If you feared that Bill and his supporters would get away with murder when the Senate refused to remove him from office, don’t you worry. In the real world, there are always consequences for one’s actions. Bill may be a master of spin, but now that the Senate trial is over, he has lost control of the dial.

Last week, Mrs. Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill of raping her 21 years ago.
Bill would like to deny her accusations, but he has to keep silent. You see, the statue of limitations has run in the Broaddrick case. If, however, Bill denies Mrs. Broaddrick’s allegations, she can sue him for libel and slander and force him to testify under oath. So all the master of spin can do is bite his tongue. Such is the life of the inhabitants of Dante’s purgatory.

Hillary told us that Bill’s problems were the result of a “vast right wing conspiracy to destroy her husband.” Did the right wing force him to have sex with hundreds of women during your marriage? Did the right wing force him to have sex with Monica while you and your daughter were down the hall? Did the right wing force Bill to lie to the world?

Al Gore desperately wants to be our next president. Instead of siding with the forces of good, he steadfastly refused to turn on Bill Clinton. In fact, when the House impeached Bill, Al told the world that “Clinton is one of the best presidents America has ever had.” Al made a pact with the devil. His price will be that he will never obtain the one thing he covets more than truth, honor, or justice.

When the Good Lord created the universe, good and evil were part of the package. God could have made things easy for us by not creating evil. However, God wanted each of us to decide if we would do the right thing for the right reason even when no one was looking. God said that the only way we would find salvation was to resist temptation, fight evil, and overcome tragedy.

Whether we like it or not, evil will always be a part of our lives. If we do our best, we can make things rough for the forces of evil. But we humans will never be able to declare victory over evil. Only God has that power, and God has shown no indication that we are going to be let off the hook any time soon.

Think about the brilliance of this plan. Would anything be sweet if nothing was bitter? Would joy be as special if we hadn’t experienced sadness? Would we value those who are good if we didn’t have to confront the horror of those who are evil? Would we appreciate the miracle of life if we didn’t have to die?

Liberals and fascists want governments to make people do the right thing under threat of imprisonment. However, when a government attempts to replace personal responsibility with state coercion, evil triumphs. Just look at what happened in the Soviet Union and South Africa.

The Communists and Afrikaners created totalitarian police states that told people what to do. They denied four generations of Soviets and South Africans their God-given right to make moral choices for themselves. Now that the state police have lost their power, both countries are experiencing an explosion of evil and violence. These countries will continue their slow, sad decent into a living hell until their people learn how to choose good over evil without a police officer looking over their shoulder. As bad as things may be in this country, most Americans still know that they have to take personal responsibility for their actions.

I had not planned to watch the Barbara Walters’ interview of Monica Lewinsky Wednesday night, but I’m glad that I did. ABC spent more than three hours exposing the “real” Bill Clinton. Barbara Walters’ hard questions and obvious disgust for Bill Clinton has stunned Clinton supporters. Ted Koppel’s searing indictment of Clinton’s web of lies and deceptions has exposed Clinton as a man of all style and no substance. Monica’s unrepentant, valueless, and empty soul opened a window into Bill Clinton’s soul that Bill wanted to hide.

Seventy-five million Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the world learned about the real Bill Clinton from his unrepentant mistress. On Wednesday night, we reaffirmed that the people’s right to know is the only thing that will keep politicians from stealing our freedom.

How many countries would have allowed a television program to expose its leader as a sex addict, serial adulterer, and conniving actor? How many countries would have allowed Barbara Walters to ask, “I wonder what he was thinking when he was lying to all of us?”

In one of God’s sweet ironies, Bill and Monica’s story has rekindled an interest in religion and morality. Bill and Monica’s story has forced parents to talk to their children about adultery, telling the truth, and taking responsibility for their acts. Bill and Monica’s story has even forced Americans to take our elected representatives off of their pedestal and to put them back on the ground where they belong.

My friends, the battle for America’s soul is far from over. In fact, this is a battle that will never end. We will never permanently defeat evil. We will always have to make difficult choices, and that is exactly how God wants it.

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