Who are these beings that torture us, who seem to love causing humans
such pain? One of the people who attended (Cyril) Press’ Hollywood Hills
meeting of alien abductees — Elaine Morganelli — came up with a
simple, yet chilling answer.

Morganielli’s conclusion is that Press is being contacted not by
friendly visitors, but by demons. Morganelli, who’d written Press a
letter after reading his book, said that she attended the meeting more
out of curiosity than anything else. However, when she got into the room
she felt “a strong sense of evil.”

“What got me was when he referred to the Lord and His angels as ‘Nazis
of the air,’ I said, ‘Oh boy … I’m out of here!’ You see,” Morganelli
went on, “a spirit can tell you anything. They love to fool you. These
people (the abductees) are being taken over. The more you go along with
it, the harder it is to get away from it.” Morganelli says she feels
that the demons chose Press because, as a best selling author “he is
good material for them. He can misguide a lot of people.”

Morganelli’s hands shake as she lights a cigarette. She has a genuine
look of terror in her eyes.

“We are coming to an out-and-out war between the powers of light and the
powers of darkness. The spirits are very busy these days,” she says,
stubbing out the cigarette, then promptly lighting another.

Of course, one can write Morganelli off as some sort of Christian
fanatic. The problem is, she’s not the only one who’s come to the
conclusion that Press’ alien friends — that is, the beings who are
abducting countless humans — are nothing more than good old-fashioned
demons, doing what they do best.

Stealing souls.

Cult investigator Texe Marrs, says of Press, “What Cyril Press
experienced was, in reality, a demonic vision or apparition rather than
a UFO contact. Press’ account accords with that of a man totally
possessed by demons.”

UFO author John Weldon agrees. “The guy’s got a demon inside him,”
Weldon stated flatly. “Right now he will look on it as, ‘Well, I’ve made
this exciting discovery, and found these outer space beings.’ It’s all a
lie, and the lie will come out. Press has made choices in his life that
are costing him now and will cost him down the road. If you look at this
guy’s life in ten years — if he’s still alive — there’ll be an
incredible amount of suffering.”

Press, who seems willing to give credence to the most far out notions —
anything besides demon possession — denies these conclusions. “It’s
absurd,” he said during an interview. “Demon possession? Come on, this
is the 20th century, man!”

Oddly, despite these sentiments, Press continually refers to both demons
and angels in his book.

Some examples: “I had a nonstop series of dreams about demons, yet they
seemed almost angelic to me.” And later: “I have often wondered whether
angels and demons might be the same beings simply wearing different

But wait a moment! Can this be for real? Demons vs. angels?!
Let’s get serious here! Could it be that the whole UFO phenomenon is
nothing but a rehashing of that tired old Christian bugaboo — the
age-old battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil? Of
course, the debunkers, atheists, rationalists and pragmatists scoff at
this notion. Yet, no matter what one’s personal belief system, the more
you look at things from this angle, the less mysterious the UFO
abduction phenomenon becomes.

John Keel and Jacques Vallee — both atheists — appear, despite
themselves, to have arrived at a “demonic” conclusion. States Keel:
“Demonology is not just another crackpot theory. It is the ancient and
scholarly study of monsters and demons who have seemingly co-existed
with man throughout history. Victims of demonomania (possession) suffer
the very same medical and emotional symptoms as do the UFO

States Vallee, “An impressive parallel could be made between UFO
occupants and the popular conception of demons.” John Weldon concurs.
“There are thousands of documented possession in the annals of psychic
and occult research. All these are highly reminiscent of the UFO
contactee phenomena.”

Another UFO researcher who has arrived at a similar conclusion is Lynn
Catoe, a senior bibliographer for the Library of Congress who has
researched thousands of UFO abduction cases. “Many of the UFO reports
now being published in the press recount alleged incidents that are
strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena which
have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists,” Catoe

Dr. H. Newton Maloney, a psychiatrist who teaches a course called
Demonology and Mental Illness at Fuller Seminary states: “Along with the
biological, the psychological and social diagnoses that we so frequently
use, shouldn’t we also consider the possibility of active evil —
meaning ‘demons’ — in what happens to people? Mental health
professionals should consider ‘demonized,’ along with deluded, deranged,
and disorganized.”

Meanwhile, John Keel suggests that UFO activity may be “a staggering
cosmic put-on, a joke perpetrated by invisible entities who have always
delighted in frightening, confusing and misleading the human race.” And
later he writes, “Without citing scores of cases here, it is impossible to
realize that the features listed as pertaining to demons crop up again
and again in UFO reports.”

Could it be? Certainly — in this context — the aliens sound like
demons. When one contactee asks them their purpose, they reply: “We
recycle souls.” And most frightening, considering the legalistic way in
which demons function, when they are told that they don’t have a right
(to abduct humans), they announce proudly, “We do have a right!”

Keel states that in essence, humans are being reprogrammed: “Millions of
people in every generation have their minds reprogrammed by this
supernatural system,” he offers. “Once a relatively rare experience,
this reprogramming process has become commonplace in the past 30

“We are not dealing with successive waves of visitations from space,
says Vallee, “We are dealing with a control system. I suggest that it is
human belief that is being controlled and conditioned. UFO’s are the
means through which man’s concepts are being rearranged. I think the
stage is being set for a new faith, centered on the UFO belief.”

