What’s The Price? If you’re in the market for a new computer,
an old book, a set of golf clubs, an airline ticket, a CD, a VCR, a car,
a stereo or just about anything else, numerous websites offer comparison
shopping to help you find the best price. Some of the sites are
specialized. Book Finder, for
instance, is just for books. Compact
Disc Shopper’s Guide
is for CDs and Acses is for books, movies and CDs. Travel Zoo’s Net Fare Search Engine
brings together the best airfare bargains from 19 different websites,
saving you the effort of visiting the pages of every airline that flies
out of your city.

But many comparison shopping sites are general, allowing you to
search for the lowest price on anything from gourmet groceries to baby
furniture. My favorites include E-Compare Shopping Network and Robo Shopper, both of which now
track items in online auctions as well as in Net “stores.” Also good
are My Simon (where you can compare
prices on “Star Wars” merchandise) and Compare Net.

Because no site gives the best results on all items, you may also
want to check Bottom Dollar, 4 Less Comparison Shopping and Ablaze’s Bargain

MacArthur Returns. Tonight and tomorrow night, from 9 to 11
p.m., The American Experience will broadcast a biography of Gen. Douglas
MacArthur. The MacArthur
put up for the occasion will let you view MacArthur family
home movies, vote on whether you think President Truman or MacArthur was
right in the Korean War controversy and read expanded interviews with
MacArthur contemporaries, historians and biographers. Interactive maps
show MacArthur’s strategy in the battle of the Philippines and the
Korean War and his various postings throughout the world. There’s also a
time line of the war in the Pacific.

Jokes For Your Sense of Humor. As you tackle the overflow of
messages in your inbox, how many of the messages are humor being passed
along by a friend or acquaintance? If you’re like most people, quite a
few. But are they funny? If you’d like to find jokes that really make
you laugh, head to Jester
. You get 15 jokes to rate, then, based on your rankings, the
computer chooses other jokes that you’ll probably find hilarious.
(Warning: Just like the jokes in your e-mail, a few of these will be
off-color and others may be offensive to some people because of
religious or ethnic content.)

Health Info For Seniors. Mediconsult.com’s Senior Health site gathers a
wealth of material for older citizens. There’s disease-specific
information, as well as featured articles on caregivers, nutrition and
topics that range from what to do when a loved one is stricken with
Alzheimer’s to making decisions about retirement living. In addition,
you can sign up for a free e-mail newsletter of the latest medical

Two Centuries Of Calendars. Was 1900 a leap year? How many
Friday the 13ths were there in 1997? On what day of the week will
Christmas fall in 2005? Find the answers at High Hopes, where you can print out a 20th
century calendar and a 21st century calendar as well as a special Y2K
calendar for next year. Providing you have a color printer, you can have
red, blue or multicolored months and years. These look especially nice
printed on heavier stock (about the weight of blank business card
stock). It’s handy if you put Y2K on one side and the perpetual
calendars on the other.

A Galaxy Of “Star Wars” sites. OK, this is it, this column’s
final “Star Wars” links, to last you until Wednesday: Outer Rim, Star Warz, Derek’s Ultimate
Star Wars Page
and Sir Steve’s
Star Wars Guide
. If that’s not enough, Chris Sherman offers links to
many more sites at SciFiction.com
Star Wars Search Engine
, where speculation has been going on for
quite some time about Episode II.

Bad Ads. If you think the ads you read in magazines or the
commercials you endure on television are awful, you don’t know the half
of it. Jeffrey Zeldman has created The Advertising Graveyard, which
features advertising campaigns that didn’t make it.

Win A DVD Player. Believe it or not, you’re not the last
person without a DVD player. If you’d like to learn all about the
technology, Mike Fidler, vice president of home audio/video marketing
for Sony (which co-invented DVD) will be chatting today at 5 p.m. PDT and
8 p.m. EDT. Not only will you get all your questions answered, you might
win the free DVD player that will be given to one of the chat

Rockin’ Webcast. On Saturday, May 22, at Rolling Stone, Q101 Jamboree ’99, a
live Webcast, will feature the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole, Offspring,
Blondie and more at 3 p.m. EDT.

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