The American dream. Destroyed because someone didn’t have the same dream. Destruction comes in many forms, but the greatest of all is the destruction of our ability to pursue the dream.

You own your property — or do you? The government can take it away if they want to. The Cockrells in Southaven, Mississippi, discovered that reality a few days ago. Their dream is gone. The same thing could happen to any of us.

After 12 years of fighting to prevent the local city from taking their house for an airport, the city decided to use force. They brought in massive numbers of SWAT teams who had trained extensively for this very operation.

In the dead of night they emptied the house of most, but not all of the Cockrells’ belongings, then brought in the bulldozer. What a sad day in American history.

Even if the Cockrells were legally not within their rights, for the city to take such action with no warning or notice is just not right. If the Cockrells were completely wrong, they at least deserve a little consideration. How can anyone in America feel safe in their home knowing the long arm of the law might show up one night with a bulldozer and SWAT teams?

Which reminds me of the far too many numerous stories from one end of the country to the other about police using dynamic entry warrants in the dead of night to search for drugs. More times than not, such events end in the death of an innocent victim.

The people of Kingsville, Texas, found out the dream of living in a peaceful community with safety and protection is not possible. Many were scared to death when black helicopters landed in the night with commandos firing real bullets and detonating real bombs. No notice. No warning. No apologies.

All over the country people have been reporting more and more frequent sightings of black helicopters, military convoys with machine guns mounted on vehicles, and mysterious looking compounds that some claim are prison camps.

More military exercises are planned in urban areas in the very near future. WorldNetDaily has learned about numerous training exercises that will make use of live fire in civilian cities. Necessary preparations for inevitable terrorism we are told.

Sources indicate that we are in danger. America has not done a good job of making friends. There are reportedly many groups prepared to attack, and attack soon. The military is in a frenzy trying to get ready for what they consider to be inevitable.

Some foreign entity will use a weapon of mass destruction in one or more of America’s major cities, perhaps before the year is over. Or the attack may come from within we are warned. The government seems to think there are Americans who would like nothing better than to destroy a city or two.

As if that is not enough to burst the American dream, the warnings about major disruptions over the Y2K computer bug are becoming more and more disturbing. For every warning that comes out, there are plenty of government experts ready to tell you the warning is exaggerated or untrue — reason enough to worry even more.

The news is filled with details of wars around the world. Countries on the brink of financial disaster. Natural disasters taking place at an alarming pace. Threats to our security and peace are waiting around every corner.

It is getting harder and harder to trust anyone in any level of government anymore, and the one person we need to trust more than any other is a confessed adulterer and accused rapist.

Where did it all go? What happened to the dream?

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