Clinton and NATO assure us that bombing civilian and military targets
in Serbia will force Milosevic to stop killing Kosovar Albanians. They
promise that if we just give them a few more weeks, Kosovar Albanians
can return home to lives of peace and prosperity. They want us to
believe that a few weeks of NATO bombs can end political and religious
warfare that has consumed the Balkans for centuries.

Bill Clinton is treating Yugoslavia the same way LBJ treated Vietnam
two decades ago. NATO’s strategy for Yugoslavia bears an uncanny
resemblance to what the Soviets tried in Afghanistan a decade ago. Both
wars taught us that you can’t bomb a country into submission. Both wars
taught us that you can’t win with ground troops … unless you give the
military complete freedom to win at all costs. What could possibly
possess NATO to believe that two months or two years of bombing will do
in Yugoslavia what five and fifteen years of bombing and ground warfare
failed to do in Afghanistan and Vietnam?

After less than a month of bombing, we are almost out of cruise
missiles, have no carriers in Asian waters, and have so depleted our
military that we will have to call up reserves just to continue bombing.
What happens if North Korea attacks South Korea? Oh by the way, Russia
is sending more war ships to the region. Help me out here: is it Russia
or Yugoslavia that has thousands of unaccounted for nuclear devices?
Will turmoil in the Balkans affect Russia or Western Europe first?

NATO has adopted a new strategy of going after civilian targets. NATO
and Clinton are acting like schoolyard bullies who are angry that they
didn’t get their way. Now there are really going to let the Serbs have
it. Oh how sweet are the rewards that the Serbs have received for siding
with the Allies in WW II. First we abandoned them to the Godless
Communists. Now, NATO is raining death down on civilians from the sky.

NATO claims that all it wants to do is remove Milosevic from power.
Well, where were Clinton and NATO when hundreds of thousands of Serbs
took to the street to protest the Butcher of the Balkans? We now know
that Clinton refused to provide funds for Milosevic’s opposition. NATO’s
reward for Serb opposition to Milosevic is to destroy the homes,
businesses, factories, roads, bridges, power plants, refineries, water
works of Serbia. How is the cause of Kosovar Albanian safety served by
killing Serbs who opposed Milosevic? Who will look to the west in the
future, given NATO’s record of betrayal?

Last week I asked why NATO did nothing to help the Serbs when the
Croats started “cleansing” them from Krajina. Tuesday, PBS’ ***The News
Hour with Jim Lehrer*** ran an excellent
piece about what happened in Krajina. In 1995, the world stood by while
the Croatian Army evicted 350,000 Serbs from lands that they had lived
in since the fourth century. Today, the unanswered question regarding
ethnic cleansing in the Balkans remains. Why were the Serbs of Krajina
less deserving of protection than the Albanians of Kosovo? The News Hour
piece concluded with this chilling exchange:


    KRAJINAN SERB IN THE US: Milosevic deserves to be killed from
    Serbs, but Kosovo is another question.

    NEWS HOUR REPORTER: What’s that mean?

    KRAJINAN SERB IN THE US: Kosovo is a — Kosovo is Serbian matter, a
    matter of Serbian people, not Milosevic matter. We can’t give up Kosovo
    just like that.


I pray for the good people of the Balkans and NATO whom we
condemn to die for something that war cannot change.

One result of the current instability in the Balkans is that NATO now
has several protectorates that “justify” its existence for the next
fifty years. Because of their dirty little war, NATO troops will never
leave Bosnia or the rest of the Balkans in our lifetimes. NATO now
controls the airport, the air space and the military protection of
Albania. NATO won’t leave Europe’s poorest and most undeveloped country
after their war ends. I also predict that NATO will help the Yugoslavian
province of Montenegro break away from Serbia.

If this wasn’t bad enough, NATO’s war will rekindle the movement for
the creation of a
“Greater Albania.” During WW II, Albania included Kosovo, Macedonia and
Montenegro. After the war, political lines were drawn without regard to
ethnic kinships. Many Albanians want to go back to the old set-up. Can
you spell “more ethnic cleansing?”

However, NATO probably cannot stop there. NATO will also have to
partially occupy
Macedonia to keep Greece from getting worried that the Balkan war will
spread to Greece, a NATO country. All of this will be monstrously
expensive, will prevent the people of the Balkans from resolving their
own problems for decades to come and will guarantee that the killing
will go on much longer than it should.

At the end of the day, the only solution to the instability in the
Balkans is to give all sides the weapons they need to protect themselves
and then step back until they sort it out themselves. Once they tire of
killing each other, we can then come in and invest in the economic
growth of the region so that its people won’t be so terribly poor. This
may not seem humanitarian on the surface, but I ask you this. Has our
four decades-old policy in Korea helped or hurt the millions of North
Koreans whom their government has starved to death?

Clinton wants Congress to give him an additional $4,000,000,000 to
continue his war.
Wouldn’t a $4,000,000,000 investment in the economic development of
Yugoslavia have been a much better use of our money?

NATO’s war reminds me of a frightening definition of insanity.
Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again … and expect a
different result.

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