Democrats love to use facts and figures to silence critics. They do
this because it works. Often, the claims are complete fabrications.

Two years ago, Conservative Consensus discussed a
Washington Post Weekly report on Democratic propaganda in
national women’s magazines. Publications the Post bashed included
Redbook, Working Woman, Mademoiselle, Parenting, Glamour,
Cosmopolitan, Elle, McCalls,
and Ladies Home Journal. Here
are several extracts:

    Cosmopolitan cited a March of Dimes study that named
    battering during pregnancy as the leading cause of birth defects and
    infant mortality. March of Dimes officials say they did no such study.

    “Such nonsense helped Donna Shalala, Health and Human Services
    secretary, launch Girl Power! as a taxpayer-funded campaign based
    on such lies and run by Susan J. Blumenthal, a deputy assistant in HHS.
    Ms. Blumenthal produces ‘fact sheets’ attributing serious women’s health
    problems to ‘long-standing bias against women.’ One states: ‘An
    estimated 30 percent of emergency room visits by women each year are the
    result of injuries from domestic violence.'” [Conservative
    5 March 1997 quoting “The Democrats’ Secret Woman Weapon,”
    by Christina Hoff Sommers, 13 January 1997 Washington Post
    , p.22]

Blumenthal cited the prestigious Journal of the American
Medical Association
(JAMA) for her numbers. But when the Post
checked, they found just eleven of 648 cases in a Denver emergency room
cited by JAMA. That’s 1.7 percent.

Why lie? Well, it protects the Democrats’ cash cows:

    “Perhaps it is not so surprising, then, that Ron Fitzsimmons,
    director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers admits that he
    blatantly lied on a 1995 Nightline TV broadcast about the numbers of
    partial birth abortions performed each year. Fitzsimmons said he did not
    want to ‘stir up the pot’ when the issue was being debated on Capitol
    Hill.” [Conservative Consensus, 5 March 1997 quoting the
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 27 February 1997, p. A5]

Such lying in a bureaucracy begins at the top, where it is
condoned: In a 21 March 1995 speech, President Clinton cited FBI
statistics that a woman is battered every 12 seconds. But the FBI does
not keep statistics on domestic violence. Most people would never check:
After all, if you can’t trust the president quoting the FBI, who can you

What happens as a result of these blatant lies? Public policy is set,
laws favorable to the liars are passed or retained, honest politicians
speaking the facts lose elections, and tax dollars are lavished on pet
projects that benefit the liars and their statist agenda. We the people
bear the brunt of the “policy” and pay the taxes that line the pockets
of the liars and their mouthpieces in the Democratic Party.

All right, so the administration routinely lies about sex, violence,
abortion and the FBI. We know that on the really important thing we in
America all agree about — money — the government would never lie,
right? That’s why I believe Clinton administration reports that in the
most recent economic quarter the American economy grew at an annual rate
of over six percent. And that’s true, even when The Economist notes
these concerns about deflation in the world:

    “Oil prices have more than halved since the start of 1997; in the
    past two years, The Economist’s index of industrial-commodity
    prices has fallen by 30 percent. In real terms commodity prices are at
    their lowest since this index was first published a century and a half
    ago. …

    “Producer prices have also fallen over the past 12 months in 14 of
    the 15 rich industrial economies. … Consumer prices have fallen over
    the past year in Switzerland, Sweden, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
    … In America, for example, the average price of goods has fallen over
    the past year, but the prices of services have risen by 2.5 percent, to
    produce an overall (measured) consumer-price inflation rate of 1.6
    percent. … China has 40 percent excess capacity in manufacturing. [20
    February 1999 p. 19]

“Now I want you to listen to me, America. …” wag — wag —
wag. “I did not short the U.S. stock market.”

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