It’s hard to enjoy this lovely spring while American pilots, flying
American bombers — courtesy of the American taxpayer — are gradually
reducing Yugoslavia to rubble. It is already estimated that $100 billion
in damage has been done so far, and there is no indication that the
bombing will stop until Milosevic surrenders completely to NATO demands.
Meanwhile, Kosovo has been emptied of Albanians who have become the
greatest refugee problem since World War II.

The two key figures behind this senseless devastation are two Rhodes
Scholars: Bill Clinton, President of the United States, and Gen. Wesley
Clark, Commander of NATO forces. Whatever they learned at Oxford doesn’t
seem to have had anything to do with a sense of history, or wisdom, or
mercy. The two, one a draft dodger, the other a super-hawk, bombing
fanatic, have clearly lost all sense of proportion over what they are
doing. Clinton, who opposed the Vietnam War and used every trick in the
book to stay out of it, has called up 33,000 reservists in preparation
for a land war in Kosovo. Clark, so keen on starting World War III, has
suggested that NATO bomb Russian ships that may come to the aid of the

NATO has also decided to bomb Montenegro, which until now has tried
to remain neutral while being sympathetic to NATO aims. That’s a really
smart move by Clark. NATO seems determined to compound all of its
previous mistakes into one gigantic fiasco involving American ground
forces. All without the approval or consent of the American people or of
the Congress, which is not at all sure what it wants. NATO has simply
hijacked American military assets, including our pilots, for its own
adolescent adventure in world government. How did this monster grow into
what it is today?

Meanwhile, American pilots are bombing TV stations, cigarette
factories, railway stations, buses, civilian homes (accidentally, of
course), an automobile factory and other targets of dubious military
value, merely to prove to the Yugoslavs that if they do not surrender
unconditionally to NATO demands, their country will look like Germany
after World War II. NATO missiles have even hit Sophia, the capital of
Bulgaria. Wrong city, wrong country. Just another mistake.

As for the Kosovars, NATO has reduced Pristina, the capital of
Kosovo, to rubble, so that the Albanian refugees won’t have much to
return to. All of this means that when the war is over, and who knows
when that will be, American taxpayers will be obliged to spend billions
more to rebuild what NATO has destroyed. Meanwhile, Clinton and Clark
are beginning to look more and more like Harris and Klebord every day.
Like Madeline Albright, they believe, “What good are guns and bombs if
you don’t use them?” Somehow the idea that weapons may also be used to
prevent war hasn’t dawned on our leaders.

Now that all of the bridges in Yugoslavia over the Danube have been
destroyed by NATO bombing, barge traffic from Austria and Hungary to the
Black Sea has been stopped. Just a minor detail in this insane war.
American pilots are pinpointing the bridges like targets in a video
game. No brains need be used. We are training our men to be as cool and
ruthless as the Nazi soldiers of the Third Reich, just doing their jobs,
obeying the commands of men who supposedly know what they are doing.
Clinton, their fearless Commander-in-Chief, calls it a “just cause.”
Only a Bill Clinton could get us into a lose-lose war so quickly, so
easily, so stupidly.

Everyone is losing. Yugoslavia has lost decades of economic progress.
The Kosovar Albanians have lost their homes, their country. Americans
are losing their honor as a peace-loving nation. And NATO has already
lost its image as a benign defensive organization. Every day it looks
more and more like the erratic, arbitrary mad bomber it has become. The
West has lost the trust of the Russians. American taxpayers have lost
their budget surplus. And the longer the war drags on, the less
realistic and reasonable become the war aims of the Western leaders who
started the war before they democratically got the approval of their
citizens to do so.

Now that Congress has voted to require President Clinton to get
congressional approval before committing American troops to a land war,
this should give pause to our politicians as they review our foreign
policy and how it has been usurped by NATO. The latter’s new Strategic
Concept has not been ratified by the Senate. This must be done if the
President is to live up to the oath he took to defend and protect the
Constitution of the United States. It is an oath that all congressmen
take. Yet, America is being sucked into NATO’s new and dangerous
geopolitical strategy, of which the present war is only a sample of what
is to come.

NATO’s credibility has become a joke. It has proven itself to be
totally inept at diplomacy, dictating terms to the head of a sovereign
nation, expecting him to unconditionally subject his country to NATO
control. It is obvious now that the leaders in NATO were just itching to
go to war. That is why they gave Milosevic terms he could not accept.

NATO has also proven itself inept at making war. It precipitated
hostilities without necessary ground preparation. Instead, it withdrew
its monitors from Kosovo, signaling to all concerned that war was
imminent. By dropping bombs on Belgrade, it unleashed the worst
aggressive instincts of the Serbs, thereby putting the Kosovars in
mortal danger.

William Cohen, our intrepid secretary of war, insists that the
bombing won’t stop until Milosevic surrenders to NATO’s demands, knowing
full well that the expulsion of Kosovars won’t stop before the bombing
stops. Yet, Cohen, in his adamant stupidity, remains as inflexible as
Mrs. Halfbright. “NATO’s credibility is at stake,” they scream. What
these idiots don’t realize is that NATO has already lost its
credibility, not because it doesn’t know how to bomb a small country
into smithereens, but because it doesn’t have the intelligence or common
sense to do anything else.

It goes without saying that Clinton, Tony Blair, General Clark, Bill
Cohen and Madeleine Albright are not too happy over Jesse Jackson’s
success at getting Milosevic to release the three American prisoners of
war. How dare anyone try anything but bombs! NATO’s response to
Milosevic’s obvious peace gesture? Bigger and better bombs.

Samuel L. Blumenfeld is the author of eight books on education,
including “Homeschooling: A Parents Guide to Teaching Children.” His
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