OK, enough’s enough. John F. Kennedy Jr. is dead. The eulogies have
been delivered. The memorial services dissected and analyzed ad nauseam.
We’ve seen the cute pictures and video clips over and over and over

My patience is running out. Can we get on with reporting some real
news now?

Here it is again for those of you who were caught up in the JFK Jr.
delirium last week.

An official Treasury Department report, obtained through the Freedom
of Information Act after three years of such filings by the Western
Journalism Center, parent company of WorldNetDaily.com, states
unequivocally that the audit of the center in 1996 began with a letter
forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service from the White House.

This is known as the smoking gun that proves the Clinton
administration was actively using the IRS as its own private political
attack dog. This is the stuff of police states. This is worse than
anything the Nixon administration did. This is raw-boned abuse of power.

But is anyone listening?

WorldNetDaily has been hammering on this story for five consecutive
business days. Only two other print sources have touched it — the Wall
Street Journal and the Washington Times. Neither treated it as the
serious, headline-making front-page news it is.

Not only does the Treasury Department report make clear the audit
initiated as a result of the letter from the White House, there has been
a systematic cover-up of this fact for three years and it continues at
the White House and IRS even today.

Hello? Is anyone home out there? Do we now tacitly accept such
authoritarian practices at the highest levels of government? Is this a
case of once impeached, you’re home free on any future charges? Or has
the public and press become so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of
Clinton administration corruption that proof of crime no longer even

Well, no worries. I have no intention of allowing this story to die.
I will continue to use this platform reaching hundreds of thousands of
people every day in the United States and around the world to blow the
whistle on IRS-gate until justice is served. That’s a promise. I have
patiently waited for three years to obtain the evidence we have in our
hot little hands, and we will not let it go.

But I need your help. We need to put this story on the front burner
at every news organization and talk show in America this week. That
means helping me spread the word. We can’t do it all ourselves. We’re a
tiny news organization, which devotes all of its resources to digging up
stories and presenting them to the public. We are not public relations
people. We do not have the resources to be everywhere at once — and we
need to get this story on the radar screen of the mass media, the
establishment press.

Hundreds of you last week sent me copies of the letters you sent to
members of Congress. I’m impressed. But you can’t expect politicians to
act courageously without more of a push. And that means more coverage.
That means we need to bombard the TV talking head shows, the radio
programs and the news services with this explosive information. Don’t
permit them the excuse that they didn’t know.

I need your help in another way. This kind of thing costs money.
There’s no way around it. I can tell you that two organizations and two
organizations alone have brought this scandal this far — the Western
Journalism Center and Judicial Watch.
Support them both with your tax-deductible contributions while we still
have the freedom to do that in America.

Yes, I went to the American Civil Liberties Union with this case
first. There was a great deal of interest in it until the staff had a
chance to discuss it. Then political considerations took over. The ACLU
proved it only cares about certain kinds of civil rights abuses. It
depends on whose ox is being gored, who’s in the White House at a given
moment, who’s being attacked by government and why. If any organization
ought to have its tax-exempt status reviewed because it is overtly
political, perhaps it is the ACLU.

Judicial Watch, on the other hand, stepped up to the plate. It has
absorbed massive legal costs in bringing two lawsuits on IRS-gate. I
cannot recommend highly enough that every WorldNetDaily reader support
the important work this organization does in checking government abuse
no matter which politician or party is perpetrating it.

But I cannot neglect the role played by Western Journalism Center,
the organization I founded more than five years ago. In the months and
years to come, I will have less time to devote to fund-raising for the
center as I spend more time developing WorldNetDaily as a for-profit
news service. But the center will remain — always — a vital,
independent, non-profit news agency that sponsors the kind of
investigative reporting the corporate press generally fears.

Western Journalism Center needs you more than ever. Please take a
moment or two right now to make a tax-deductible contribution to the
of any amount you can afford — $5,
$10, $100 or more. This could be a long fight. It’s certain to be a
costly one.

Or, perhaps you’d rather turn on the TV and go into a trance watching
more analysis of the Kennedy tragedy. The choice is yours.

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