As the drip of information about Chinese theft of U.S. nuclear
secrets lowly became a crescendo and threatened to turn into a
landslide, the anticipation of full disclosure by key congressional
players seemed almost palpable. Over the past couple of weeks, you could
feel the momentum building.

Bill Clinton was finally within reach, and not for something as
sultry, or — as it turns out — as ordinary as sex. No, some
congressmen were beginning to utter the “T” word — treason — when they
began speaking privately about the Clinton administration and Chinese

Even this past weekend, host Tim Russert of MSNBC was able to extract
an admission of guilt from Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, who said,
yes, the Chinese stole our nuclear technology and, yes, Bill Clinton
knew about it in advance.

Man. A scandal tailor-made in heaven for conservatives.

But it was too late. The Chinese Embassy in Belgrade had already been
bombed. Now, suddenly, the opportunity to get the Chinese to cooperate
with U.S. agents investigating the alleged thefts had abruptly ended.
When the walls of the Chinese Embassy came crashing down, so too did our
chance to find out what really happened.

At least, that’s how the Clinton administration may spin this. You
can just hear the excuse rolling off the lips of Clinton spinmeisters
now, can’t you?

“Darn it. You know, the Chinese were just about to tell us everything
we wanted to know regarding this espionage thing. But since we
accidentally bombed their embassy, now they aren’t talking to us.” Thank
you, Joe Lockhart.

If you don’t think that this administration is capable of striking a
deal with the Chinese to let U.S. planes bomb their embassy, so that
both countries can “suddenly” develop “differences” which would prevent
full disclosure in the nuclear espionage scandal, then you haven’t been
paying much attention. Clinton is not only capable of this level of
chicanery, there are already people who are actively talking about it.

Yesterday during Rush Limbaugh’s program, he read an email from
MSNBC’s Jay Severin, in which Severin suggested just such a conspiracy.
The more I thought about it, the more plausible I think it is.

To dismiss this theory out of hand, you’d have to have already made
your mind up about a number of other implausible things.

For instance, you would already have to believe that the Central
Intelligence Agency is so inept, they couldn’t identify the Chinese
Embassy in Belgrade.

You’d also have to believe that U.S. weaponry is so bad that we could
accidentally send four bombs into the embassy using laser-guided

Then, you’d have to assume that Bill Clinton and the Chinese have had
absolutely no relationship whatsoever for the past six years. Plus,
you’d have to discount all the hard evidence showing Chinese financial
contributions to the Clinton/Gore reelection campaign in 1996.

Next, you’d have to believe that neither Clinton, nor any of his
spokesmen, have ever lied to you. Good luck with that one.

Finally, what with the amount of information already released about
China’s spying activities at our nuclear weapons labs, you’d have to
believe that people like Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif., really didn’t have
any hard information that was damaging or harmful to national security.
But, since most Americans have already found out that at least some
damage has been done due to Chinese spying, there goes that excuse.

Nobody hates conspiracy theories worse than me. But you’ve got to
admit: with this administration, anything is possible and certainly
anything that would involve collusion with the Chinese government.

The benefits, besides the effective death of the China spy scandal,
would be almost as damaging as the theft of technology. Beijing would no
doubt squeeze even more concessions on trade, human rights, and
technology transfers from the Clinton White House, for agreeing to allow
U.S. planes to kill a few Chinese citizens.

You have to remember that communists don’t consider life as valuable
as we do. And, Chinese leaders don’t have to depend on polls, focus
groups, sound bites and spin control to stay in power.

So, there it is — the mother of all conspiracies.

Is it true? Who knows? But, the more important question ought to be,
is it even possible?

We’re dealing with the Clinton administration. Therefore, the answer
to the last question should be obvious.

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