of fact that our cause cannot prevail
politically until we abandon primary reliance on a Republican Party
whose leaders and members are fundamentally divided among themselves on
issues of the most profound importance.

“Lowest common denominator” leadership explains why there has been no
effective effort to challenge and reverse the increasingly
unconstitutional, anti-freedom policies of the Federal government
throughout this century — policies which, with few exceptions, are
embraced by the Republicans soon after they have been advanced by the

This assertion is manifestly accurate whether we look at Federal
regulation and subsidy of education, the use of the Federal Treasury as
a war chest for the programs and personnel of the radical Left, the
funding of Planned Parenthood and the homosexual movement, et cetera, ad

With respect to the Year 2000 Presidential campaign, conservative
forces are divided concerning their preference for the Republican
nomination, with Sen. Robert Smith, commentator Pat Buchanan, former
Vice President Dan Quayle, Family Research Council leader Gary Bauer,
Ambassador Alan Keyes, and publisher Steve Forbes, among those competing
for their support.

The odds are long against any conservative committed to an agenda of
constitutional renewal gaining a place on the Year 2000 GOP ticket.

Why should Christians, conservatives, and Constitutionalists have no
fallback plan, no insurance policy?

Failure to act in a timely way to establish a path to victory
independent of exclusive reliance on the GOP will simply mean that we
have lost another four years, either to a Left-wing Democrat or an
Establishment Republican.

It need not be thus. If an effort is made now to secure ballot lines
for a party, rather than for specific nominees or electors, a Year 2000
candidate can be on the ballot in all 50 states (assuming that neither
the “millennium bug” nor Bill Clinton closes down or substantially
modifies prevailing political procedures).

Following this approach, the option would be created to choose a
candidate committed to an appropriate Christian conservative
constitutional policy agenda after the GOP choice is determined.

It would be newsworthy for a convention summoned for such a purpose
to meet after the Republican choice is evident in the context of most
early primaries having been completed by the end of March.

I ask you to join me in encouraging your friends, family, and
colleagues to consider the following plan:

1. enunciate the principles to which our candidate for president will
be held accountable,

2. spell out the means to convert those principles from platform
platitudes to particular plans of action, and

3. take out a ballot access insurance policy and help commit
resources to assure that there will be a place on the ballot in all 50
states, plus D.C. for the opportunity to designate an independent
candidate following the March primaries.

Even before the ballot access effort gets under way, it makes sense to
agree on an agenda for action.

One of the greatest mistakes made by Christian, conservative, and
constitutionalist grass-roots activists has been to saddle up and ride
into the sunset before we’ve packed our trunks with the right cargo and
bred a horse ready to pull our wagon — instead of settling for a
nice-sounding nag who simply wishes to take us for a ride on his
road to glory.

Before we choose the thoroughbred on whom we will rely to carry our
cause to political victory, let’s determine to bridle our steed with the
reins of the Constitution and saddle him with the knowledge that if he
trots off in the wrong direction, he’ll get whipped.

Let’s establish our goals and plot the route for our journey
before we pick our candidate, because, after all, if we don’t
know where we are going, any horse can take us there.

Our objectives should be simple, yet clear. In the words of the
Preamble to our Constitution, we ought, above all, strive “to establish
justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense,
promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to
ourselves and our posterity.”

To succeed in harnessing the federal government to our purposes, we
don’t need to pass new legislation, but we must determine
to bring a halt to old spending.

Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution says “No Money shall be
drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by

No president can veto a zero, so it would be wonderful to have
leaders in Congress who would send zeroes only to the White House, when
it comes to authorizing appropriations for any program or expenditure
which is beyond the delegated, enumerated powers of the Federal
government, as specified in our Constitution.

What we must focus on is to recruit and elect a president who
will morally commit himself and resolve, publicly, to veto any and all
authorizations and expenditures which support such unconstitutional
programs, policies, agencies, and activities.

If a president has the courage to say “NO,” and can rally sufficient
support among the American people, all that will be needed to sustain
his vetoes is the votes of either 145 out of 435 Representatives in
Congress or 34 U.S. senators.

Without our money, given them by Congress, the engine of our
adversaries runs out of gas — whether we speak of the Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Export-Import Bank, the Federal
Election Commission, the Agency for International Development, Gay Men’s
Health Crisis, or any other entity dependent on funds lawfully
appropriated from the federal treasury. Without a signed appropriation
or an overriding veto, they are out of business.

Once we level the political playing field, we will suffer fewer
defeats and enjoy more victories.

The president of the United States can also act, with the stroke of a
pen, to repeal the unconstitutional executive orders promulgated by his

And, the president can use his constitutionally prescribed “recess
appointment’ authority to name judges and U.S. Attorneys committed to
upholding the Constitutional stipulation that “no person may be deprived
of life without due process of law.”

And he may go on to declare that each of us is a ‘legal person,’ from
the moment of conception until natural death.

Our chief executive may declare treaties null and void if they
violate the Constitution. He can uphold the Constitution, by withdrawing
our country from all the institutions of the New World Order.

America was founded by men who acknowledged that we are endowed by
our Creator with certain unalienable rights — that God is sovereign —
and that law is always the will of the Sovereign.

God is our great law-giver, His laws are eternal, and His judgment is

That’s why we must never allow any very human Supreme Court to strip
away the privileges and immunities guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and
that’s why we must demand that the Federal government get out of the way
and let the states and the people have a full measure of religious
liberty — so that the states may once again rely on our heritage of
Biblical common law jurisprudence to prohibit homosexual conduct, to
enforce capital punishment for pre-meditated murder, and to prevent the
shedding of the innocent blood of the elderly and the chronically ill,
as well as of the unborn — and do so without the unconstitutional
interference of any Federal prosecutor — or any federal judge — of
Any Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court — because, after all,
those justices serve under the Constitution, not over it,
and while they do have the right to resolve controversies, with rulings
binding on the parties to the cases which they decide — they have no
right whatsoever to legislate on their lunch hour or overrule the
Constitution during their coffee break — or at any other time.

The president whom we select should also publicly promise us that he
will name members of the Federal Communications Commission who will give
us the most important kind of term limits we could desire: term limits
for broadcast licenses, so that, at last, we can end the corrupt power
of the left-wing media, and turn the airwaves over to men and women like
Paul Weyrich, Don Wildmon, James Dobson, and Bev LaHaye.

Civil government is never an instrument of moral regeneration or
salvation — that comes by faith in Christ alone — but we can stop our
government from being an instrument of moral degradation, as we plan for
a new birth of freedom, to restore a true standard of justice and
righteousness across the length and breadth of our nation.

I have a hunch the Year 2000 will be a very unusual year politically,
in which significant breakthroughs and changes of course may become

It is our duty to be ready for what may be an extraordinary,
nonrecurring opportunity.

Howard Phillips is chairman of the U.S. Taxpayers Alliance, a
non-partisan 501( c)4 issue/action non-profit corporation committed to
cutting the Federal government down to constitutional size and restoring
the biblical foundations of the American system.

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