“I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.”

–W.C. Fields

I want to make a confession in front of the entire world. I happen to be
a prejudiced guy. Now I don’t happen to think I’m any more prejudiced
than your average Joe — well, just a tad, maybe — but not by much.

See, I happen to be of the opinion that prejudice is quite natural.
Unfortunately, I don’t think many people share that notion. (At least,
that’s what they’ll tell you.) Today, God forbid somebody accuses you of
being prejudiced.

Me — prejudiced?! You’ve got to be kidding?! Not me!!

Come off it. Why don’t we all just admit that we wouldn’t want our
daughters to, ah … marry one (please, that’s just a figure of speech).

Because we’re cowards — that’s why!

Sorry. I didn’t mean to start finger pointing (not quite yet). So let’s
get back to me, since I’m the one who opened my big yap here.

Who am I prejudiced against? Oh Lord, where do I begin?

Hmmm. Perhaps we ought to get the Big Daddies out of the way first …

Blacks: Actually, I like them, OK, though I’m not a very big fan
of their music or their food … and I must admit that I do get a
little sick of them always yapping about how much they’ve suffered. I
mean — good God — we’ve all suffered. What’s the big deal? Why
not be done with it and get on with things? The black community has
gotten more mileage out of the much maligned “V” word (“victim”) than
anybody on the block.

Moreover, any points that blacks have gained on my personal scorecard
have been undone with the nauseating emergence of the whole rap/hip-hop
music scene. As a matter of fact, I believe that blacks —
single-handedly — should be held accountable in large part, not only
for the ever-growing illiteracy amongst our youth, but for the complete
and total bastardization of the English language. As someone who not
only makes his living with words — but who loves them — this
gets my dander up in a major way.

Not only that, but today — where preeminent social-status of the
gangster culture is the ultimate mark of “cool” — we now have
middle-class white kids emulating, talking like, dressing like, and yes
killing like blacks. Whether this is accidental or intentional
is beside the point. It’s happening (and trust me … it’s no

Now before you go writing your congressman, we’re talking about a
specific “crop” of blacks. I’m not talking about the kids that live in
the projects. They’re just as much victims as the middle-class white kid
living in Encino. I’m talking about the black “powermongers” — people
like Shug Knight and other black “superstars” like Tupac Shakur, Ice-T,
and the numerous other gangsters and punks whose names I can’t
pronounce. These people are not simply criminals (criminals who are
making millions, while demoralizing and undermining the culture) — they
are the direct agents of evil.

Ah, yes. I can hear the catcalls already (how sweet they sound … )

But let’s move on.

Women: OK, I know — I’ve used this one before, but it’s so good
I feel the need to repeat it. There are several things you’ve got to
remember about women. We hate them. They hate us. They’re smarter than
us. They’re stronger than us. And, most important — they don’t play
fair (thank you, Jack).

If you want to argue about that, that’s your affair. Me, I’ve always
basically been a “get
your-biscuits-in-the-oven-and-your-buns-in-the-bed” kinda guy (thank
you, Kinky). What I mean is, I think that the songs written about women,
by people like Hank Williams, are probably a lot better — and certainly
a lot more praiseworthy — than the women they were written

As for feminists, I have no use for them whatsoever. For my money, the
Eleanor Smeals, Gloria Steinems and (gag) Andrea Dworkins of the world
deserve a good horse-whipping for their smug, holier-than-thou (not to
mention stupid) mores and belief-systems. And guess what?

My wife feels the same way!

OK, now that we’ve got blacks and women out of the way, we can really
get moving.

Mexicans: I freely admit to harboring an ever-increasing
antipathy for these er … people. As a resident of California, where
the population is rapidly approaching 50 percent Hispanic, I’ve had a
lot of first-hand experience with my Chicano brethren. The San Fernando
Valley, where I live, was once a beautiful, clean safe place to be. Now
— because of the massive influx of illegal aliens — practically
anywhere you go, you’re confronted with filthy guys working on horrible
junker cars (why in God’s name are they perpetually working on their
cars?!), beer cans strewn on lawns, hideous Mexican music blaring from
seedy, tin-foil covered apartment windows, parades of overweight
Mamacitas strolling down the streets accompanied by hordes of dirty,
screaming kids, while their greasy husbands and/or boyfriends hang out
— beer in hand — in front of the local 7-11, doing … well, I ‘m not
sure what they’re doing. Spitting, mostly.

To sum it up, I find Mexicans — at least the crop that’s coming across
our borders — to be dirty, lazy, indolent, sneaky, dishonest, violent
and stupid. Whether it’s genetic, cultural, sociological or spiritual, I
don’t know … nor do I care. What I do know, is that they better
stay the hell out of my neighborhood, or — like the last one I
caught urinating on my lawn — they shall be confronted by my loyal (and
also highly prejudiced) German Shepherd, Loki.

Alright! Now we’re rolling.

Batter up!

Homosexuals: It’s difficult for me to muster up even one tiny
iota of sympathy for these … uh, people. Why? Because I believe that
the lifestyle they’ve chosen (yeah, I said “chosen”) is filthy, sick
twisted and evil — that’s why! Rather than accepting empirical,
biological evidence, homosexuals have succeeded in making normal
(that’s right — I said “normal”) people feel guilty for thinking
that their perverted lifestyle is in fact, perverted. I’m sick to
death of homosexuals manipulating people by making use of the “victim”
status which our liberal brethren have so happily provided them with.
Homosexuals are no more “victims” of AIDS than cigarette smokers are
“victims” of cancer.

