We turn our eyes from the carnage on the evening news as NATO pipe
bombs — excuse me, cluster bombs — another 100-or-so Albanian
refugees, huddled in the forests and fields to escape the terror. Limbs,
lives, and dreams — all severed and strewn about the nearby farming
landscape. The evening talking-head quickly delves into the technical
details of NATO’s fancy little gadget. The general who is his guest
gratefully obliges with the specifications.

Clinton’s Killing Machine drones on, devoid of purpose, launched with
an affront to the Law of the Land, fueled by the budgetary surplus,
sugar-coated with lies, spoon-fed nightly to mothers and fathers,
grandparents, and the generation that will inherit the burnt out case
that once was the most respected nation on earth. As it is with men and
their leaders, so it is with nations: “Then
when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is
finished, bringeth forth death” (James 1:15).

Historically, America has relied upon technology to protect us during
armed conflict. The smooth-bore muskets of the British were no match for
the more accurate, rifled barrels of the Kentucky longarms. Their modern
equivalent — America’s nuclear shield — has been handed over by those
whose hatred for America is matched only by their greed and lust for

For a pittance in campaign contributions China bought our nuclear
secrets from the Democratic National Committee, acting as banker for the
Clinton-Gore White House. For its treason, Clinton-Gore gained four more
years to lie about the economy. Treat it like a poll: find out what the
nation’s economists think is necessary, then deliver those numbers at
the end of the month. Why risk the unpleasant surprises that real
numbers could generate?

Men and women who supported a liar for president — and begged their
senators for his reprieve — have no claim to anything better. Let the
good times roll and pass the stock options!

If you’re a Baby Boomer, your son or daughter doesn’t know what a
military draft is. You can explain it, when our “volunteer” force
collapses, its technological advantage stripped away, because the
proceeds paid for the last election. Tell little Suzy that it’s OK to be
captured: Prisoner of War camps have rules guaranteed by international
treaties. And anyway rape, torture, mutilation and murder are nothing
more than different forms of free expression. Judge not, that ye be not

Tell young Johnny that driving an Abrams tank is a lot like driving
the family’s Sport Utility Vehicle, except that the lifespan of the
battlefield operator is frequently measured in minutes or hours, not the
decades of suburbia. Comfort yourself with the thought that the end,
when it comes, will probably be quick.

Frame your stock brokerage statement with Johnny’s death certificate
and your daughter’s last letter from the POW camp — a poignant reminder
that nothing is free. Even DOW 10,000 has its cost. Always remember:
“It’s the economy, stupid.” And when push came to shove, you did your

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