No matter how you slice it, the critical judgment of Americans is severely impaired.

I have been watching the polls like everyone else since the start of the U.S. NATO aggression against Serbia and scratching my head wondering how it is possible that so many Americans support an illegal, immoral, incomprehensible, nonsensical war. Like many others, I assumed the polls must be rigged by the war-crazed establishment press that conducts them.

So I decided last week we would conduct our own unbiased public opinion survey, with the help of the respected pollster John Zogby. The results were not encouraging for anyone hopeful Americans can hold on to the ideals that made their country free and independent.

It seems Americans now believe they have a right — perhaps even a duty — to impose their will on a sovereign nation, even when the civil conflict has no direct bearing on the vital interests of our nation. Americans believe the president has the power to direct such military action unilaterally, without the approval of Congress and the assent of the people. Americans, by a slim majority, even believe President Clinton, despite all his many moral and ethical shortcomings, and his failure to serve the military when called, is capable of directing such action.

Watching the effects of 30 years of the deliberate dumbing-down of a people is not a pretty sight. Americans are now certifiably insane. They are crazy. They are suffering a mass psychosis. They have lost their own ability to discern right from wrong.

According to the WorldNetDaily/Zogby survey conducted last week, Americans conclude Bill Clinton possesses the moral authority and character to lead the United States and its military through a protracted engagement in the Balkans. True, it’s hardly a mandate to wage war, with the majority representing only 50.2 percent. But it’s still shocking to me. I don’t meet people on a daily basis who believe that. I hear from them by e-mail. I see them on talking-head shows. But I don’t meet real Americans who believe that — so I assumed they represented a small minority of the population.

It turns out the polls conducted by CNN, Washington Post, ABC, Time, and the rest are not out of line. Americans can no longer think for themselves. Their minds have been co-opted by government propaganda. This is an extremely dangerous development for the well-being of our nation.

In analyzing the results of the key question, Zogby said, “It still wasn’t a substantial vote of confidence. I mean, the country is almost evenly split on whether or not he has the moral authority, and that suggests a president whose wings have been fairly clipped.”

Not clipped enough, Mr. Zogby. Not nearly enough.

The poll also found that 53.9 percent of those polled believe that the bombing of civilian infrastructure targets in Yugoslavia, such as water and power supplies, is justified. It should be pointed out that Zogby added some, in my opinion, “loaded words” to the question as originally phrased by WorldNetDaily. He asked if such bombing was justified to “save lives.” Nevertheless, given the response to the first question, I don’t think the results would be dramatically different without that phrase.

Democrats and Republicans alike agreed with the idea that the bombings are justified — even after seeing the effects of the bombings and the resultant increase in civilian deaths.

Zogby says the numbers are understandable in light of what most Americans have been seeing through media coverage of the war.

“What they were seeing was Americans being taken hostage, tens of thousands of people being dislocated somewhere between ‘no-man’s land’ and Macedonia, and a defiant Milosevic,” Zogby said. “Within this context, I think that it’s fairly easy to see why a majority would say, ‘Go for it.'”

I was more hopeful that Americans were smarter than that.

Finally, only 23.9 percent of those surveyed believe Clinton ordered the bombing attacks as a distraction from the growing Chinagate scandal. Another 64 percent did not believe that was a factor.

Other surveys show this slim majority breaking down should Americans begin suffering serious casualties in the Balkans war. In other words, they approve of a war in which we inflict death and destruction on others, but will not accept any sacrifice themselves. If that is not a surreal and arrogant expectation of war, I don’t know what is.

Have you ever watched a nation go mad before? I guess America has the leadership it deserves.

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