Best Baseball Players. From now until June 27, you can cast your
online for the 1999 major league All Stars.

Science or Junk? At the Junk Science Home Page, Citizens for
the Integrity of Science debunk pseudoscience as well as misinformation
that gets passed along as scientifically factual in the media. Among the
active and extensive coverage are food issues, global warming, the
environment (do Midwest emissions pollute states on the East Coast?) and

Prevent Shopping Cart Abuse. “Horrific acts” of shopping cart
abuse are perpetrated every day, declares “The Center for Shopping Cart
Abuse Prevention,”
which documents these acts, profiles the worst
offenders, offers a 12-step program to help abusers overcome their
problem, sponsors Carts Across America, celebrates shopping carts in
verse and images and let you send a shopping cart postcard or subscribe
to a newsletter detailing the latest on shopping cart abuse. Pretty

Goodbye Mining Co. Last week, the Mining Company morphed into Almost everything is the same —
you can even use the old URL — except they got rid of those annoying
frames that had me muttering under my breath and cutting short my visit
every time I went to the site. Hurrah! I hate to click on a link and be
trapped in the site that provided the link. For that reason, I have
always preferred Suite 101, a very
similar Canadian site that has never gotten to be as well-known as the
Mining Company, but predated it.

Both call themselves “communities” and provide interested and
knowledgeable Web surfers to write regular articles on topics as varied
as baby boomers and mystery authors and recommend the best websites on
these topics. Both have interesting pages on entertainment, health,
history, sports and so forth. Generally,’s sections have more
extensive lists of references and links, but I think Suite 101 has more
interesting articles. If you like gardening, as I do, Suite 101 wins,
hands down, with its extensive, international gardening
. But both sites are definitely worth a visit. You’ll be
fascinated at what you’ll find as you wander around.

Tennis Anyone? Starting today and continuing through June 6,
Paris is home to the French Open. And CBS Sportsline is home to complete
of the French Open, including up-to-the-minute results and
brackets that are updated after each match, as well as feature articles
and profiles on the top 200 players.

It Feels Like Tuesday. Ever had one of those days that felt
like it ought to be another day? All day Thursday you went around
thinking it was Wednesday or Friday. The Feels Like Forecast
prints a five-day Accu-Feel Forecast that will let you know how your
days are going to go, although it offers this disclaimer: “The forecast
cannot guarantee you will feel exactly like the predicted feel. Some
variables exist (waking up on the wrong side of the bed, a surprise
visit from your mother-in-law, the Yankees losing a double header) that
may alter the accuracy of the forecast for your particular day.”
Whatever, you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

Literary Searches. Just launched is Pilot Search, which is gathering
Web info on the literary world and making it easy to access from one
place. Don’t equate “literary” with highbrow or intellectual and fail to
check this out. It’s a joy for readers (and writers) of all types. For
instance, Pilot Search lists 227 book review sites, 1,427 author links,
411 libraries and 172 creative writing resources. And it appears to be
adding new links at the rate of 40 or more a day.

Good E-Zines. Pilot Search is a service of PIF magazine, which is a delightful
e-zine that may remind you of “The New Yorker,” but without the
pretension. This month’s topic is humor. Science fiction fans need to
check out Eon magazine, which
offers interviews with SF notables and feature articles as well as
reviews of movies, TV shows and books.

A Degree In Beer Guzzling. Well, that may be how you remember
your collegiate career, but chances are that State U. didn’t actually
award you a B.A. in your favorite activity. However, The Diploma Factory will give you
a Ph.D. in it, as well as about any other topic you can imagine — from
procrastination to prufreading. For $19.95, it’s a great gag gift.

David Bowie Chats Today. At 4 p.m. PST and 7 p.m. EST, David
Bowie will record a new song and talk to fans at

Doing Business Overseas? The U.S. Trade and Development Agency
premiered a new website on Friday with
the goal of allowing American exporters to “more effectively plug in to
the latest international commercial opportunities.” Information includes
an online newsletter, an opportunity to sign up for a biweekly e-mail
newsletter of the latest projects up for competition and ordering of
feasibility studies.

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