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Fighting the Bush dynasty

As the anointing of George W. Bush gathers steam, talk of
conservative disaffection with the Republican Party is increasing, and
the New York Times this week stirred the pot with an article about the
possibility of a serious third party movement drawing conservatives out
of the
Republican Party.

We need to pause and think about what these events mean for
conservatives and for the grass roots majority of the Republican Party
— for people who are pro-life, constitutionalist, and want to see power
and resources returned to individuals and families and businesses at the
grass roots. What is at stake for these people — the true forces of
self-government — as opposed to those on both sides of the aisle who
are simply seeking to continue building up the edifice of central
government power?

To understand what is happening before our eyes, we need to see past
the hype. And one of the ways to do that is to look head-on at the media
accounts being pushed on us. We could consider, for example, the media
frenzy concerning G.W. Bush’s trip to California. The USA Today headline
informed us on Tuesday that the “California GOP rallies for Bush for
President.” The headline suggests that Bush is being met by a
groundswell of popular support in California. But the article itself
actually shows that Bush is simply raising lots of money from events
that the well-heeled money machines are orchestrating for him. So what
is actually happening is that the California money bosses are rallying
for Bush, not the people who make up the real Republican Party. But the
USA Today headline, of course, is intended to give the impression of
deep and enthusiastic political support. This hype is actually only
highlighting the choice made by the money bosses and the media moguls,
not by the people. This is the first thing to see.

The USA Today piece is typical. It hypes the support of the elites
and the establishment, evidenced by contributions, funny polls, and all
the other manipulative media techniques. Money and media are the two
chief sources of the supposed “G.W. Express” which they tell us is
running over everyone. The money, of course, is the same money that
bought us Bill Clinton, supports him, and aids and abets his treason so
that profits can be lapped up by trade with Communist dictators and by
the free trade surrenders of our sovereignty.

It is not clear why the dollar commendations of this crowd should
influence those of us who are interested in advancing the interests of
the United States. Will conservatives take as gospel what the media
moguls and money bosses are saying, with its implication that the
conservative cause is lost within the Republican Party? This wouldn’t
make much sense. Why should we allow ourselves to be defeated, even
before we get to the battlefield, by a propaganda campaign seeking to
create an illusion intended to discourage us — a kind of virtual
reality sideshow designed to keep us from acting on the reality that is
out there, strongly, in the conservative hearts of the people at the

Let’s look past the illusion of conservative hopelessness and the
inevitability of a squishy Bush dynasty. What is the political reality
in the Republican Party today? It is clear enough that there is a large
group of disaffected people within the party, angry and frustrated over
the deep betrayal that they have experienced in various quarters over
the last several years. At each test at the polls since the high-water
mark of 1994, this disaffection has weakened the Republican Party’s
performance. Those who are disaffected have been staying home,
withdrawing support from the Republican Party. They are hungering for
true principle, for political leaders who will address the real problems
we face. They know that at bottom these are problems involving the
abandonment and betrayal of great American principles and traditions of
self-government and moral decency. If this group, which should be and in
many ways is still the active majority at the grass roots of the party,
actually goes to the polls in renewed numbers, a leader representing the
principled conservative positions of their hearts would win
overwhelmingly. In such an environment, George W. wouldn’t stand a

But those who don’t want real conservatives to win understand this as
well, and they have been working hard to devise strategies to neutralize
the conservative base. They are working hard to confuse and demoralize
the grass roots majority, and to bleed conservative support out of the
Republican arena — where it would dominate the result — and keep those
conservatives busy somewhere else when the critical caucus and primary
votes take place in the Republican Party. This is all for the sake of
making sure that the conservative grass roots majority within Republican
ranks is not united and mobilized during the caucus and primary season,
so that the chosen and anointed emperor with no clothes — G. W. Bush —
can waltz into the nomination with a modest but sufficient plurality of
the vote.

This is what I think is going on, but what can conservatives do about

Some say that nothing will change until conservatives “take over” the
major media, perhaps by buying a network. But we must not forget that,
although we don’t do it much any more, there is an approach to politics
that is not based on the media. People won elections before the advent
of mass communications, and they will do so again when the era of
manipulative broadcast television dies in a decade or so. Conservatives
have forgotten how to organize to win elections in our morbid
fascination with a dominant media that despises us. And yet if we
surrender to the power of that media, then American politics will indeed
be controlled by an oligarchy, a mere handful of unelected people.

How was it done, in the late 19th century, early 20th century, before
the 1972 campaign when Richard Nixon re-invented our politics in an
ocean of money? And how can we once again put together an approach to
politics that is not dependent on money and media? Real political
success for conservatives requires that the American people wake up and
realize that the business of citizenship is their personal business, and
that they have to organize themselves thoroughly at the grass roots to
become the messengers of those policies that are right and best from the
point of view of the nation and its people.

At various times in our history we have seen parties that relied on
such structures, such as in the dependence by the Democratic Party on
the unions and their capacity for real grass roots organization across
the entire country. The church communities of America alone represent a
network that could transform the entire political landscape if it began
to take its citizenship responsibility seriously.

The percentage of people who would need to be involved to turn the
tide in caucus and primary elections is far less than 10 percent of the
people. The generation of a critical mass of moral conservative activism
is more than possible, it is an entirely manageable task if we are just
to work hard in the right arena — which is primaries and caucuses.

