I had lunch again this week in the Sandy Hook Diner with my friend
Marcel LeRoi, publisher of “The Trumpet
Messenger.” He reminded me of my WND article of April 14, 1999 about
“fantasy” protest votes in 2000 for Jimmy Carter as president and Donald
Duck as senator. We also discussed Carter’s recent article in the New
York Times — as well as Hillary Clinton’s eye on both a Senate seat and
a mansion in nearby Westchester County. Since I am a registered
Democrat, and Marcel is not, I for one have decided to turn our fantasy
into reality.

Rather than vote for Al Gore for president, my write-in protest vote
for president, at least in Democratic primaries, will be for Jimmy
Carter — whom Marcel and I had campaigned for in the 1980s. As I
previously wrote, for us:

    Carter is a real live God-fearing gentleman. … Unlike Clinton
    and many Republicans, Carter views Uncle Sam as an “honest broker for
    peace” — and not as an “international policeman” selectively waging
    military wars against opponents of free enterprise in scattered corners
    of the world.

Today, in foreign affairs Carter has at least kept the faith
that Marcel and I have had in his morality. In his May 27 N.Y. Times
article he has spoken out against Clinton’s war against Yugoslavia,

    The decision to attack the entire nation [of Yugoslavia] has been
    counterproductive, and our destruction of civilian life has now become
    senseless and excessively brutal. There is little indication of success
    after more than 25,000 sorties and 14,000 missiles and bombs, 4,000 of
    which were not precision guided. …

    As the American-led force has expanded targets to inhabited areas and
    resorted to the use of anti-personnel cluster bombs, the result has been
    damage to hospitals, offices and residences of a half-dozen ambassadors,
    and the killing of hundreds of innocent civilians and an untold number
    of conscripted troops. …

    The United States’ insistence on the use of cluster bombs, designed
    to kill or maim humans, is condemned almost universally and brings
    discredit on our nation (as does our refusal to support a ban on land

    Even for the world’s only superpower, the ends don’t always justify
    the means.

Admittedly, for me Carter may be somewhat too gentlemanly in his
criticism of Clinton. He implied without expressly stating it that, as
a proponent of ends-justify-means, Clinton espouses totalitarianism. Had
Carter been less restrained, he might have also noted that the Clintons
and their supporters have the immoral view that all’s fair in love, war,
and politics.

As for me, I will cast a real write-in protest vote for Carter in
next year’s Democratic primaries. So too, I will do what I can to oppose
Hillary Clinton’s run for a Senate Seat in New York — where I was born,
and was once a Democratic committeeman. Also, since carpet-bagging is
back in fashion in New York, I will visit its nearby counties often —
and urge my Democratic friends and former neighbors to write-in Donald
Duck rather than vote for Hillary Clinton.

In future elections here in Connecticut, Marcel and I also still
agree to write-in Donald Duck, sooner than vote for Senators Lieberman
and Dodd.

Jerome Zeifman is the author of “Without Honor: The Impeachment of
President Clinton and the Crimes of Camelot.” Email him at
[email protected].

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