Genocide. That’s what the American-NATO bombing of Serbia is all
about, our government officials and the establishment press tell us.

The ethnic Albanians in Kosovo were just minding their own business,
hoping and praying for independence from the mean Serbs, and now they
are being victimized, killed, run out of their land.

But this wasn’t always the spin put on this 600-year-old struggle in
the Balkans.

I take you back to a page one story in The New York Times dated Nov.
1, 1987.

Yes, it’s true that even then Serbs were talking about the
possibility of a civil war with the independence-minded ethnic Albanian
population. But the atrocities leading to such discussions were all
perpetrated by today’s “victims.” The victims then were ethnic Slavs.
The killing was being orchestrated by Kosovars. The refugees a decade
ago were Serbs being run out of their land.

Here are some excerpts from an on-the-scene dispatch by reporter
David Binder:

  • “A young army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his
    barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six

  • “The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic
    Albanian cells in its ranks.”

  • “Ethnic Albanians in the government have manipulated public funds
    and regulations to take over land belonging to Serbs.”

  • “Slavic Orthodox churches have been attacked, and flags been torn
    down. Wells have been poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been
    knifed, and some ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape
    Serbian girls.”

  • “The goal of the radical nationalists among them, one said in an
    interview, is an ‘ethnic Albania that includes western Macedonia,
    southern Montenegro, part of southern Serbia, Kosovo and Albania
    itself.’ That includes large chunks of the republics that make up the
    southern half of Yugoslavia.”

  • “Other ethnic Albanian separatists admit to a vision of a greater
    Albania governed from Pristina in southern Yugoslavia rather than
    Tirana, the capital of neighboring Albania.”

  • “As Slavs flee the protracted violence, Kosovo is becoming what
    ethnic Albanian nationalists have been demanding for years, and
    especially strongly since the bloody rioting by ethnic Albanians in
    Pristina in 1981 — an ‘ethnically pure’ Albanian region, a ‘Republic of
    Kosovo’ in all but name.”

  • “The violence, a journalist in Kosovo said, is escalating to ‘the
    worst in the last seven years.'”

  • “‘We’ve already lost western Macedonia to the Albanians,’ said a
    member of the Yugoslav party presidium, explaining that the ethnic
    minority had driven the Slavic Macedonians out of the region.”

  • “Last summer, the authorities in Kosovo said they documented 40
    ethnic Albanian attacks on Slavs in two months.”

  • “In one incident, Fadil Hoxha, once the leading politician of
    ethnic Albanian origin in Yugoslavia, joked at an official dinner in
    Prizen last year that Serbian women should be used to satisfy potential
    ethnic Albanian rapists. After his quip was reported this October,
    Serbian women in Kosovo protested, and Mr. Hoxha was dismissed from the
    Communist Party.”

  • “Officials in Belgrade view the ethnic Albanian challenge as
    imperiling the foundations of the multinational experiment called
    federal Yugoslavia, which consists of six republics and two provinces.”

  • “High-ranking officials have spoken if the ‘Lebanonizing’ of their
    country and have compared its troubles to the strife in Northern

  • “The federal secretary for national defense, Fleet Adm. Branko
    Mamula, told the army’s party organization in September of efforts by
    ethnic Albanians to subvert the armed forces. ‘Between 1981 and 1987 a
    total of 216 illegal organizations with 1,435 members of Albanian
    nationality were discovered in the Yugoslav People’s Army,’ he said.
    Admiral Mamula said ethnic Albanian subversives had been preparing for
    ‘killing officers and soldiers, poisoning food and water, sabotage,
    breaking into weapons arsenals and stealing arms and ammunition,
    desertion and causing flagrant nationalist incidents in army units.'”

  • “While 200,000 Serbs and Montenegrins still live in the province,
    they are scattered and lack cohesion. In the last seven years, 20,000 of
    them have fled the province, often leaving behind farmsteads and houses,
    for the safety of the Slavic north.”

This very recent history has been all but overlooked in the
jingoistic war-mongering by President Clinton and his pals in NATO
leadership. Where were they a decade ago when the shoe was on the other

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t take sides in the Balkans dispute
between Serbs and Albanians, between Croats and Serbs, between Bosnian
Muslims and ethic Slavs. It’s an ugly history that dates back much
further than 1981. But, unlike Americans, the people of the Balkans have
long memories. And no matter what the degenerate propaganda media tell
you today while beating their war drums, this conflict is much more
complicated than black-hat Serbs beating up on white-hat Kosovars.

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