Could it be that Monica is the best thing that ever happened to Bill
Clinton? No, not because of the sex.

Through her and Clinton’s myriad other misdeeds, the nation acquired
scandal fatigue, immunizing him from accountability for further
misconduct. What a perfect backdrop for selling out our national
security to the Chinese communists with impunity.

Just two short weeks after the publication of the Cox Report on this
administration’s incestuous relationship with its Chinese benefactors
and their resulting theft of our nuclear technology, Chinagate is
already quietly hovering over the media’s back burner.

Rep. Curt Weldon delivered an eye-opening address before Congress to
highlight just a few of the alarming revelations of the Cox Report that
have received precious little media attention, but which deserve an
abundance of ours.

First, Weldon confirmed what we suspected all along: While the
administration was purportedly reviewing the report for security reasons
(for the benefit of the nation), it was actually engaging in damage
control by preparing a rebuttal to the report (for the benefit of Bill

The administration purposefully leaked and spun details from the
report months before it was released to the public. On Feb. 1, four
months before responding to Congress with its security concerns,
National Security Adviser Sandy Berger issued a detailed statement to
select members of the Washington media specifically responding to the 38
recommendations of the committee that were still classified.

Secretary of Energy and White House flack Bill Richardson has
continued the spin operation, apparently not content to rely solely on
the Kosovo campaign as a decoy. He brazenly contended that “these
problems didn’t happen under the Clinton administration. They happened
under previous administrations.”

Weldon, by summarizing just a minute portion of the evidence, exposed
Richardson’s statement for the shameless lie that it is. A portion of
his summary focused on the consistently regrettable activities of former
Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary. Here are a few of the facts Weldon

  • Shortly after O’Leary was appointed in 1993, she abandoned the
    long-established practice of requiring people to wear color-coded IDs in
    order to acquire access to our labs. She discarded the system, saying
    that color-coding was discriminatory. How’s that for a jolt of mindless
    liberalism? (As a footnote, the administration reinstated color-coding a
    few weeks ago.)

  • O’Leary decided that FBI background checks were also unnecessary for
    access to our labs and thus dispensed with them in at least two of our
    labs. This allowed lab access to untold numbers of people, not just
    Chinese or Asian nationals.

  • In 1993 or 1994, a retired employee of the Lawrence Livermore
    Laboratory was accused of releasing sensitive and classified
    information. He was penalized with a removal of his access to classified
    information. Amazingly, O’Leary overruled the Oakland office of the
    Energy Department and reinstated the retiree’s classification status.

  • Someone in the Energy Department leaked the design of the W-87
    nuclear warhead to U.S. News and World Report, which exhibited the good
    patriotism of publishing a design-revealing diagram of the weapon in its
    July 31, 1995, issue. Reportedly, the Energy Department’s internal
    investigation to determine who was responsible for the leak was stopped
    dead in its tracks because it was discovered that the person responsible
    for the leaks was none other than O’Leary.

  • Despite Richardson’s assurances that the security problems have been
    remedied, to this day there are no controls on e-mails that are being
    sent out of our labs.

  • The public has been made aware of less than 1 percent of what the FBI
    and CIA know about the linkages between PLA front organizations, front
    companies and financing mechanisms.

Knowing what we do about Bill Clinton’s character and his
unquenchable addiction to power, it is more than reasonable to conclude
that there is linkage between Red China’s illegal support of Clinton and
his singular negligence (and probably worse) in virtually donating our
nuclear secrets to her.

Even if Clinton enjoys defacto immunity for his malfeasance in
office, for the sake of the nation we must get to the bottom of this
scandal. The Cox Report does not go far enough in connecting the dots.

The committee members were so obsessed with maintaining a spirit of
“bipartisanship” that they failed to draw the conclusions that needed to
be drawn. The evidence is there.

Bipartisanship does not mean candy-coating the evidence to make it
politically undamaging to the Democratic administration. It means
putting the nation’s interests above party. It is time for Democratic
leaders to put into practice their lofty rhetoric of bipartisanship.
They need to cooperate with Republicans in forcing this reckless
administration to come clean.

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