Blueprint for NWO dissolution of U.S. on trial run in Serbia. …
Secret world government disallows all other nationalism. … No-win war
in offing. … Forget Social Security; U.S. Debt to Extrapolate to
Infinity under Clinton Strategy. … Charitable/equitable solutions
blown away by psychotic prez. … Want to know more? keep reading. …

While the American public is being made “poll sensitive,” slowly
herded and lulled to quiescence through pitiful, emotive footage of
refugees, all conditioning needed to accept the coming ground war, some
very critical issues and their ramifications are being completely
overlooked by the mainstream politicos and media.

Perhaps the most startling issue revolves around Clinton’s challenge
of the rights of sovereign nations to decide what goes on within their
borders and who within them is entitled to the rights of citizenship.

It seems that a new international precedent and institution is being
established — as yet still undefined either legislatively or
organizationally — which will now supersede in power all other
established international entities in authority. But what and where is

What we are seeing, in fact, is a repeat of the decades-old
contention within our own nation — the struggle between states’ rights
and the ever-encroaching Federal establishment. In this case, however,
the struggle is being played out between a sovereign nation and what,
for lack of better words, has the mark of a secret world government.

To illustrate this hypothesis of a secret world government, all one
needs to do is ask a few simple questions. First, under what authority
are we now dictating the solutions to the internal problems of sovereign
nations? There is NO supreme world government, as yet known, recognized
with such jurisdiction and mandate over its member components — or is
there? If so, where is it located and who elected it?

The current military action against Serbia over Kosovo has NOT been
approved by the UN Security Council — thus ruling out the sanction of
that august body as the legal underwriter of these bombings. Now, what
about NATO?

Wasn’t NATO a purely defensive alliance formed during the Cold War
solely chartered to defend Western Europe from an attack by the now
defunct Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies– many of whom are now
members! Was Serbia ever a member of the Warsaw Pact and has Serbia ever
attacked, threatened, or invaded any member of NATO? No, it has not.
Finally, even Clinton is not denying that Serbia holds a clear title to
its Kosovo province … not having it taken away from anyone.

So what exactly is going on here, folks, and under what higher
authority is it being justified? One should also include the U.S.
Congress while considering newly redundant, misused, or impotent
organizations whose powers are now superseded by the new secret world
government. Didn’t the now-neutered U.S. Congress at one time have to
vote to approve funding for U.S. military operations and foreign wars
before a president could launch one? Does this mean that we the people
no longer have a say?

Apart from the confusion of legality over Clinton’s Kosovo policy,
Clinton’s actions have even more sinister implications. Extrapolated to
their full logical consequences in a society where decisions are based
upon legal precedent, the same application of logic will ultimately
sanction the break-up of the United States!

Take, for example, our Mexican amigos to the south, long grumbling
about the Treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo which at gunpoint stripped the
southwestern territories away from Mexico in 1849. Keeping all this in
mind, surely folks in Tijuana are taking heart at the possibilities this
represents for rectifying not-so-ancient wrongs.

What, therefore, will happen when the so-called “Nation of Aztlan,”
that virulently anti-Semitic and Anglo-hating reconquista movement which
on its website has recently applauded the coming demise of the white
race, is finally able to garnish 51 percent of the vote in California?
Fantasy? Well, wait five years, gringos!

But if and when it happens, will we object to their de facto
secession and send them all back across the Pecos a la “Turner Diaries”?
Or, under the New World Clinton plan, will we merely sign over the deed
to southern California, all the while flagellating ourselves for our
historical injustices, the “white racism” of our forefathers while
praising the sanctity of majority rule? The fact is, the United States
— which may soon have to face the same dilemma as Serbia — is itself
rapidly becoming another Balkan State! Time to wake up, people.

That is only one of the precedent-setting legal ramifications of the
Clinton policy. But what about the other more near-term options for
managing this conflict to a sound resolution now that we have put one
foot in this mess? Serbia has not rolled over dead and cried out for
mercy yet, nor is ever likely to, while Serbian determination not to
give up a part of their historic nation to a non-Serbian minority within
their frontiers (which no longer resides there) has only strengthened
resistance. So now what? Will we keep bombing the Serbs for one more
month, two more, six more, or for ten years as we did the North
Vietnamese? Also, considering the source of the message (our president)
can we also believe his statement that no ground forces will be sent in?

Meanwhile, a quarter of the river commerce in Europe is stalled on
barges stuck behind the toppled bridges now blocking the Danube — thus
putting all of Europe hostage to this madness!

With the bombing having the opposite effect of what was predicted,
what are the other options? Only a few, folks, besides just walking
away. One being an invasion force attacking Serbia to wrest away a
segment of that sovereign state and make it safe for the nascent
Albanian/Muslim nation that would surely be born there. Of course, given
our depleted Army, such a force could take four months to a year to
assemble for battle. And that’s if the Germans lend us a few divisions
of theirs to go along, too. Talk about bad JuJu: when the Cross of
Lorraine on Panzers is seen blasting away at Serb villages again! A
spiritual rebirth of Prussia could be another ill-intended effect. What
is Clinton thinking?

Then what? What will he do, invade? Clinton has not said that he
actually wants an independent Kosovarian, Muslim nation either — but
rather just that the Serbs be kinder and gentler towards the Kosovar
Muslims! “You keep title to the land but we’ll keep an army there to
protect it from you.” Wow! No wonder Milosevic told us to go to hell!

OK, so we finally invade the place after months of bombing– what’s
left? After we’ve finished “liberating” the place, after the Serbian
scorched earth policy has run its course, there may not be a single
structure standing for any refugee to move back into. Who, then is going
to feed and house all those jobless Albanians while protecting them from
the return of the Serbs?

