It is now clear that the only way the misguided masses can atone for
the grievous sin of electing a dissolute demagogue to the presidency is
to vote a straight Republican Party ticket at the first available

Based on this clear insight into the most important political dynamic
in America today, I predict that in the forthcoming elections, we will
experience one of the largest voter turnouts in recent history as
millions of citizens are impelled by a moral imperative to cleanse
themselves of past ballot-box offenses.

If I were a liberal, or had some other serious problem, I would
search for a way to achieve ethical cleansing. Surely, it is time for
liberals to deal with the spiritual reality that it is a sin to enable
sin. As a compassionate conservative, I implore them, for their own
good, to admit their responsibility for the national embarrassment their
leaders, the Clintons, have brought upon the United States of America.

Perhaps it would be helpful to briefly review some of the highlights
of the Bill Clinton presidency as a point of departure for understanding
the national revulsion against him and those closely associated with

The big pushes during Clinton’s two terms in office were to: raise
taxes, cover up the Travelgate scandal, increase government spending,
diversify the sexes from two to five, transfer America’s manufacturing
base to needy foreign countries, legitimize sexual deviancy, sissify the
military, cover up Whitewater, foster class warfare, cover up the
massacres of American citizens at Waco and Ruby Ridge, keep as many
members of the cabinet out of jail as possible, shred 12 tons of
incriminating documents, defend racial discrimination against people of
non-color, defend welfare as we know it, strip marriage of its meaning
by extending its benefits to odd couples, defend and promote
infanticide, register welfare recipients to vote, expand benefits for
illegal aliens, blame school violence on inanimate objects, recruit
illegal aliens to the Democrat Party, raise money to defend the
president against a pants-dropping charge, put the Creator of the
Universe under house arrest, confiscate private property, control the
amount of water used in a toilet flush, deny parents the right to choose
schools for their children, mainstream hustler Larry Flynt, subvert the
Constitution with loophole-lawyering, return California and Texas to
Mexico, foster anti-American multiculturalism, start Cold War II,
promote the idea that oral sex is not sex, mangle the English language
with legal babble, prove you can lie under oath and get away with it,
establish the moral precedent that adultery is OK if the wife doesn’t
care, protect endangered weeds and kangaroo rats from farmers, keep
Hillary out of jail, develop an affirmative-action program for a
venereal disease, promote cigars as sex toys, rent out the Lincoln
Bedroom, put degeneracy on a pedestal, socialize medicine, sell nuclear
secrets to China, criminalize “incorrect” thought, use the United
Nations to teach Third World countries the joys of wholesale abortions,
cover up the cover-ups, meddle in the internal affairs of other nations,
wage illegal wars, and teach underage children how to have sex without

If one looks beneath the surface, what comes into full view is the
liberal vision for America. It is a vision based on two theoretical
models for the perfect society. First, economic socialism, based on the
assumption that the government owns all wealth and resources and has the
responsibility for managing them to achieve an egalitarian outcome; and
second, social hedonism, based on the assumption that the government is
the ultimate arbiter of morality and has the responsibility to redefine
right and wrong as necessary to accommodate whatever corrupt choices
happen to be in vogue.

Both of these “models” reflect a seriously flawed understanding of
the nature of the human being and a disastrously flawed understanding of
the nature of the universe. These wrong-headed views of man and God
account for the inevitable failure of liberalism every time it is tried.

The people of America at long last are becoming convinced that our
country is headed in the wrong direction. It is clear that the national
mood is changing. No two people in America understand this better than
Vice President Al Gore and co-president Hillary Rodham. This explains
their frantic and futile efforts to dissociate themselves from Bill

Hillary can distance herself from Bill, but she cannot distance
herself from who she is. She is a socialist. Her solution for doing what
is best for children, for health care and for education is the same
two-note solution that socialists have for everything: more government
control and more money.

As we watch Vice President Al Gore talk about faith, family and
traditional values, it is difficult not to remember him standing beside
a confirmed serial adulterer who had just been impeached, calling him
“one of the greatest presidents” America ever had.

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