Most Americans have grown to trust their government to protect them
and their rights.

This is why Americans are flirting with a loss of all freedom.

If you wonder what a total government power monopoly will be like,
all you need to do is examine the reaction by government schools to the
recent rash of student attacks.

Remember, government schools in all 50 states long ago banned
firearms. Not even teachers or administrators would think of keeping a
loaded gun on campus to protect themselves and their student charges.
Thus, those attending government schools are sitting ducks for anyone
who wants to go out in an ignominious blaze of gore.

The shooting and bombing attacks have only increased. So what’s the
next step?

School districts all over America are increasingly treating all
students like criminals. In Michigan, WorldNetDaily reported last week,
one school system has banned bookbags, lunchboxes — even coats and
jackets — from school premises for fear they might be used to conceal
weapons. A 12-year-old boy in Louisiana was suspended and then locked up
in a juvenile detention center for two weeks for telling fellow
students, “I’m going to get you.” In Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old girl
was strip-searched and suspended for two weeks when, during a class
discussion, she observed that she understood how unpopular students
might eventually resort to violence. A 9-year-old in Virginia was
suspended and later expelled for drawing a gun in class. Four boys in
Arkansas overheard talking about guns were taken to the police station,
strip-searched without their parents’ knowledge and suspended or
expelled. A 16-year-old in Virginia was suspended for the rest of the
year for writing an essay about a nuclear bomb.

What’s going on here? Has America gone mad? Is this overreaction or
collective insanity?

I’m afraid it’s neither. Instead, it’s the predictable eventuality
when government is given the authority — tacitly or otherwise — to be
the sole guarantor of our safety, security and liberty. That’s where
we’re headed in America. The government schools are already there. To
see what life in an American police state will be like one, two, five
years down the road, just take a glimpse of the Gestapo tactics being
employed in U.S. government schools.

What’s the solution? I admit there is no easy answer. What got us
here is years of dumbing down — intellectually and morally. If adults
don’t understand the concept of self-government, how can we expect
deliberately miseducated kids to grasp the concept?

We’re long past the point where the U.S. political elite accepts the
notion of self-government. Washington operates from the guiding
principle that people are to be controlled — much like children in
government schools or cattle being raised for slaughter.

This is why, first and foremost, we are seeing government’s mad
scramble to disarm the American people. It’s still coming incrementally,
step by step. But it’s more obvious than ever what the ultimate goal is.
You, your family, your community will be at the mercy of the government
for protection. Government will no longer concern itself with being
accountable to the people — the people will be accountable to
government. Government will maintain a monopoly on the use of force and

You don’t even have to go to your kid’s government school to see the
early stages of the coming fascism. You can see it when you go to the
airport and you are forced — at government’s insistence — to prove you
are not a criminal. You can see it when you go to your local theme park
with your children and guards search your backpacks and purses for

Slowly but surely Americans are being forced to cope with and live
with government-mandated security checkpoints, draconian rules, random
searches and seizures.

Americans are so conditioned to this trend as a way of life that most
even defend it as a necessary evil as we head into the brave new world
of the 21st century.

Do you like what you see when you look into the mirror, America? Do
you like what your kids see?

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