The invasion of the small town of Anniston, Alabama, is about to begin. The Night Stalkers have teamed up with the Rangers to conduct a massive mock invasion using live fire and explosives.

The Fort McClellan, Alabama public affairs office has confirmed the plans and offered a brief statement:

“Approximately 800 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Banning , Ga. and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment , Fort Campbell, Ky. will be participating in a training exercise in the Anniston and Fort McClellan areas March 9-12.

“We apologize in advance for the noise and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.”

Similar exercises have included the use of live fire of weapons and explosives. One such event in Kingsville, Texas, caused fear and panic among residents who were not warned.

The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, also known as the Night Stalkers, specialize in flying at night without lights. Recently the Army admitted that black helicopters do exist. They are flown by the Night Stalkers at tree-top height to avoid detection and maximize surprise.

WorldNetDaily was alerted to the plans by a local law enforcement officer who has been reading recent articles on similar events in other parts of the country. He expressed concern that the exercises present a danger to the public.

Part of the exercise has been scheduled to take place at the Anniston Municipal Airport, according to the source.

The airport administrator’s office was contacted for confirmation. A man who only identified himself as Paul reacted in astonishment that the plans were known. He would not give further information.

Contact was later made with Buddy Denton, airport administrator. He also acted somewhat agitated that the secret was out. He would only say that observers were not permitted and referred additional questions to the public affairs office at Fort McClellan.

Members of the military met with Denton last Thursday morning to go over the final arrangements, Denton confirmed.

“Funny thing. The Anniston city manger’s office claims to know nothing about the upcoming exercise. They did however refer me to the airport administrator,” the law enforcement source explained. Attempts by WorldNetDaily to reach city officials were unsuccessful because of the lateness of the hour when confirmation was received.

Karen Shepard of the Alabama Power Company public relations office said she had not been notified of the exercise. In the past, the power company is notified just hours before such events because of the potential for damage caused by the helicopters.

The source for this story is known by WorldNetDaily, and has been verified to be who he claims to be — a member of local law enforcement. He is extremely concerned that he could encounter difficulty if his identity were to be made known.

“One last thing,” requested the source. “If within a reasonable amount of time I do not get back in touch with you, please start trying to find out if I’ve been grabbed by Army CID or the FBI. It sounds funny and paranoid, but such things do happen.”

Similar exercises have been reported last week in Lowell, Mass., at some abandoned textile mills. The buildings used are reportedly nearly destroyed.

The Night Stalkers were also involved in a dramatic raid on the town of Kingsville, Texas, Feb. 8. Eight black helicopters were reported to deliver 50 to 60 members of the elite Delta Force who proceeded to use live bullets as they shot up two abandoned buildings across the street from a retirement home.

Military spokesmen claim that such exercises are necessary to keep our elite troops in top condition to fight terrorists and other modern threats not previously encountered. Training on military bases is a good start, but to be truly prepared they must train in a real situation.

The press have routinely been denied the opportunity to observe and photograph such exercises in the past. The military has claimed that taking pictures would enable America’s enemies to figure out secret tactics.

Recently, a reporter and video photographer were briefly arrested and then released at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas when they attempted to photograph the aftermath of destruction caused by one such exercise.

It all begins tonight, but the location has not been publicly disclosed. It may begin at the airport, or it may begin somewhere else in the area. Now that WorldNetDaily has disclosed the plans for the use of the airport, the source believes there is a strong chance the exercise will be canceled or moved to another location.

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