America is getting a wake-up call about its kids, the Washington


It’s not drugs, this time. It’s not guns. It’s oral sex. Kids today
are engaging in oral sex with reckless abandon — with about as much
thought as they give to wearing backwards baseball caps and saying
“like,” if the report is accurate.

Teen-age kids. Young teen-age kids.

Some girls are being pressured to perform. Others are apparently
responding to the signals they are getting from the popular culture and
sex-education curricula that emphasize not abstinence but sex short of
vaginal intercourse.

It’s a heartbreaking report to read. Think about 13-year-old girls
and boys involved in intimate activity without an emotional context,
without any spiritual context, without even any intellectual
understanding of what they are doing.

What hath America wrought on its children?

Parents are asking how this happened. How did their children lose
their innocence? What would lead them to become involved in this kind of

Of course, no one dared suggest the obvious. It was only a year ago
that the nation was fixated on a presidential scandal involving oral sex
with a young intern in the Oval Office. Every newscast was filled with
the latest details and revelations. We watched a president of the United
States lie about his activity. We watched his closest aides deny every
accusation. We watched the president as he was impeached by the House of
Representatives and tried in the U.S. Senate for crimes related to this
oh-so-important activity in which he participated.

And how did we even find out about the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

We found out because of a lawsuit brought by another young woman who
charged the president with crudely urging her, his employee, to submit
to oral sex in a hotel suite.

What are the lessons we could expect young Americans to draw from all

Clearly, a logical conclusion for a teen-ager would be that oral sex
must be pretty hot stuff if it’s worth jeopardizing the most powerful
position in the world.

Am I blaming Bill Clinton for this latest fad and preoccupation among
teens? No. I’m blaming the Bill Clinton culture.

What is the Bill Clinton culture? Let me give you an example.

There’s a new movie out called “American Pie.” Even the website
for this film has been
self-censored out of embarrassment to Universal Studios, which doesn’t
easily embarrass itself.

Three times the movie had to be edited to qualify for an R rating.
Almost no mainstream, major studio films ever get classified as NC-17.
“American Pie” is as close as you can get.

Yet, the filmmakers admit — listen to this now — that the movie
rated for adults only was intentionally targeted at and marketed for
kids as young as 15.

“There are a lot of kids that this movie will speak to who are not
yet 17,” said Universal marketing honcho Marc Shmuger. “We think they’ll
figure out whether it’s appropriate for them, and their parents will
figure out whether it’s appropriate for them.”

How’s that for corporate responsibility?

The “American Pie” promotional campaign offers a “very responsible
communication of our message,” says Shmuger. The campaign includes a
sweepstakes sponsored by the manufacturer of a masturbation-friendly,
sperm-catching washable sock.

You’ll get a better picture of the socially redeeming nature of
“American Pie” if you catch one of the MTV ads featuring a kid, Mom’s
apple pie and a tag line about loving (really loving) baked goods. This
movie is about one thing — sex. It’s about a high school virgin’s quest
for it.

Gee, I wonder, from where these kids nowadays get their ideas. I
wonder why they don’t demonstrate any self-restraint. Mmmmmm.

Could it be that they see some of the most financially successful
people in Hollywood leading the way? Could it be because they see even
the president of the United States setting the poor example? I just

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