As we all struggle to figure out why the U.S. really bombed
the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia — due to conspiracy,
incompetence, poor weaponry or “outdated maps” — there is something we
should all keep in the back of our minds.

China now poses a major threat to our national security. While that
may not sink in with the weekend sports and booming economy crowd, the
fact that we now face the possibility of having U.S. cities obliterated
by Chinese nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles doesn’t
change one iota.

In fact, the situation may be made even more dangerous because nobody
cares. Nobody cares that the Clinton administration has severely
weakened the U.S. military — the only entity charged with
defending our country from attack.

Nobody cares that because of this bombing, we have angered the
Chinese to the point where they now consider us an enemy, rather than
simply a nemesis.

And nobody cares that all of this has been made possible by a morally
depraved, ethically bankrupt administration led by William Jefferson
Clinton. As the danger of being “mutually destroyed” by the former
Soviet Union disappeared, a new danger of near-equal proportions was
emerging in the form of China — a nation that has made it a top
priority to achieve military parity with the world’s only remaining
superpower. In fact, Beijing has said so publicly many times.

Basically, we allowed this White House to place the importance of
money over national security, political gain over prudent foreign
policy. Then, we let them explain it all away with sound bites instead
of substance.

For the record, here’s why your kids and grandkids are now more
vulnerable to destruction than they were some six years ago, when Bill
Clinton first became president. These are the technologies sold or
provided to Beijing since 1992:

  • Military communication satellites that are designed to counter
    jamming and interception by U.S. defenses, as well as the kick-motor
    technology used to maneuver and position those satellites

  • Hard U.S. currency to buy U.S. missile command and control technology
    by launching U.S. satellites in China

  • American analytical and troubleshooting technology to assure reliable
    launches of Chinese rockets and missiles (this technology is the same
    for either rockets or missiles)

  • Reliable and efficient solid fuel rocket boosters

  • Missile fuselage construction data

  • Internal guidance and control technology for missiles and rockets

  • Missile and rocket stage separation information and technology

  • MIRV technology — giving the Chinese the ability to build ICBM’s
    that have multiple warheads (something they never had before, even with
    Russian help)

  • U.S. GPS (global positioning system) technology, so they can better
    guide their ICBM’s to their target cities in America

  • Super-computers for improved warhead design, as well as giving them
    the ability to “test” their missiles without having to launch them and
    explode them

  • Burst dissemination technology and analytical data, to ensure their
    weapons have maximum effect when exploding over U.S. cities

Granted, the Chinese have nowhere near the amount of ICBM’s the U.S.
currently possesses, even now — after the military has suffered from
years of neglect. But honestly — how many nuclear missiles does it
take to make Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., or New York uninhabitable
for the next 1,000 years?

It’s not as though we have a defense against such threats. Remember,
Bill Clinton made sure he not only endangered our lives for years to
come, he has made sure we have no adequate means to defend ourselves
against the very technology he has allowed to be sold.

Of course, if we did, the Chinese no doubt would have stolen that
technology by now as well.

The fact remains: this country is now more at risk — not less
— since Bill Clinton became president. And it is no longer even
productive to argue the merits of the Chinagate case against him — he’s
guilty. We know it, Congress knows it, the U.S. aerospace companies
involved know it, and Clinton himself knows it.

The list above provides the specifics of the threat, and it goes to
show you just how far a guy like Clinton will go for a few bucks in the
old campaign coffers.

When we elect somebody like Clinton to the presidency — twice
— and the institutions we thought we had in place to stop the kind of
treason this normally represents fail as well, maybe that ought to tell
people just how dangerous apathy can be.

Personally, I’m afraid too many people today are more concerned about
the same thing Clinton craves — more money over their own safety.

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