Bill Clinton bombed Albania this week, the fifth sovereign state he
has attacked in the last nine months — six, if you count the Chinese
Embassy in Yugoslavia as a foreign country.

But don’t worry. It was just a mistake — the most recent of a
colossal list of whoopsies by Clinton’s merry marauders. Only one Kosovo
Albanian refugee was hurt in the miscue. Lucky thing, too. The bombs
just missed a group of foreign journalists covering NATO’s war on

Whoops! Some other journalists weren’t so lucky last weekend. They
were caught in a bombing run in Serb territory. Their cars were
demolished, though NATO denies targeting civilian vehicles.

Whoops! The very next day, a NATO bomb struck a four-story apartment
building in the Serb town of Novi Pazar. Civilian death toll: 23.

Whoops! There’s even more on May 31. NATO missiles struck a
sanitarium (that’s a hospital for those of you reading this in the
Pentagon) at Surdulica in the southern part of Serbia, killing at least

Whoops! NATO bombs positions of the Kosovo Liberation Army (these are
supposed to be the good guys) in Kosare, near the border of Albania.
Seven guerrilla fighters were killed and 15 wounded in the May 22 raid.
That would have been a good week’s worth for Serb forces before the war
to save Kosovo.

Whoops! NATO bombs Istok prison in northwest Kosovo May 21. Serbs say
at least 100 inmates and a prison guard were killed.

Whoops! Another NATO missile goes astray May 20 hitting another
hospital and killing more patients — this time in Belgrade.

Whoops! NATO bombs the village of Korisa, leaving 87 civilians dead
on May 13. U.S. and allied forces claim the civilians were being used as
“human shields” and that Korisa was a legitimate military target. Don’t
you feel safer now that the dangerous village of Korisa has been

Whoops! NATO mistakenly attacks the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade,
killing three journalists May 8. Oh well, that will teach people to say
Bill Clinton is soft on Chinese Communists.

Whoops! A NATO air raid hit central Nis in southeast Serbia, leaving
15 dead and 70 injured May 7.

Whoops! NATO bombs a bridge at Luzane near Pristina, killing 47
people aboard a bus May 1.

Whoops! NATO planes, aiming for an army barracks in the Serb village
of Sudulica, bomb a residential area leaving at least 20 civilians dead
April 28.

Whoops! NATO bombs refugee convoys in southeast Kosovo (once again,
these are supposed to be the people we’re protecting), leaving 75 dead
April 14.

Whoops! A NATO pilot fires two missiles into a train crossing a
bridge in southern Serbia April 12, killing 55 people. The pilot says he
didn’t see the civilian train.

Whoops! NATO hits homes in the Kosovo capital of Pristina April 9.
Casualty figures were not available.

Whoops! A 250-kilo NATO bomb (that’s 550 pounds for those of you in
the Pentagon) lands in a residential area of southern Serbia April 5,
killing 17.

That’s hardly a complete and comprehensive list of the atrocities —
I mean, goofs — committed by NATO forces thus far in this conflict. An
estimated 2,000 civilians have been killed since the start of the air
war March 24.

Remember why NATO launched the bombardment? Apparently about 2,000
people on both sides of the conflict had been killed in several months
prior to March.

But, of course, that was called “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide.”
What NATO is doing is much more, er, arbitrary. The killing is more
random, bizarre, non-sensical, illogical. You’re just as likely to wind
up dead by friendly fire as you are by missiles “mistakenly” plowing
into residential areas of unfriendly Serbia. That’s why it is considered
politically correct, globally speaking. There’s no rhyme or reason to
any of it.

What the people of the Balkans are finding out about Bill Clinton is
a lesson many Americans have learned already over the last seven years.
It’s as dangerous to be his friend as his enemy.

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