Several of my readers believe that Bill Clinton wants to be the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. They do not believe that he will ride off into the sunset in his mid-fifties, never to exercise political power on a global stage again. They remember the aborted attempt of former Mexican President Salinas to become Secretary-General. They believe that NATO’s war on Yugoslavia is part of Clinton’s plan to stay in power for the rest of his life.

This weekend, NATO will celebrate its 50th anniversary. According to Thursday’s World Tribune:

The United States seeks to use the weekend NATO summit to elicit a commitment from alliance members to be prepared to engage in future conflicts outside their region, U.S. officials said.

Summit leaders will discuss an American initiative that will allow NATO to respond to threats of nuclear weapons or non conventional terrorism from countries outside Europe or the United States, officials said. The initiative will develop joint logistics and improve interoperability command, control, and communications facilities, and develop detection of chemical and biological weapons.

According the Thursday’s New York Times:

“Kosovo has brought NATO into the never-never land,” said David Gompert, vice president of Rand who was on the National Security Council in the Bush administration. “It has brought us into a situation where a regime that slaughters its own people is no longer sovereign and where the United Nations Security Council is no longer a requirement.”

Gompert said that “If NATO cracks and as a consequence fails in Kosovo,” there would be a new realignment of the Western allies. In essence, he said, an “unprepared” Europe would be left to take care of the defense of Europe and the United States would turn almost exclusively to the defense of Asia.

What does the war in Yugoslavia have to do with Clinton and the U.N.? An evaluation of key foreign policy decisions of the Clinton Administration exposes a disturbing pattern.

In 1992, Strobe Talbot, who is now Clinton’s No. 2 National Security Advisor, said the idea of a nation-state didn’t make sense anymore. Once he became president, Clinton supported the Convention on Bio-diversity that they produced at the U.N.-sponsored Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The treaty treated America as an ecological miscreant and protected third world countries that are destroying their rain forests. In 1995, Hillary lead a delegation to the U.N.’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. This conference proposed new U.N. guaranteed rights for children. One of these “rights” would allow the U.N. to remove your child from your home if your 10-year-old didn’t want to obey you. In 1997, the Clinton Administration supported the Kyoto global warming treaty. This treaty demands that America waste hundreds of billions of dollars on initiatives that would have no impact on global warming. However, it allows China and other massive polluters to get away scot-free.

In 1998, the Clinton Administration supported creation of an International Criminal Court in Rome. The International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty says that the U.N. can enter any nation and remove its leader if the U.N. decides that the leader is a “war criminal.” It also creates a permanent criminal prosecutor’s office. Clinton’s reps backed away from the treaty when supporters of the ICC claimed that it could overrule decisions of the United States Supreme Court.

Throughout Clinton’s administration, global government advocates have complained that the UN didn’t have enough money to carry out its “important work.” They have supported creating a global income tax, taxing all international banking transactions, taxing all stock market transactions, and taxing all proceeds of underseas mining. The tax on international banking transactions alone would generate a trillion dollars for the U.N.

How does this fit with a campaign for Clinton to head the U.N.? Simple. It only takes a majority vote of the United Nation’s General Assembly to elect a Secretary-General and each nation gets one vote. That means that the vote of St. Kitts and Nevis, which has a population of 42,291 and an area that is one-and-a-half the size of Washington, D.C., is equal to the vote of the United States of America. Many of Clinton’s foreign policy decisions have aided and abetted the interests of other nations at the expense of America’s security. These nations will vote on the next Secretary-General.

If the move to change NATO’s charter succeeds, it wouldn’t take much for it to become the military arm of the U.N. If the move to give the U.N. independent taxing authority succeeds, the U.N. would become a global government with unprecedented power and wealth. And Bill Clinton could be in charge of the whole ball of wax.

What can we do to stop this living nightmare? First, we must demand that America pull out of NATO. Five decades and hundreds of billions of American tax dollars are enough. It’s time for the US to protect its own national security interests and let the Europeans take care of themselves. Second, we must force our senators get off their hands and start protecting America’s interests. They have allowed Bill Clinton to do more damage to the presidency and America’s freedoms than any other president in our lifetime. If the Senators don’t have the stomach to fight for our freedom, they need to retire and let someone else do the job.

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