There is a photo on the front page of this week’s Time
magazine that ought to scare Americans to death. The image is of
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, talking on a cellular telephone
to some European diplomat about NATO’s undeclared war of aggression
against Yugoslavia, dressed in a pilot’s bomber jacket.

A bomber jacket, Ms. Albright? Come off it. What are you
trying to prove — that you know what you’re doing when it comes to this
so-called war in Kosovo? Do you think donning military garb somehow
makes people forget all the incompetence you and the entire Clinton
foreign policy team have demonstrated thus far in all of your
military misadventures?

Or are you just hoping that wearing military garb will make you
appear more capable in the matters of warfare and nation-building?

Why is it that everyone in this administration is convinced that they
don’t have to be competent, that all they have to do is
look competent? Do they think the majority of Americans really
don’t know the difference?

Seeing a woman of Albright’s stature and age in a bomber jacket is a
ridiculous thing just about anytime. But seeing Albright herself
trying to don the gear of a warrior is downright repulsive — both
physically and intellectually. Give me a break, Madeleine.

Albright, along with the rest of the Clinton foreign policy team —
including the president himself — ought to be more concerned about
impressing the American people with their skill and level of
expertise, not their ability to look like they know what they’re
doing. We all know that’s not the case.

Clinton — another military neophyte (by choice) — similarly turns
my stomach when he attempts to “look” the part of a military man. Well
Mr. Clinton, a bomber jacket, a naval ball cap, or a sweatshirt
emblazoned with “ARMY” on the front of it does not make you a military
man. Nor does being president of the United States give you the
inherent right to abuse, malign, or otherwise impede the great military
of this country.

Remember that Clinton is the guy who lied to avoid his military
obligation. He is the president who was caught on camera in Korea along
the DMZ looking through the wrong end of his binoculars at North Korean
border guards — who were no doubt laughing their heads off when they
spotted him trying to figure out how to work his highly sophisticated
and technologically advanced reconnaissance device.

And remember that Clinton is the guy who had to be carefully taught
how to salute — and coached about when to salute — more than any
other president in recent history. And Clinton is the guy that has made
it his personal agenda to swipe needed funding from the military to pay
for more government paternalistic socialism.

How dare these people try to make themselves look more important and
capable than they really are by using the military for public relations
purposes. To them, the military is nothing but a four-letter word. To
them, it is not an honorable institution staffed by selfless and
distinguished men and women of character. Instead, the military is
nothing but a punchline they use at Washington fundraisers to get a
laugh out of their other socialist supporters.

Never mind who — or what — they have to step on to make themselves
larger than life, bigger than big, and more godlike than the Almighty

Maybe Albright’s excuse is simple ignorance, but as far as Clinton is
concerned, his is nothing more than cowardly arrogance. He had his
chance to go and do his bit for God and country but declined to do so.
In view of that, he has no right now to make himself look more
“militaristic” than he is. I wish Congress shared that view, but then
again a Boy Scout troop has more collective military expertise than most
members of Congress. They don’t know the difference either.

The problem with this administration when it comes to matters of
national security is now, and always has been, ignorance and
incompetence. They’re all show, no go. Nobody wants to do the
right thing; they just want to be seen looking like they’re doing
the right thing — to make themselves false idols, worshipped merely for
their intentions by the ignorant masses.

Making an attempt to be “one with the troops” would not be so
ridiculous if this were any other administration. Seeing the
Clintonites doing it is ludicrous, if not comical in and of itself. I’m

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