By Kaye Corbett
© 1999

VERNON, BC — An estimated 1.8 million babies have been aborted in
Canada since its legalization on May 14, 1969, and to one prominent
Vernon doctor “it’s a crime.” Vernon is a small city in the interior of
Canada’s most western province.

The Canadian medic, who asked not to be named, appeared shocked when
asked if he had ever performed an abortion. It was a logical question
since he’s associated with an area hospital where more than 400 children
are aborted annually, according to Giselle Wood of Abortion Recovery

“That’s more than one a day,” explained Wood, adding, “In perspective
it would mean a half or three-quarters of the local high school would be
wiped out a year.”

Some 15,000 are “killed” annually throughout BC, the highest abortion
rate in Canada.

“Through our MSP (BC’s medical plan) $1 million is given to each
abortion clinic annually for overhead costs and another $300,000 for
abortion/contraceptive education,” explained Wood, adding that the
“gifts” didn’t include doctors’ fees.

Canada’s estimated population of 29 million people is almost
miniscule in comparison with the 275 million in the U.S.; however,
Canada has wiped out an estimated 1.8 million while the Americans have
aborted 30 million since 1973.

Both nations are a disgrace.

Holding up a poster picture of a baby, Wood, a pro-life advocate,
pointed out the startling words, “Kill her now, it’s murder — kill her
five minutes ago, it’s abortion.”

Her perspective is unique because Woods’ birthmother had to be
persuaded into “keeping” her baby, who was named Giselle at birth.

“Because someone spoke for me, my birthmother made the choice to let
me live,” she emphasized. “I want to be a voice for those who have no
I’m also involved because I also know that abortion is the taking of a
human life and murder is wrong.”

She pointed out that abortion devalues human life and “from God’s
point of view it is the shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16).”

The Abortion Recovery Canada activist also displayed photographs of
18-week pre-born child in a little sac of amniotic fluid, sucking her

“Any child can see that she’s living because she’s growing … that’s
she’s a human being, not another kind of being. How can it possibly be
OK to kill her?”

However, there are differing views concerning abortion as one mature
Canadian woman — Louise (not her real name) — stated.

“I had an abortion when I was 17, so, of course, I’m Pro Choice,”
Louise explained. “The only person I had to answer to was ‘My Savior.’ I
feel that He gave me a mind to control other aspects of my life which
affect my everyday concerns and He knew I had thought out every possible
avenue on the abortion issue as well. It is a very personal choice. I
don’t believe it should be used as a form of birth control … never.

“But if a person has been raped or is at a tender age (whether that
be 16 or 45), then I believe the health professionals totally understand
the woman’s right to choose — such as understanding the woman’s right
to be the best parent they can be, do the best for raising the child,
and take into all other aspects including the health of the mother
and/or child. Usually the people against abortion are (in general) men,
who never experience any of the feelings and emotions that go along with
being told you are pregnant and then dedicating nine months of their
body to the development.

“They usually are involved in the scenario of leaving the woman to
fend for herself, just look at the ratio of ‘dead beat dads,’ who don’t
pay child support, etc. If they took the commitment of pregnancy as
seriously as the woman, I think things might be different. Where are
they when the babies are born and further on as the children grow, where
are they to help pay for their education, etc., usually fathering more
children in another relationship, is that fair to the child?

“I believe that if roles were reversed and men became pregnant
instead of women, there would be a lot less pregnancies, and even if
there weren’t men would be fighting for ‘Pro Choice.’ They wouldn’t
allow anyone to infringe on their rights.

“I believe when a couple gets together and finds out they are
childless and/or unable to produce children, most likely it is the woman
of the union that decides whether they will adopt or not. Men go along
with what the woman wants because the woman as the mother has the role
for life and takes it very seriously. How many single men do you know go
out and adopt?

“I believe the world would be a better place if people stopped trying
to play ‘God,’ and let ‘Our Lord’ look after that Himself. If pro-choice
is wrong, then God will punish you, but I was taught, God is a loving
and forgiving God and will understand our errors, and that is what I
continue to believe.”

However, Wood was emphatic about her right to speak out against
abortion, but that didn’t mean “chaining ourselves to (abortion)

“Anyone standing for life is called anti-abortion or anti-choice, an
enemy of a woman’s rights and the first to be accused when an
abortionist is shot,” said Wood. “God said this would happen and in
Isaiah 59, to a nation who has turned their backs on God: ‘Their deeds
are evil deeds and acts of violence in their hands. Their feet rush into
sin; they are swift to shed innocent blood. Justice is driven back. …
Truth is nowhere to be found and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.'”

The pro-life activist was appalled by the sentences given animal
killers and the value put on animals and those put on human beings.

A Wisconsin man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for beating five
cats to death while a college student from Wilmington, Delaware, gave
birth to a child in a motel room and had her boyfriend place the child
in a garbage bag and thrown in a dumpster. She got 2 1/2 years.

Wood pointed out the errors of the pro-choice movement while
explaining that “little miracles” occur during the nine months of
pregnancy: 1) At six weeks, the brain waves can now be recorded. 2)
First movements occur. 3)
The blood system is circulating — separate from the mother. 4) Muscles
begin working. 5) Fingers and toes take definite shape.

Then at eight weeks: The baby is the size of your thumb. He/she can
grasp or hold on to an instrument. The complete skeletal structure is in
place. Every organ is in place, and teethbuds appear as fingerprints are
engraved on the skin.

At 10 weeks: Sucking action begins. Fingers/toes now perfectly

At 11 weeks: All internal organs are functioning.

At 12 weeks (three months): All bones have calcified. The child
breathes, swallows, digest, and a sleeping pattern is established.

“Doesn’t sound like a blob of tissues,” stated Wood.

The dilemma concerning abortion still rages on both sides of the
Canada-U.S. border.

There are few voices for the child in both nations and the would-be
mother — who must face the loss of the child, loss of dreams, loss of
future with child, and loss of relationships (boyfriend).

Besides the religious issue, there are human rights issues at stake,
and in the meantime, professional doctors are paying their green fees by
“murdering” our babies.

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