Yesterday WorldNetDaily ran a story
about how President Bill Clinton has again misused the powers of the
Executive Branch. This time, he has issued an Executive Order mandating
that all federal agencies implement fully the provisions of the Kyoto
Treaty, ostensibly to cut greenhouse gas emissions and make the United
States a safer, more energy-friendly country.

Boy, we couldn’t see that one coming, could we?

When independent WorldNetDaily and a few other environmental
researchers who are conservative first alerted the world to the dangers
of this U.N.-concocted monstrosity, who among us seriously never
believed the thing would be implemented?

Put another way, since Clinton had over 900 FBI files stolen from the
Justice Department, who among us seriously believes Congress —
regardless of who controls it — is even relevant anymore?

In another day and time, Clinton would never have been allowed to
serve out his first term, let alone have an eight-year opportunity to
usher in socialism nationwide. And yet, here he is again, issuing
illegal, unconstitutional orders without so much as a whimper of
opposition from a Republican-controlled congress. Well, OK — maybe just
a whimper.

I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it many more times before
November 2000 — it’s time to get rid of the career politicians in
Congress. If we don’t then socialism, fascism, or authoritarianism —
whatever you want to call it — is going to happen in this
country. And you can count on that, because that is what has happened to
every successful country throughout history that became too comfortable
to remember — and protect — its heritage born of freedom.

Clinton has abused his executive privilege more often than he has
abused women precisely because he knows — he knows, mind you
that he can do so and get away with it time and time again.

Take the recent “war” in Kosovo and the political machinations of
this past week surrounding that ordeal. For weeks now, so-called
conservative, liberty-minded politicians and writers were publicly
outraged over Clinton’s prosecution and, for that matter, undeclared
nature of the war in Yugoslavia. But since Serbian president Slobodan
Milosevic finally has his way and is now ready to sue for peace, what
happened to these roaring voices of opposition? All of a sudden most of
these politicos and pundits are congenial — much too worried about how
they will be perceived in public if they continue to criticize this
president “in the wake of such a stunning foreign policy victory,” which
it isn’t.

It has been this way for years — ever since Filegate — and it’s
going to remain that way as long as politicians with tainted backgrounds
and histories remain as our “public servants.” Everything from campaign
finance to the way laws are made and upheld is corrupt in this country,
and it’s not because the “system” is bad. It’s because those who manage
the system are bad.

Think about it. How in the world can we reasonably call caving in on
an illegal war — where our own sons and daughters were at risk — good
congressional representation? What good is an opposition party that
ignores illegal uses of executive privilege, the adoption of
international agreements anathema to the American way of life, and a spy
scandal so bad that there aren’t any U.S. secrets left to steal?

More to the point, what good are the people who make up that
opposition party if they are either too dirty or too cowardly to
“oppose” a criminal president — an obvious criminal president,
at that?

I’ll tell you, I’ve had liberal news colleagues laugh at me for years
when I opined to them that I believe this president — more than any
we’ve had in our history, perhaps — is the one most likely to impose
himself as dictator over all of us. But they change their tune when I
ask them, “Who’s likely to stop him?” Then, their silence says it all
because admit it or no, they know, as I do, that there really
isn’t any opposition to Clinton these days. And that’s scary
because that’s too much power for one person in this country.

Can you even imagine the damage such a loose screw could cause using
the power of the United States as a catalyst? That doesn’t even take
into consideration the enormous, hard-won resources we all stand to lose
if that should ever happen.

Well, it’s likely to if we don’t get rid of the career professionals
in Washington, D.C., who claim to know so much more than we do. Come to
think of it, most federal politicians get their start on the local
level; our statehouses could probably stand some clearing out as well.

Ultimately I trust in God, and I know — as do many of you — that as
a Christian, we will be taken care of by the Almighty regardless of what
happens. But at the same time, I don’t think we were put on this earth
to simply hand it over to the forces of evil and do nothing to stop our
devolution into the morass of greed, power politics and corruption.

If you’re tired of being politically harassed, having your God- and
constitutionally-granted liberties and freedoms sacrificed at the altar
of political correctness — and then being asked to finance all of it
with your taxes — then it’s time to stop the spin cycle. It’s time to
throw the bums out, literally.

The one — perhaps the only — mandate we should give to our
new representatives is this: Leave us alone. Govern the post offices,
make sure the roads get built, defend our nation, and stay out of our
way. If they can do that, we’ll promise to behave, keep ourselves in
line, give them a little tax money to get their jobs done, and not be so
cynical of them.

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