Europe’s politicians came to Washington, D.C. last weekend to
commemorate NATO’s fiftieth anniversary. While they ate steak, Serbian
and Kosovar civilians were dodging bombs. In the midst of this
“celebration,” NATO’s politicians launched the biggest peacetime power
grab since Hitler came to power in Germany in the 1930s.

Unilaterally, without public debate and without the participation of
Congress, NATO declared that:

  1. NATO will attack any European country whose leader violates
    the “human rights” of his people.

  2. NATO will defend Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia,
    Croatia and Slovenia from Serbian aggression.

  3. Once NATO’s war is over, NATO will launch a massive Marshall Plan
    reconstruction project for all Balkan countries.

This is a breathtaking grasp for unprecedented military,
economic and political power. It is also illegal.

NATO cannot unilaterally change itself from a defensive organization
to an offensive organization until the United States Senate agrees. NATO
did not consult the Senate before it made its announcement. NATO cannot
expand its membership until the Senate agrees. NATO did not consult the
Senate before it made its announcement. NATO cannot unilaterally commit
Americans to fight and die all over Eastern Europe. Only the United
States Congress can do that and NATO did not consult them. NATO does not
have the power to commit billions of American tax dollars to rebuild the
Balkans. Only the United States Congress can do that — and no one asked

NATO says that these actions are necessary to prevent Europeans from
continuing their century’s long tradition of slaughtering each other.
Well, I too am tired of Europe’s never ending cycle of violence. I am
tired of the racial murders in England and Germany. I am tired of the
bombs and blood shed in Northern Ireland and Basque Spain. I am tired of
the ethnic cleansing of the Balkans. I weep for the hundreds of millions
of humans who have died during the two World Wars started by Europe.
However, if Europe is to end its horrific history, Europeans have to do
the heavy lifting. And that is what they are not willing to do.

Ninety percent of the planes and pilots that are bombing Yugoslavia
are American. America is paying two-thirds of the cost of a war whose
sole purpose is to protect Europe. How have the Europeans shown their
appreciation of our blood, sweat, tears and money? They have launched a
trade war over bananas and steel. This is after America has spent 50
years and trillions of dollars rebuilding and protecting Europe’s rear
end. I am sick and tired of continuing to use our wealth to prop up
lazy, ungrateful Europeans.

NATO says that it wants to usher in an era of humanitarian treatment
for all Europeans. The problem is that NATO’s new “human rights” policy
ignores the Kurdish ethnic cleansing allegations leveled against Turkey,
a NATO member. If NATO wants to prevent sovereign nations from abusing
their citizens, why doesn’t NATO clean up its own house first?

This is not about human rights, my friends. Today, five weeks after
NATO started bombing Yugoslavia, NATO has failed to provide safe and
sanitary refugee camps for the people it claimed to want to protect.
Why? Because NATO’s cynical political leaders want television to show
pictures of suffering Kosovars to convince their citizens that NATO’s
dirty little war is just. How long does it take to set up refugee camps
with proper sanitation facilities anyway? If NATO cares about the people
of Yugoslavia, why are they systematically destroying Serbia’s economy
and civilian infrastructure? No, my friend, this war and new policy are
not about human rights, they are about power, pure and simple.

Bill Clinton, in a “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” moment,
prevented NATO’s leaders from engaging in a public debate about whether
ground troops should be used in Yugoslavia last weekend. What was Bill
afraid of? Why did this “Democrat” prevent the open discussion of this
very important issue?

Wednesday, Bill Clinton gave Congress his word that he would not send
ground troops into Yugoslavia without first allowing Congress to vote.
Fortunately, Congress remembered the last time Bill Clinton gave them
his word. Democrats and Republicans alike said, “We don’t trust you Mr.
President, we don’t trust you.”

All of this political maneuvering by the one-world-government hawks
of NATO obscures a much more important issue.

If American taxpayers must pay billions of dollars to rebuild a part
of the world, why develop Eastern Europe and not Mexico? Much of America
was part of Mexico. We share a 2,000-mile border with Mexico. There are
more Americans of Mexican descent in Los Angeles than there are
Americans of Yugoslav descent in the entire United States. Many of our
most pressing domestic problems, including illegal immigration and
drugs, can only be reduced by significantly improving the standard of
living for our Mexican neighbors.

If we must spend money to develop a faraway place, why not invest in
the development of Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala? American
governments prevented the development of democracy in Central America
for more than a century. Most recently, we financed a bloody war against
godless communists. Democrat and Republican Administrations alike
supported a feudal economic system that keeps 85 percent of our Central
American neighbors in grinding poverty. If we owe any region our moral
support and financial assistance, it is Central America, not
South-Eastern Europe.

If NATO has a right to stop leaders from persecuting their people,
will NATO bomb North Korea to stop them from starving 3,000,000 people
to death? Will NATO bomb Pakistan and Indonesia to stop the murder of
Christians? Will NATO invade India and China to stop the murder of tens
of millions of girl babies through sex-choice abortions? Will NATO bomb
the Sudan and Mauritania to stop slavery? Will NATO bomb Columbia and
Myanmar (Burma) to destroy the drug lords whose evil products have
destroyed the lives of tens of millions?

Who will decide what act justifies a NATO invasion? Who will decide
which country NATO will attack next? Who will stop NATO if we let them
get away with this mad power grab?

Bill Clinton has called America’s bluff. If we allow him to
unilaterally expand NATO’s power, future generations of Americans will
rue the day that we entrusted this president and this Congress with our

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