In case you didn’t know it — and, thanks to an absent mainstream
media most people don’t — there is a startling new development
in the Chinese
espionage case. It seems as though President Bill Clinton may not be
the only traitor in our midst, if this new chapter in an old spy case is

According to Fox News, which reported this as a headline news item
June 8, ex-Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary allegedly leaked secret
nuclear weapons technology data on another nuclear warhead design, the
W-87, to a mainstream newsmagazine. Fox, which based its report in part
on an earlier U.S. News & World Report interview in 1995 with O’Leary,
said the former secretary provided U.S. News with design information,
which they summarily published. China, the story goes, was then said to
have snatched up the information faster than socialists in Congress can
pass new gun control legislation. We are left only to imagine who else
scarfed up this data.

Worse, when the Department of Energy (DOE) discovered that the
information was released, officials there reportedly found out early on
that O’Leary herself was the leak. Then, as has become legendary for the
entirety of the Clinton administration, the probe was ordered dropped
immediately in an effort to hide the fact that DOE’s own Cabinet head
was the one who provided U.S. News the information.

Upon discovery of the leak, Rep. Curt Weldon, from the House floor,
immediately went on the offensive, defending against accusations from
the Left that earlier GOP administrations were guilty of the same kinds
of treason.

“Who did the investigation and who did they find out leaked this
particular diagram to U.S. News & World Report in 1995?” he demanded.
“It wasn’t the Reagan administration, Mr. Speaker, and it wasn’t the
Bush administration. It was this administration.”

You may remember that there were portions of the now infamous Cox
Report — which chronicles the theft of U.S. nuclear secrets over a
period of years — removed from public scrutiny by the Clinton
administration. Citing unspecified national security reasons, the
president and his co-conspirator minions could very well have been
trying to hide this particular revelation, though it hasn’t been
announced whether or not the Cox Committee discovered Ms. O’Leary’s
alleged information exchange.

Whether or not the Cox Report contains the details of this — the
latest chapter in the familiar Clinton-Chinagate scandal — really isn’t
the point. The point is, as time passes, Americans are discovering that
this administration has done much more than simply bend a few rules here
and there.

There is treason in the air so thick you can’t download all of it.

However, days after the initial report, there is still no major media
coverage. The days proceeding the Fox News story have instead been
filled with network news coverage of gun control legislation, global
warming nonsense, and fluff pieces about how much time mothers with
school-aged children spend driving each week. You know, really
important stuff.

Similarly, there has been little more than a murmur coming from
either House of Congress. Based on the response to Rep. Weldon’s
outrage, you would think he was talking to an empty chamber when he made
his remarks. He wasn’t.

So now what? Are Republican leaders going to ignore this act of
treason as well? Are they so scared by what Clinton may or may not have
in their FBI files that even this obvious act of debauchery against the
people of this nation won’t even stir them to action?

That’s what it looks like. And that story is getting to be as old as
the Chinagate scandal itself. So too, for that matter, is complaining
about all this inaction.

I pray that the Republicans in Congress (and the Democrats too, for
that matter) who are too dirty themselves to prosecute other obviously
guilty parties would simply do the people of this country a favor and
quit. If we cannot even get a response from them, much less an inquiry,
after numerous provable examples of high treason have been committed,
then they’re no good to any of us, or to this nation. In fact, their
very presence in office is a detriment and a hazard, and it endangers
the future security of our country. They should do the honorable thing
and leave now.

It should be obvious by now that not only is the Chinagate scandal
larger and more widespread than most of us imagined, it’s not going to
go away either. Even after Clinton leaves office, the damage he and his
criminal minds have done is permanent because the technology these
lowlifes have given our potential enemies will last for more than a

For years — decades — to come, these people have shamelessly put
the lives of our children and grandchildren at risk, and worse, they
don’t seem to care one iota about it. May God forgive them for what
they have done, and may He forgive us for being so blindly complacent
and allowing it to happen.

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