Thankfully, the Lord has seen fit to remedy the situation in his own
rather poetic way. That is, every time the medical community comes up
with a new “cure” for AIDS, miraculously, a new strain of the disease
seems to erupt.

No peace for the wicked …

Forgive me while I digress for just a moment: I realize that I have been
“generalizing” in what I’ve said thus far. I also realize that
generalizations are regarded as being “unfair.” (I disagree, but that’s
a whole other column). But unfair or no, I’m not apologizing, because,
— good, bad or indifferent — these are my feelings (feelings, which I
believe are backed up by facts, not emotionalism). The point is, my aim
here is to tell the truth — as I see it — not to make you love me by
painting a rosy picture of myself.

What I’m wondering is, how many of you feel the same way I do? Maybe not
about these particular groups, but about some group or other. Lots of
you, I’ll bet. But the real question is whether or not you’ll
admit it.

I’m afraid the answer is no. You see, we haven’t yet talked about the
ultimate taboo.

What’s that, you ask?

Simple. Saying what you actually think.

If you don’t believe me, just try it. Next time you’re talking with
somebody, listen to the conversation going on in your head. The one
where you say all those horrible things about the person you’re talking
to … the things that you wouldn’t dare say to their face. When
you tune into that conversation, you’ll get a nice healthy
glimpse of prejudice — up close and personal.

The bottom line is, we’ve all got the “disease.” But we won’t admit it
— unless, of course, our particular prejudice happens to be politically

Today, people aren’t afraid to voice their prejudice against whites,
heterosexuals and Christians; in fact, it’s quite fashionable to do so.
But those same people will never admit to having any negative
feelings about say, Jews or blacks.

You know what I say? I say, forgetprejudice! Prejudice is a red
herring! It’s a trick to keep us from looking at the real issue —
which is the bubbling, broiling cauldron of anger, pride, violence and
hatred that bubbles inside each and every one of us. And all I’m really
saying here is that until we do that — until we face ourselves
and what we actually think, we can do what we will — pass laws, go to
peace marches, vote, stump for your favorite candidate. We can have
meetings, see therapists and go to church every Sunday. We can do
all that stuff from now until doomsday and guess what?

It don’t mean diddly.


Because you can’t start from where you aren’t. You have to start where
you are. To find out where you are (or where anybody is) all you
have to do is look. Don’t listen to what they say. Instead, watch what
they do. Now apply that same test to yourself. I’m afraid what
you’re going to see isn’t going to be very pretty.

And I think that’s about enough for this little tirade. As for those of
you who disagree, or who’ve been upset or angered by my words, I’ll
simply leave you with this time-honored quote:

“Let he who is
without sin cast the first stone.”

In case you don’t yet get it … that means you, pal.

S.L. Goldman is currently on assignment in Littleton, Colo. Goldman’s
current series of columns on “the nature of evil” will resume next week

Weekly Goldman Hype-O-Matic: I’ll make it short and sweet, guys.
For all of you who’ve been on my case about what’s happened to “The
— the muckrakingist site on the web
— it will be up and running by a week from today, or I’ll eat my hat (I
don’t wear a hat). Meanwhile, you can still visit our store, and I hope to heck you
spend some of your hard-earned bucks there.

One of the things we’ve done during this “site re-design” is to clean
out a lot of the garbage … books that were, we felt, in some way,
promoting immorality and or/evil. What about all the books on guns, you
ask? Well, being a longtime gun owner and supporter of the NRA, nobody’s
going to convince me that selling books on guns (or any other weapon) is
in any way promoting evil. That’s just another liberal trick.

For my money, books that promote Wicca, or New Ageism, or
“values-free” belief systems are far-and-away more dangerous than any
gun. To go off the track for just a moment, one of the most interesting
things I’ve discovered in my research on the Littleton massacre, is the
agenda that was being promoted in Columbine high school — a “values
free” agenda that made it criminal to judge your fellow student for
his/her lifestyle, yet at the same time thought nothing of teaching a
class on “death education.” I’m not saying that the school was
responsible for forming the mindset of the two teenagers who committed
mass murder in its hallways, but they most certainly are culpable of
providing an absolutely ideal breeding ground for such a deed to occur.

Incidentally, for those of you who’ve inquired, yes, we’re still
offering our Special Report: “Littleton: The Ultimate Evil”
which contains
material that is not available anywhere else — material provided by
confidential informants, including members of the police department, as
well as friends of both the victims andthe two killers. If you’ve
already got your copy of the Special Report and want to continue
to receive information as we get it, we are offering regular updates,
which you can read more about on our “Littleton” webpage.

Though the media has — as is their wont — chewed up and spit out
this story — moving on to the next bit of titillation, the fact is that
the “real” story of what happened on April 20, 1999 in Littleton, Colo.,
has not yet even been touched. It is an absolutely amazing story, one
which will remain untold until we release the book for which this
research is being conducted. I’m sorry, but I can’t give you a release
date — it’s simply too early. To keep updated on the Littleton project,
as well as other Harsh Reality products, we encourage you to call our
toll-free hotline (1-888-257-2656) where we’ll keep you informed as to
all of our various projects, which include the much heralded
“de-programming course” which will be offered on “The Tongue.”

And that’s the hype for this week, folks. To all of you who’ve sent
me these many hundreds of supportive letters in the past weeks, I don’t
quite know what to say. After all, I’m a guy who’s used to getting about
75% negative mail. But I guess writing is just like wrestling. One week
you’re a bad guy, next week you’re a good guy. In any event, thanks.

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