And then what? Assuming the American public gets suckered into paying
the Butcher’s bill in blood and treasure to occupy Kosovo — but the
invasion into greater Serbia goes no further. Will the United States
then keep an army deployed for the next 500 years there to “protect” the
tiny Kosovar province from the Serbs whom we currently openly admit
really own it? Considering that the Serbs have long, long memories —
still not having gotten over what the Turks did to them in 1356 or
whenever it was — a protracted American stay is likely.

Another alternative is to go all the way and attack, destroy, and
occupy all of Serbia — after first, of course, reducing the population
to the level of the Haitians with a starvation embargo — a favorite
Clinton tactic. Then establish a one-world kangaroo court to award
Milosevic and associates their Nuremburg neckties while the U.N.
reprograms the next 3 generations of Serbian children with PC
indoctrination about the evils of ethnocentric behavior and homophobia,
or whatever we currently stand for. Of course the operation would be
considered a final “success” when all Serbian women abort their fetuses,
the men become gay, or when they start to love and marry Albanians and
convert to Islam! C’mon, folks — this thing, if pursued, will never go

Disturbingly, the attitude of the Clinton Administration is
reminiscent of a clause from that psychotic, prophetic, but long since
discredited document entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
which states in part, “No other nationalism but our own will be
tolerated.” Dismissed as they were decades ago, today we must suffer the
sheer arrogance and hypocrisy of those in Washington who mimic such an
arrogant Machiavellian mindset.

So what is going on here folks, what errant nonsense are we now being
fed by the Clinton administration which has no regard for domestic or
international legal procedure? Enough is enough! Everyone — not only
the people of the United States — needs to raise concerned voices and
ask in unison — who, and by what right, is this unchartered power
manifesting itself under Bill Clinton, imposing its will in this drama,
and for what ultimate purpose?

Meanwhile, there is much talk about “degrading” Serbia’s defenses.
Indeed the physical damage to that nation’s economy and infrastructure
may be severe while Clinton’s ultimate goal is to reduce that proud
nation to economic destitution and starvation as he did to Haiti — such
is his administration’s hatred for patriotic peoples who love their
culture and reject NWO internationalism.

There was a time when the U.S. military served the proud function of
defending the United States and free sovereign nations from
international communism. Today, however, our reconstituted PC military
is being misused to either operate as an international Meals on Wheels
or destroy nations that reject the dictates of Bill Clinton’s “secret
world government” and its NWO internationalism.

From a patriot’s perspective, the only entity currently being
degraded is the U.S. military itself. Remember the lesson of My Lai?
Were we not once told that it’s OK for soldiers to disobey orders from
higher-ups which are criminal and immoral? Would not the current
commander-in-chief have led that chorus back in ’68? If our bombs start
to fall off target, could it only be due to budget cuts and the
resultant scaled-down training?

As far as the American taxpayers are concerned, well, forget about
the balanced budget — if it really existed to begin with — or using
that “surplus” to “save” Social Security. It’s already been spent. If
the Republicans manage to retake the White House, they’ll be left with a
military and fiscal mess … the true legacy of William Jefferson
Clinton. That’s if he doesn’t invoke executive power during some staged
crisis and cancel the next election so he can further subvert due
process and remain in power indefinitely.

Finally, is there a way out of the Kosovo quagmire, a truly humane
solution that also elevates the United States? Yes, I believe, yes.

You see, what is really going on in Serbia is a sort of national
divorce. Face it, the Serbs and Albanians have irreconcilable
differences and as in many failed marriages that lead to divorce, one
partner keeps the house, and the other gets thrown out.

Thus, rather than try to make them love one another through bombing,
killing, and maiming, we need to accept the current, de facto realities
of Kosovo, the current fait-accomplis of expulsion, and admit the
Albanians are O-U-T. Tragic and disrupted as their lives are — they are
out. Out like the two million Palestinian Arabs who can never return to
their homeland in what is now Israel. Out like the 8 million Germans
expelled from Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia in 1945 — out like the
American Indian.

In light of this tragic reality, a charitable solution to this
disaster would be most in order. Treat it like any other natural
disaster. Say we just pass around the international begging bowl —
especially to some of those oil-rich Muslim sheikdoms who are flush with
petro-dollars and owe us so much for their freedom — and raise about
$12 billion dollars. The money would then be used to build thousands of
condos and houses, schools and hospitals for the refugees along
Albania’s beautiful Adriatic coast.

The cash infusion and the building boom alone would jump-start
Albania’s moribund economy and get the region out of the 18th century
and into the 21st! Will it work? Sure, that’s about how much the U.S.
Congress provided to construct housing for the one-million Russian Jews
who decided to relocate to Israel a few years ago after the collapse of
the Soviet Union. The program worked fine — the immigrants are
adjusting well and we did not even have to hit Tel Aviv with Cruise
Missiles to get them to give up a piece of the West Bank!

Think about it, folks: the U.S. would again become a good guy,
restored by example to the highest estimation amongst nations by leading
such selfless gestures of international charity and good will, while old
poobahs like Milosevic would become pariahs. The United States, on the
other hand, would not be making enemies through such exemplary acts, and
would earn a respect it can never achieve through threats, intimidation,
and “collateral” child carnage. We could still “save” Social Security,

As for the Serbian “rape camps for new recruits” — hard to believe
that has raised anything more than an Arkansas chuckle at the White
House. (“Gosh, shazzam, if we’d had those back in ’68, why ah’d be
wearing a Bronze Star today! Yuk, yuk.”)

C’mon, folks, think about it. This whole thing is a no-brainer!

Joel A Ruth, MA in History, lived in Central Europe for more than a
decade, has worked, lived, or traveled in over 50 countries, and
frequently writes about national and international issues.

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