Seventy-eight days of bombing wasted billions of dollars and
displaced or harmed millions of people. NATO’s bombs released toxic
gases and liquids into the environment and killed tens of thousands of
animals. NATO’s bombs destroyed crops, factories, schools, hospitals,
civic buildings, airports, roads, bridges, factories, refineries,
electric power stations, water and sewage plants. If the above isn’t bad
enough, NATO’s bombs also killed thousands of good people. This is what
NATO calls a victory.

NATO says it won the war. Slobodan says his country of 10 million
stood up to the assembled war machine of the West and survived. Who are
we to believe? Let’s look at the facts.

Milosevic is still in power. Wasn’t his removal one of NATO’s goals?
The NATO/Yugoslav peace agreement calls for the removal of 40,000
Serbian troops from Kosovo. Excuse me, but weren’t there 40,000 Serbian
soldiers in Kosovo at the beginning of the bombing? If they are still
there, then what did the bombing accomplish?

The “peace” agreement says that the Serbs must suspend military
flights and turn off their air defense radar and air defense systems.
Excuse me, how can they have anything to suspend and turn off after 78
days if NATO “won” the war? Sounds like they have fed us a bunch of

The “peace” agreement says that within three days, the Serbs must
withdraw all aircraft, radar, surface-to-air missile systems and
antiaircraft artillery from Kosovo. If they have all that equipment to
withdraw, what, pray tell, was NATO blowing up? If Slobodan is going to
get all of his weapons and soldiers back, tell me who won this war

This war was supposed to protect Kosovo’s Albanian citizens, but a
million of them have been forced out of their homes. The Serbs have
destroyed many of their records. Kosovo will not be an independent
country. What, by the way, will happen to the Kosovo Liberation Army
(KLA)? The Clinton administration called them a “shadowy terrorist
organization” before the war. What will be their role in a Kosovo
overrun by 50,000 NATO, U.N. and Russian soldiers? Did I already say
this? Milosevic is still in power.

That was not a typo, my friends. They will station 50,000 NATO, U.N.
and Russian soldiers in Kosovo for the foreseeable future. How much will
that cost? Tens of thousands of U.N. relief workers will be stationed in
Kosovo for the foreseeable future. How much will that cost? They bombed
Serbia and Kosovo back to 1945 and now we must rebuild them with a
state-of-of-the-art infrastructure. How much will that cost? Whom do you
think will pay for all of this?

For 78 days, Milosevic has imposed a news blackout. We have seen
scant evidence of the damage that 12,000 bombs have created. That is
about to change. For 78 days, Jamie “the ghoul” Shea distorted the
truth. That is about to change. Soon, the press will be allowed to
document the damage caused by NATO’s bombs. Soon, we will see children
and others blown up and injured by unexploded NATO bombs and Serb land
mines. It is not going to be a pretty picture.

When the people of the world see the horrific damage caused by NATO,
they will be shocked. When tax payers of NATO countries realize how much
they are going to have to pay to repair the damage that the NATO war
machine inflicted on Yugoslavia, some NATO governments will fall. Who
knows what damage Serbian soldiers will do before the pull out in 11

Don’t forget that the governments of Montenegro, Macedonia and
Albania will demand for financial assistance to compensate them for the
cost of housing hundreds of thousands of refugees. When that happens, we
tax payers will be taken to the cleaners again. When tens of thousands
of Kosovar Albanians refuse to go home, the claim that NATO won the war
will look very dim indeed.

What happens when the bombing stops, we have sent the planes home and
Slobodan acts up again? Will NATO have the stomach to start all again?
No. Will Slobodan try to reassert power in Kosovo? Yes. Will the Kosovar
Serbs exercise more control than before the bombing? Yes. Did NATO win
the war? No.

At the end of the day, remember this: Kosovo is the birthplace of
Serbian culture and religion. In 1389, the Turks kicked the Serbs out of
Kosovo. Now, they are leaving of their own accord, only to return in
civilian clothes.

Serbia will never give up Kosovo. The fat lady has not sung. NATO did
not win the war. And you and I are going to be paying for NATO’s
failures for the rest of our lives.

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