Chinese spies have probably stolen the secrets of the neutron bomb,
the miniaturized W-88 warhead and much more. Before that, there was a
scandal involving the transfer of technology to
Red China in exchange for campaign contributions. By penetrating the
Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, China has acquired missile
guidance technology and the ability to place multiple warheads on long
range missiles. If this were not enough, Chinese controlled front
companies now operate the ports of entry on both sides of the Panama

All these events have been reported in the mainstream press,
discussed in books and investigated by Congress. In the course of these
investigations we find a dead Commerce Secretary, a dead
Assistant Secretary, an un-jailed Chinese agent immediately beneath them
in the chain of command, eighteen critical witnesses fleeing the
country, and another seventy-nine witnesses taking the Fifth Amendment.

In the wake of this ever-unfolding national security debacle, a
United States senator was asked about treason in high places. The
senator answered, “We don’t want to use the ‘T’ word, yet.”
But as it happens, more than our military technology has been
compromised. There are indications that we’ve seen only the tip of the
iceberg. An emerging body of evidence suggests that U.S. intelligence,
the Pentagon, as well as key U.S. banks may have been penetrated — and
manipulated — by foreign intelligence agents.

According to a congressional witness, speaking on condition of
anonymity, “There is something wrong with the government agencies
responsible for national security; that is, the Pentagon, the State
Department, the FBI and the CIA. There is something gravely wrong.” Has
our national security system broken down? “There is an internal breach,”
says the witness. “It is wide, it is pandemic and systemic — and it
comes from the top.”

Of course, these comments are nothing new. Horrific penetrations have
occurred, vital secrets have been compromised, and no one is punished —
no one is convicted and jailed. Are we talking
about the failure of American counter-intelligence? Are we talking about
the collapse of the justice system?

“Yes,” says the congressional witness. “But it’s more than a
collapse. It’s almost like a coup d’etat.”

In a coup d’etat something or someone is overthrown and replaced.
What, in this instance, has been overthrown and replaced? The witness
answers: “Military journalists have been discussing a critical statement
by Dick Morris, a former Clinton aide. In a TV interview Morris said
that people might next be suggesting there are thirty Communists in the
State Department.”

Morris was referring to an assertion made long ago by Senator Joseph
McCarthy. To Morris, this assertion is laughable; so Morris was
attempting to mock the next logical conclusion, that we have a problem
with Communists in the U.S. Government, that the Cold War is still on.

But let us ask, seriously: Is it possible that the Cold War never
ended, that our victory was only temporary? Look at what is happening.
Clinton has, by bombing Yugoslavia pushed the Russian people back into
the arms of the Communists. He has restarted the Cold War in a manner
most favorable to the Communist side.

Half a million Russian soldiers and sailors have been put into
uniform since the bombing. Russian motorized rifle divisions are being
filled up. Four Russian fleets are undergoing military exercises. Late
last year the Russians introduced a new generation of road-mobile ICBMs.
The current Prime Minister of Russia is, in terms of background and
training, a KGB general. On top of that, consider the vast alliance
between Russia, China and India. Is Communism really dead?

“No, Communism is not dead,” says our congressional witness, “but
nobody will discuss this in public. Nobody will touch it.”

Why not?

“I don’t know the answer. But now people are being forced to cross
the line, only because the situation is so grave. We’re talking about
nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and the committees are seeing more
evidence every month.”

Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking defector from the
Russian General Staff, recently said, “The GRU [Russian military
intelligence] is still preparing for war with the United States.” Lunev
also stated that U.S. counterintelligence is “woefully under-funded.”

Has America’s under-funding of counterintelligence led us to misread
the situation? Is the Cold War continuing?

“Absolutely,” says our witness. “It has been a massive deception. I
have worked with the committees in Congress for nearly a decade. We
didn’t know where all this was leading. But some of us are beginning to
put the pieces together.”

How dangerous is the situation?

“Far more dangerous than nearly any American could believe,” says the
witness. “There have been 4-5 secret reports. A great deal has been
uncovered, and all of it is very disturbing.” Edward Timperlake and
William C. Triplett II, authors of Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton
Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash, tell us there is “an
underground war going on in
Washington. …” That war is being fought between “patriots hidden away
in the American national security apparatus” and the Clinton

We have fallen far indeed if our patriots must be “hidden away.”
Sadder still that the president of the United States is not on the
patriotic side. More to the point: Article III, Section 3 of the
United States Constitution says, “Treason against the United States
shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their
enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Any honest observer can see that the Chinese Communists are enemies
of the United States. China’s military buildup is a critical indicator.
China’s penetration of America’s military industry
is also suggestive. And China’s untoward grasping at the Panama Canal
should have knocked U.S. officials out of their characteristic stupor.
After all, these are not the moves of a friendly nation, but of an
enemy. Furthermore, the Chinese government is Communist. As such it is
dedicated to the destruction of capitalism, to the overthrow of the
United States, and to
the creation of a new socialist civilization — built on the ashes of
“American imperialism.”

In this context, any American who aids or abets China is a traitor.
But wait. We’re not supposed to say this, yet.


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