Who can believe it, it now it looks as though we may have a serial rapist in the White House. There are reports from Drudge and others that Bill Clinton not only may have raped Juanita Broaddrick, but that his career as a sexual predator may reach as far back as his days at Oxford. Liberals, feminists and Democrats think we need to keep a rapist as President because, for reasons near as I can tell, they think Bill Clinton is the only thing standing between them and Jerry Falwell’s accusations that Tinky-Winky, the lavender Teletubby is gay. The Left is convinced, said Norman Podhoretz the other night on Hardball, that right-wing jackboots are right around the corner.

“Ten years ago,” reads a recent editorial in The New York Observer, ” if someone told you the decade would see an all-American sports superstar get away with killing his wife, and a president get away with sodomizing an intern in the Oval Office, you would have told that person they were watching too much TV.” Since then, we have borne many body blows to our national sense of right and wrong. For me, the worst of it, because it was so sickening, and because it remains so true, was expressed by Harper’s editor, Lewis Lapham, who at the time of the Simpson aquittal wrote on the cover of his magazine that “Maybe we live in a society where a sufficient force of publicity and $5 million in legal fees buy the privilege of cutting off a woman’s head.”

Next to the horror of this, even an unindicted rapist in the White House is something we can live with. When I see Bill Clinton’s handsome and compassionate face beaming out from the Rose Garden, I am often reminded of Bob Seeger’s lyric from “Hollywood Nights.” “She was born with the face that’d let her get away,” goes the song. Bill Clinton has been blessed, and the nation cursed, by his having been born with a face that’d let him get away. In psychology it is a phenomena known as the “Halo Effect” — when a person looks handsome or pretty, their goodness and virtue are assumed. But maybe O.J.Simpson and Bill Clinton are “getting away” only in the most legalistic sense. O.J. is not in jail and Bill Clinton is not ejected from office, but beyond that, who would want to trade places with them? They have destroyed their own lives, ruined their reputations, squandered their achievements, trampled the admiration and popularity that once was theirs, created suspicion in their children, lost the love of their wives, lost the sense of goodness in their souls, and have had the scorn of multitudes heaped upon them. A recent poll shows that 78 percent of the American people want our next president to have “different characteristics” than those exhibited by Bill Clinton.

The good news from corporate America reported in a recent issue of Investor’s Business Daily is that 89.6 percent of business executives and corporate CEO’s said that they would not tolerate behavior similar to Clinton’s — a senior executive having an affair with an intern in their workplaces. Sixty-seven per cent of the CEOs disagreed with the Senate’s acquittal of Clinton.

Juanita Broaddrick’s son said on Fox’s “Drudge” that another Clinton rape victim is going to go public this week. Before we fall prey to disgust and disillusionment, just remember all the people who continue to fight this man at great cost to themselves and their reputations. Even the New York Times called him a “masher,” and Al Gore and Patricia Ireland are breaking away. He really is not going to get away with it at all.

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