All this pussyfooting around in Washington over guns makes me sick.

It’s time for those pushing the nation, inevitably, step by step,
toward total civilian disarmament and, thus, surrender of all meaningful
freedom, to get on with it. Stop the incremental shadowboxing. Tell the
people what your real agenda is. Let’s have a public debate about where
we’re going — finally and ultimately with regard to the right to bear

It’s quite obvious in the rhetoric of those pushing the latest
freedom restrictions in Congress that the legislation under debate is
just a way station on the road to another destination.

The New York Times coverage of the U.S. Senate debate last week
stated it this way: “Taken as a whole, the bill’s provisions are
INCREMENTAL and might not have prevented the recent school shootings
that helped propel its passage in the Senate. But the new enforcement
measures, combined with the bill’s provision for mandatory background
checks of buyers at gun shows, would go A LONG WAY toward closing SOME
of the loopholes in gun laws that firearms agents, prosecutors and
judges have long said make them difficult to enforce.”

There you have the establishment media’s view: The legislation is
incremental. The bill goes a long way to closing some of the loopholes.
The obvious question is: What’s next?

Listen to the voice of big government: “All these changes
significantly increase law enforcement’s ability to identify illegal gun
traffickers and attack the way the guns are supplied to criminals and
particularly to youth,” said a senior official at the Treasury
Department, which oversees the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
“(The Senate) vote was a BREAKTHROUGH, a real WATERSHED.”

Breakthrough toward what? A watershed leading where?

And those leading the charge — the anti-gun rights, anti-freedom
advocates — left no doubt about the fact that there is much more on
their agenda. Already Handgun Control Inc. is suggesting the new law
will only send a message and that more effective legislation is needed.
Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center in Washington called the
approval of the bill through a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Al
Gore “the most important STEP we’ve taken in regulating the secondary
sales market, where 40 percent of guns are sold.”

Notice that — “the most important step.” And what will the next step
be? And, more importantly, where does the FINAL step in this journey

That’s what no one in this debate seems willing to talk about. And it
is why the voices of freedom and individual liberty are losing the day.
They are focused on the immediate instead of the long-range view. They
are focused on the popular prescriptions and conventional wisdom instead
of the law, inalienable rights and the wisdom of the ages.

This is the road to tyranny. The Senate bill passed last Thursday
goes further than you think in that direction.

Among the little-noticed provisions that didn’t figure in the debate
on the floor or on the TV talk shows is one that directs Janet Reno’s
Injustice Department to focus much more attention on all firearms
enforcement. Another requires her to make regular reports on gun
prosecutions. That means not just more prosecutions, but a bigger budget
and bigger databases for collecting information on them.

The only chance we have of preserving our most basic freedoms in this
country is to force the debate to the ultimate goals, rather than to
succumb to the diversion of incrementalism. America’s legacy of liberty
is like that frog bathing comfortably in a pot of warm water, not
noticing that the low flame underneath is slowly heating its
surroundings to the boiling point. When the point of discomfort is
reached, the frog has lost its ability to jump for its life.

So, I say it’s time to turn the heat up — heighten the
contradictions for those who are slowly but surely stealing our freedom
and ability to govern ourselves. Go ahead, Chuckie Schumer — make my
day. Write the bill you really want. Let’s get everybody on the record
right now on a total ban on firearms, right down to the last .22
cartridge and a repeal of the Second Amendment.

It’s time to bring the issues clearly into focus for every American
— while we still have the strength and ability to fight back.

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