Ever wonder why no one in government seems particularly concerned
about debt?

Maybe a series in WorldNetDaily this week begins to explain.

According to the report, prompted by the research of former Wall
Street commodities trader Walter Burien, it appears government resources
far exceed any debt. In fact, it would appear that government — at all
levels — is hoarding assets, saving up for a rainy day at your expense.

Tens of trillions of dollars are stashed away in what amounts to
government “slush funds,” charges Burien. And, an investigation by
WorldNetDaily for the last several months suggests his allegations are
supported by evidence and by others with some expertise in the field.

As far back as 1993, Paul Gann, an anti-tax activist in California,
had exposed a pool of state taxpayer funds worth more than $60 billion
hidden away from public view and tracked off-budget.

Essentially what is happening routinely in government accounting
circles is something that would land private businessmen in jail. It’s
called keeping two sets of books — one for public consumption that
shows revenues raised from taxation and expenses incurred from
government spending and another account that just keeps growing.

It is this second set of books known only to those familiar with
something called the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,” or CAFR,
that reveals the real assets of government.

This government hoarding may well be legal, according to some
accounting experts. But it represents yet another secretive practice by
government that would certainly be questioned by many people, if they
only knew about it.

Unfortunately, in the old newspaper business, this is a story with
what we used to call “a high MEGO factor.” MEGO stands for “My Eyes
Glaze Over.” Journalists hate MEGO stories — and most meaningful
accounts of government fraud, waste, abuse and corruption fall into that
category. They are difficult to research, difficult to tell in an
interesting way.

Yet, Americans desperately need a wakeup call with respect to the
proper role of government in their lives. They are ever-trusting
government at every level to take care of their problems. They want to
know that something is being done. It really doesn’t matter what, as
long as it’s something. The problem, or “crisis,” may not even be real.
But it gives Americans peace of mind to think that their government is
at work for them — like some benevolent Big Brother.

Let me tell you, folks: Big Brother is not benevolent. Not only is he
stealing your money for all kinds of frivolous, impractical,
unconstitutional spending programs, now we find out that the grand
larceny is greater than any of us ever suspected.

The government is playing a great big shell game — hiding funds in
all kinds of different accounts. If you work very hard, as we have in
the preceding months, you can discover for yourself how the game is
played. But you can never see the big picture. All you can find is how
much is in this account or that account. The funds are never
consolidated in a way that shows the public just how rich government is.

In other words, there is a deliberate effort to obfuscate, to
conceal, to hide the truth from the people. Even trained accounting
professionals and business executives have examined CAFRs and been
stumped by them. Government, which places so many restrictions on
private financial activity and snoops so much into all of the most
intimate details of our lives, has a different standard for itself.

This is a story that should make people angry — not just with one
politician or one party, but at the whole damn system and everyone who
has participated in this fraud, and a dozen others like it, without
blowing the whistle.

It’s time to get their attention in Washington, Albany, Sacramento,
Trenton and all the statehouses and city halls across the nation. It’s
time to tell them, “Enough is enough.” It’s time to begin taking back
our lives from these greedy, paternalistic con artists. It’s time to
begin taking back our country, our states, our communities. It’s time to
say, “No more business as usual.” It’s time to get back to the concept
of self-government for which our Founding Fathers made such sacrifices.
It’s time to reject the new feudalism of these “public-service”

We don’t just want to see where the money is. We want it back.

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