Good Sports. What are the best Internet sites for sports fans?
Well, Sport magazine staffers surfed through them all to pick what they
consider the top 40. The rankings, listed in the March issue, put the
best-known sports site, ESPN SportsZone,
in 13th place and popular Fox Sports at
No. 9. So who made the top five? Chosen on the basis of easy navigation
and relative lack of front-loading ads, brand names and self-promotion,
as well as the comprehensiveness and timeliness of their information
were: (1) Total Sports (where
you can follow the action of many games); (2) In the Crease — Professional Hockey
(not just NHL, but also seven other leagues); (3) Athlete Daily ( “a sports celebrity
network” that focuses on the players); (4) CNN/Sports Illustrated; and, the only
supersite to make the top five: CBS
. The site that came in last? The Sporting News.

Banish the Stickies. The computer was supposed to usher in a
paperless society. Ha! Most of us are buried under printouts and have a
host of little yellow Post-It notes stuck around the frames of our
monitors. The problem is, soon these sticky reminders fade into the
background and are easy to ignore. TurboNote has a free electronic solution
for users of Windows 95, 98 and NT. This easy-to-use software downloads
very quickly and is easy to use, allowing you to customize the size,
background color and font. A big advantage that a TurboNote has over the paper
version is that you simply double-click URLs and e-mail addresses to
access them. The downside: This is sponsored software, and the sponsor’s
URL occasionally appears at the bottom of one of your notes.

Games, Games & More Games. From the early days of the World
Wide Web, Happy Puppy has been the
place to go for games. Mac games, PC games, shareware games, reviews of
the latest games for Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation and Sega consoles and
hints on playing all kinds of computer games. A caution: Despite the
cutesy name, this isn’t a spot for young kids.

Mind Games. Did you know that Napoleon was afraid of cats?
That Winston Churchill was born in the ladies cloakroom of Blenheim
Castle, where his mother was attending a dance? That Pittsburgh is the
only city whose professional sports teams wear the same colors? How
many days before the year 3000 rolls around? You’d know if you were a
regular visitor to Useless
. This treasure-trove for trivia buffs offers a quote of
the day, fact of the day, word of the day and a weekly “imponderable.”
You never know when such arcane tidbits might come in handy!

Numbers Into Words. It was bad enough having to remember home
and office phone numbers, but now there are fax, cell phone and pager
numbers as well. Wouldn’t it be easier if those numbers were words?
Well, at PhoneSpell you enter a
phone number and it tells you all possible spellings that can be made
from those numbers. Fast, simple and fun.

Start Your Day With a Poem. One of the surprise hits of the
Net is Poetry Daily. Co-founder Don
Selby invites visitors to make good poetry a part of their day, and
several million people are doing just that.

Picking the Perfect College. The Web offers valuable resources
for parents and teens in the all-important search for the right school.
Kaplan’s College Selector
allows students to search based on their preferences and interests, and
includes links to schools’ Web sites. Filling out the detailed interview
at the Matchmaker of will take a
few minutes, but the refined search results can be worth it. Learn more
about each school under consideration at
Peterson’s, which also covers distance
learning. Access FastWeb for
information on more than 350,000 scholarships, some of which can be
applied for online.

When’s the Plane Due? You’ve got to pick someone up at the
airport, but your schedule is tight and you don’t want to hang around
waiting any longer than necessary. The’s Flight
lets you locate any plane on a flight between two major U.S.
cities that is ready to take off, is in the air or has recently landed.
With the new visual version, you can actually see where the plane is on
a U.S. map (within two or three minutes accuracy). A beta release of e-mail
flight notification
will send up to three e-mails to let people know
when your plane has landed.

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