Instead we are tempted to accept the virtual-reality coronation of G.
W. Bush, facilitated by deceitful polls and other hype — the obvious
purpose of which is to discourage and demoralize the real conservative
grass roots majority in Republican ranks. Feeling discouraged, some of
them will sit the whole process out, which diminishes the impact of
moral conservatives to some degree. Others are talking up the third
party approach, which will drain off more conservatives. And some, such
as Pat Robertson, are working to actually attract moral conservatives
into supporting G. W. Bush so that conservative leaders such as —
surprise! — Pat Robertson have a seat at the table of power. The
ultimate goal of these efforts is to enable G. W. Bush — who cannot
possibly command a majority of grass roots Republicans — to squeak
through to the nomination with a modest plurality.

The enemies of conservatism are quite reasonably proceeding as a good
general does when faced with a superior force. His goal is to keep the
superior force of his opponents from uniting, and then defeat it in
detail. Napoleon was famous for this approach. He made sure that he was
moving fast enough to encounter the elements of an opposing force before
they had combined, because when they had combined they would be able to
defeat him with their superior numbers. This way, when he reached the
critical battle, he would already have defeated enough elements to make
victory over the remainder possible. This same thing is being done to
the conservative grass roots majority of the Republican Party.

I don’t think we should allow ourselves to be manipulated this way.
So let’s put aside the virtual-reality coronation of Bush as the
nonsense it is. We should switch off the television and turn to the real
task of mobilizing a grass roots majority for the things we know are
crucial for America.

This strategy depends on having strong hearts and minds that can
resist the brainwashing to which we are now being subjected. And there
is only one source for that kind of individual strength, which is faith.
So the real hope we can have will come from individuals who base their
sense of reality not on what they read in the newspapers or see in the
polls, and not on what some media mogul tells them is happening. Our
hope must be in a network of Americans who base their sense of reality
on their connection with the ultimate principle of reality, which is

We will be doing again what was done in the course of American
history by so many people who actually made that history. The people who
fought the American Revolution against overwhelming odds did so because
they believed in the right and rights that come from the hand of God.
liberty was won by men wandering around with threadbare uniforms and no
boots, believing that they were going to defeat the most well-heeled and
successful military force on the face of the planet. They won because
they kept their faith.

We will be following in the footsteps also of the people who refused
simply to watch with heavy hearts as the institution of slavery spread
like a stain over the face of America, gobbling up new states and
ambitious to establish itself everywhere and forever. They could have
succumbed to helplessness and hopelessness against an institution that
had held humanity in its grip for thousands of years, and instead they
stood up to say they were going to end the evil, so help them God. Even
while their presses were destroyed, their homes burned, and they were
themselves being hung in effigy or reality by awful mobs, they
nonetheless preserved their allegiance to the path God required.
Faithfully adhering to that ultimate principle of reality, they changed
American history.

Similar things can be said of other movements, including the early
struggle for the rights of labor to organize. It was one of the most
important moments in the history of the world when laborers realized
that they too had the right to associate and organize freely and on the
basis of mutual interest in order to maximize their strength in the
marketplace. The saga of the developing assertion of this right took
much courage on the part of many people fighting against the odds, as
well as against police and troops called out supposedly to protect our
economy against the inconvenient disruption of workers asserting their
human rights. They were, in fact, asserting the clear and simple right
of voluntary association to achieve the best results possible for
oneself and one’s family out of the labor one brings into the
marketplace. And their faith was rewarded with victory.

The same is true, of course, of the Civil Rights movement. There, as
in each of these cases, many individuals who made courageous and
successful efforts were motivated in their willingness to stand against
forces arrayed against them by their faith that right would prevail,
because there is a God in heaven and He will stay by those who fight for
His truth.

We need this attitude now, if we are going to resist the fabricators
of this virtual-reality machine that now wishes to impose an oligarchic
dynasty on us in America. It is the faith we need in order to maintain
the system of government of the people, by the people, for the people
that was founded and sustained in America by the faith and willingness
of so many generations of Americans to stand against the odds because
the cause was just.

This time, however, the battle is being fought in an arena that may
prove to be more difficult than those that required our predecessors to
wade through rivers of physical blood, because it can be the most
difficult thing of all to maintain a strong mind and heart, and to
resist those who seek to control your thinking by fabrications that have
no basis in the ultimate reality of God’s will. Renewal in America calls
for steps in darkness, taken by the light of faith alone. And if we are
still capable of that faith as a people, surely we can organize to take
back real self-government in America.

The Bush campaign represents the attempt to reduce elections to the
question of how successfully the money and media oligarchy can brainwash
the electorate into forgetting that they are actually the determining
factor in the election. The “vote for a winner” mentality is a key
component of this strategy, because if we accept the restriction of our
political choices to those that the oligarchy pre-screens as “winners,”
then we have yielded up our actual role in the system of self
government. This manipulation has reached a new extreme in the
virtual-reality nomination of G. W. Bush. He is an emperor with no grass
roots clothes — without even a grass skirt to cover his political
nakedness. And yet because the money bosses and the media moguls are
touting him ceaselessly, we “demoralized” conservatives are supposed to
get down on our knees and acknowledge the ascendance of King George and
the new dynasty.

Our political ancestors knew what to answer to such a bluff, even
when it was backed with real power. If we are worthy of our freedom, we
will refuse to be disenfranchised by such brainwashing, and prepare
seriously to take the actions necessary to choose our own leaders.