Religion and science coincide here. The late Dr. Walter Martin, an
expert on cults and occultism, did extensive research into the UFO
abduction phenomenon before he passed away. Stated Martin, “I joined
NICAP (national investigation committee on aerial phenomena) in the 60’s
and I became convinced from studying reports of unimpeachable witnesses
that there is an actual concrete phenomena. There are actual visitors.
The big problem is not what are they but who are they? The key to it is
their theology.

“They’re all saying the same thing … and all of it is anti-Christ.
That tells me that what the Bible says was going to take place is taking
place. What you’re dealing with is another dimension of reality which
the Bible mentions. It’s called ‘the realm of the prince of the powers
of the air.’

“At the end of the ages we’re supposed to see manifestations. As the
bible says, Satan will come with ‘all powers signs and lying wonders.’
Why should it stretch our imagination that this manifestation would
approach us in our time frame in a way that would suit us? What better
way to attract us than with intergalactic visitors. My God, we’re
obsessed with them!”

“I don’t think that there’s a devil behind every bush and tree,” Martin
continues. “I’m just saying, what would we expect at the end of the ages
in our advanced culture? We would expect a manifestation that would fit
into our time frame. My whole feeling on the subject is — without
getting paranoid — that the intergalactic theory is highly unlikely.
No, this is a supernatural manifestation which Christianity, Islam and
Judaism would all call demonic.”

But how does Martin account for the saucers themselves — the physical
manifestations of UFO’s and the creatures that the people see? “I don’t
think there’s any problem with that,” he says. “In spiritism we’ve
photographed under infrared light what we call ectoplasmic
This is a solid substance which appears very
vaporish at first. In magical rituals they conjure what they call
‘elementals,’ which can take any shape they desire. Demons can, in fact,
manifest as physical matter.”

Continues Martin: “In the Old Testament, the angels had the capability
to mimic humans and look like them, but they were not human. To be truly
human there must be a genetic code. Demons don’t have a genetic code.
They have no way to communicate any characteristics, unless they created
a genetic code. Then you have a monster.”

With that notion in mind, the reports of the sexual relations between
aliens and humans take on a chilling perspective. “Demons do have sexual
relations with people,” Martin states flatly. “It is not unusual at all
to read back in the history of demonology concerning this. In fact, it
is well known.”

In the manual of psychic defense, “The Compendium Maleficarum,” the
author Gnaccius, relates eighteen case-histories of women who have had
carnal contact with demons. St. Augustine himself stated, “It is
widespread opinion … that the sylvans or fauns, commonly called
incubi, have often tormented women and obtained intercourse with them.
There are even demons who are quite frequently using such impure

UFO believer Bud Hopkins favors the theory that the aliens are breeding
a species of hybrids by having intercourse with human females (such
cases are common in demonology). In UFO’s the “hybrid” theory posits
that the offspring of UFOnauts and women are walking around — a
crossbreed — half-earthling and half-alien.

Frighteningly, many satanic cults today seem to be engaged in attempts
to have female Satan-worshippers have intercourse with the devil. A
recent Geraldo Rivera special dedicated an entire show to the subject of
satanic baby breeders.

If we admit that the UFO reports are true, and that either sexual
intercourse or artificial insemination is taking place between aliens
and humans, the scenario takes an even darker tone.

The theologian Sinistrari states, “It is a fact that from the copulation
of humans with the demon, human beings are sometimes born. It is by this
process that Antichrist must be born.”

These may indeed sound like otherworldly, even paranoid ravings. But the
fact is, unless one is prepared to say that all of the people who claim
to have been abducted by aliens are either suffering delusions or lying,
we must opt for one of the following scenarios:

Either we believe that: a) the whole thing is a hoax; b) that a mass of
people are suffering from an identical psychological disorder; c) that
there are really extraterrestrials or; d) that there are evil spirits —
call them demons if you wish — who are manipulating large masses of
people with the specific intent of getting people to change their belief

This last, of course, is the most frightening. And perhaps this is why
people are least inclined to accept it. Surely, one would rather believe
in benevolent space beings than the fact that our minds are being
reprogrammed by Satan’s hordes — demonic beings who may even be trying
to reproduce genetic codes.

But the experts won’t allow us an easy out. “It is high time we all
realize that there exists a spiritual — supernatural, invisible,
whatever concept you prefer — world,” says John Weldon. “This world
affects us profoundly all the time. Essential matters not understandable
by natural or scientific means — like love, beauty, God, evil, ESP …
and yes … UFO’s — are all around us. We are aware of them only
through their intrusion into our affairs, not by observation.”

Given this, the words of John Keel now sound haunting: “They have always
been right here, manipulating us, muddling our lives, festering our
beliefs in spiritual and supernatural matters,” he says.

Nobody wants to think that (as Keel has stated) that “humans are
biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scramble our
brains, destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit.” But
the fact is, thousands of people cannot be lying. Something is
here — probing people, playing with their minds, their bodies. And
whatever it is — it’s been here for a long, long time.

So each of us must ask himself: Is this whole alien abduction thing a big
cosmic joke … or is there a more sinister plot at hand? Are these
beings from other planets? Or is it our “collective unconscious?” Are
there really angels and demons? And if so, what do they want from

The answer is not easily forthcoming. But whichever scenario you may
choose, the ominous statement of John Keel must, for all but the most
diehard skeptics — ring in our ears.

“The earth is not inhabited,” says Keel. “It’s infested.”

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