Nobody would argue that the National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People (NAACP) was, in the beginning, a well-intentioned
organization truly seeking to advance the best interests of American
blacks. However, like many such organizations today that claim to
represent their respective minorities, the NAACP has forgotten its
primary mission and instead has become a propaganda tool for more
socialist government.

Last week NAACP leaders in New York City officially made it known
they would provide financing and support to opponents of Florida’s new
state law providing school choice. What New York officials are doing
worrying about what happens in Florida is beyond me in the first place,
but this is the age of Clinton and we have long surpassed the point
where we engage in reasoned, sensible debate in the public arena.

Thanks to the legislature and Gov. Jeb Bush, in Florida parents with
school-aged children have now been given a choice as to whether or not
they want to continue sending their kids to dangerous and ineffective
public schools, or whether they can begin using some of their own money
to send their tykes to private schools. As in every community which has
chosen to give parents this choice, record numbers of parents have
decided to take advantage of the changes in the law. By doing so, they
are saying, in essence, that they are joining millions of other
Americans who have announced that they no longer have any confidence in
the government school system. Remember, in this country you’re supposed
to have choices like that.

But not according to the NAACP. No, they want Americans to grant all
sorts of rights and choices to blacks that they haven’t earned or don’t
deserve, while denying black families the opportunity to opt out of the
corrupt public school system.

New York NAACP Chapter President Hazel Dukes, using a worn-out lie,
complained that school choice “vouchers siphon off money from public

“Education is the backbone for us, so we really have to monitor this
new language — vouchers, charters, magnets,” Ms. Dukes added. “All
schools should be magnets. Public education is a civil rights issue. If
a person wants to send their children to private school, they must pay
for it. You can’t use public money for private education.”

Oh, I see, Ms. Dukes. So, in other words, you don’t favor letting
parents (including black parents, who are least able to send their
children to private schools as it is) keep their own money and allow
them to spend it on the school they see fit to educate their
children. No, we can’t do that, but we can use public money to kill
little black babies that young black men don’t want to take
responsibility for. We can let President Clinton cut the funds we were
using to combat illegal drugs, which hurts inner city blacks more than
any other ethnic group.

Say, Ms. Duke, why is it not OK to let minority parents choose their
own schools, but it’s OK to force them to send their kids to public
schools with armed guards, metal detectors, and higher incidence of

The Associated Press reported, “NAACP leaders also agreed to fight
hate crimes, police brutality and racial profiling — police targeting
blacks because of their race — during the three-day meeting that ended
Saturday. The organization pledged $50,000 to fight the anti-affirmative
action campaign of black California businessman Ward Connerly. Connerly
wants voters there to cast their ballots to end affirmative action in
public contracting, education and employment.”

So the NAACP also believes that crimes against blacks are somehow
worse than crimes committed against whites or other ethnic minorities.
They also believe that police officers are the real enemy of a peaceful
society, and they believe that blacks need affirmative action to
get ahead in America — that they aren’t good enough or smart enough to
make it on their own. How arrogant.

The problem with groups like the NAACP is not their original
mandate. It is the fact that they have been corrupted by political
correctness and no longer share common values and views with those they
claim to stand for. They have been co-opted by political opportunists
who seek to divide, not unite, Americans behind their causes, and they
refuse to admit that after years of their brand of liberalism, their
ideas do not work. Their leaders have become minorities within their own

Because of that hubris, these groups end up doing more harm than good
to their constituents. It’s time to ignore them, get back to making our
own decisions about our own lives, and stop letting them “speak” for us
when they obviously no longer share our points of view.

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